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  • Jess no limits performance as a pro is being hurt by his fame as an entertainer... His mistake was staying at the top so long, becoming the most famous name and the world... and still trying to compete like he's just another average guy. I'm sorry if English isn't your first language so you couldn't understand my point.

    • vell your so naive jess is not popular not even strong hes just addicted playing it but hes far from being a pro not even a champion

    • His a cheater if u can see his classic past games the enemy is bot Jist look the enemy and compare past games same name

    • @Kevin Kurniawan wut?

    • Jealousy confirmed

    • @Skrrra Skrrra but its true though No hate

  • JessNoLimit is not a hacker dude’s he is not a hacker its a fake acc


  • Booooo!! Your just jealous.

  • 7 ads in a 14 min vid

  • The real MVP in talking.If you drown Vell inside bottom of the ocean,literally he can talk himself out. Sometimes he can talk chicken out of egg.Give him any thing he will just talk you to death. God of talking. But I like his talk😁😁

  • He gets so much hate probably because he found out a way to only fight with bots and that's why he has a high win rate.

  • holy, 5 ads jesus christ.

  • #BRENlangmalakas

  • The focus of Vell's contents is moving away from the game, and more into the drama or creating drama in the ML community . Old Vell use to give his take on the meta, which hero is strong, how the meta is changing, how to counter who, etc. Nowadays it's this 9 yr old is better than you, ML is dying, famous players exposed, drama here and there. Based on the number of ads, I guess this is what sells. Not sure about the longevity this strategy offers but hopefully it changes to a better one soon.

  • So many annoying ads on your videos

  • Sya yung masipag sa global chat mag pa follow tapos mag bibigay daw ng skin after di naman totoo.. Scammer amp... Haha

  • the only mistake indogs made is they cant defeat ph squads now, intro boys hahaha

  • Aether main deserve the win. They are playing on a whole new level in MSC. evos & other teams look noob because Aether Main just too good.

  • potang ina ka pala eh hindi ka bilib sa ae tinambakan nga lahat ng team tingnan mo nga laro ng ae ngayon bren na puro ka dada ni wla ka ngang alam try nyo 5v5 kau ng bren tyak pra kang karneng giniling haha tng inang to

  • I feel sorry for, Jess im a fan for Jessnolimit he is my idol. Because he is good at playing any hero specially fanny I applaud him.

  • Too. Much. Ads.

  • @Ask VeLL hello

  • He is Famous but not really good Player.... #Realtalk #PHILIPPINES no.1

  • Still. He and his team got raped by PH Teams. End of story.

  • Question goes to:What devices pro players use ?

  • top pubstar can't compete to the flipinos squad. their meta is so old as world war 2

  • Stat padding🔥🔥

  • they were just overrated. the indos made the hype but still they were no champs. they were just a pro team in a pro league

  • For me Jess is not the player that is famous because of something else. I've been in ML since season 2 been following not just top players but unknown players/squads that destroys other famous squads/players.and seeing justin play he isn't that overhyped-overfamoused guy -he is really something else. His gameplay and knowledge about the game is very different and very professional. I just think that this people who hate him is stupid, he is a pro and a very strong player . If his squad can't win tournaments then they should try something else like scan some gameplays and learn from it, like me i bore 7 hrs everyday doing that wkwkwkw. If they really wanna win , don't quit , learn more , understand more because there is no such thing as perfect gameplay. If fans go to you if your just winning then they are not a part of your attention, i still believe that there are fans like me, I'm a fan of Edward Han aka Diem Ice since the beginning. :) :) I hope jess reads this!

  • Why is there another account of JessNoLimit and the matches and WR for miya is unbelievable?

  • Buruk suara

  • Kinda like SKT....

  • is your intro in soundcloud

  • NICE ABUSE OF MONETIZING 7 fcking ads shove it up yours

  • too much talking...

  • They can't beat em so they hate em.... Fk haters

  • Jess and lemon are exposed in the msc by the phl team. To be true, there are only two problems in the phl, first is the internet connection second is the cancer players. For real. Jess and lemon can stay on epic if they play on ph server. There are alot of ph players that are better

  • I don't really care about Jess, It's the others' fault for thinking he's a God or something

  • He is popular because he is always spamming in the world chat saying he will gove free skin just to follow him. 🤣

    • Fake acc lah moron

  • Last night i check some of the leaderboard and found a lot of jessnolimit, they all has "i only have one account" in their description, i couldn't find the real one, they look super identical some of them even has 1000+ stars all time with 85+ win ratio

  • Its true etc , & there is no I in team .

  • Yow bro..try to check bren vs onik game 3 epic man..ty

  • wierd build for Jess here, crit items + golden? why? that's not gonna work...

  • Misleading title :v jUst FoR vIeWs

  • These guy sucks!!!!

  • ADS

  • Also you didnt said his history is full of bots For proof go check

  • This said, he is not riding any team but he is calling other team trash. Lol. I think , even though the other team ae match with is not popular they ain't trash you RACIST. I also think that jess and his team reached the pick and now on their downfall but they are still good. There are more hungrier players than evos right now.

  • Jess is #PANOMONASABI?

  • This video deserved unlike, jessnolimit not so pro but it is still acceptable 😂😂 just only entertainer

  • 1 like for vell intro

  • Jess is overrated as fck. He's boosting stats in classic mode with being matched with newbies. YES NEWBIES (if you dont believe me check his history and search his opponents they are like Warrior league) Thats definitely cheating! Unlike the top2,3 in Victory category who worked hard to get wins while JNL does this. Disgusting as hell😒

  • Shut up motherfckr....😠😠 you are talking too much just like a dog who cant do anything....😠😠😠

    • Wutt?

  • ayyyy lmao

  • evos will die together with this garbage MLBB anyway......playing like kids with no function in community...only depends on youtube money......not only that they are also toxifying all future generations on wonder the country is underdevelop

  • enough of this bullshit ad.vel i didn't sub to watch this ad. getting boring. as f

  • Be a pro then you can say what ever you like.. if you cant be a champion just shut your stinking mouth ass have no rights whatever you are saying is just a mer mer be a pro then we will listen even if its none sense.

  • how to get become famous someday .from now on never use support and tank ml community such

  • What do you expect from a single guy , to remain best throughout his life ,it's a games where people face ups and down. It's not a soccer , where MESSI and RONALDO are the only proven ones .What I like about Jess is that he tries every hero , he challenges top global's just so he can learn something from them and not at all toxic . And that's a qualities I see in him as pro. well my favourite is LEMON .

  • I’m tired of these mother fucken ads on these mother fucken videos!!!

  • Bren esports #1..

  • Your content sucks !! Im just honest.

  • Why do you talk so much? Just get to point madafaka

  • It's just the beginning