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Welcome to one of my most outrageous videos I have ever done. The entire series of Poop Killer in 1 video. That's Poop Killer 1, 2, 3, 4 AND Origins. Brace...
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  • Ryan’s intro’s are ironically unexpected but amazing

    • YeaMan .. **cough** **cough** Paige…

    • Shinji, crank dat.

    • Fr i wonder how he even thinks of it 😂

    • i know right?

  • I think Ryan has some of the wildest and best intros on the platform ngl

  • My favorite part was when the guy said “it’s poop’in time” and proceeded to poop everywhere.

  • A 1 hour video from Ryan on a Friday night??? Let's go!

    • The intro is Friday night funkin what a coincidence

    • Ikr!! Its great

    • Its fall break for me too

    • @Spooderbabe you get a fall break…. I didn’t even know that was a thing. 😒 well enjoy it :)

    • @Eli Caleb not it isn't

  • Ryan looking extra muscular today 😳

  • This has me on the edge of my bowl

  • Lmao I just realized I’ve never really heard Ryan full on cuss but at 46:37 he says b”tch and I just find it so funny

    • He even said it at 21:07 lol

    • hes getting less family friendly and i LOVE it

    • Someone is going to have to make a reddit video of 8-bitryan cussing 🥲🤣

    • @Azul he’s just going back to his roots

    • I'll say it again the more you point it out the less he will do it

  • I didn’t think I’d see anyone else play this crazy game, but I should have known Ryan would exceed expectations 😂 salut

  • Damn back to back poop killer, 4 in one sitting? Ryan's going to have to take a break after this lol.

  • It is the incredible power of the interactive media to bring forth any story the creator can possibly imagine. The only limits is the pure creativity of the human mind. I am in awe of the splendifforous storytelling on display in the Poop Killer series.

  • Ryan’s intros are slowly becoming longer and longer.. Within a year, we will get a full movie for the intro

  • I sat through this entire thing just anxiously wondering if he was ever going to finish vacuuming.

  • Ryan: 21:00 censors the scary words and replaces it with pee and dump Literally the next dialogue: 21:05

  • Man, your Channel by itself deliver such a chill vibe, and your personality too bro keep being what you are

  • absolutely love your content! youre definitely my comfort youtuber XD your humour never fails to cheer me up! keep up the amazing work ryan!

    • Lmao imagine that Because he’s also my comfort youtuber

  • I couldn't stop laughing at the ending😂😂

  • I absolute fcking love the longer less edited videos, even if they are on dumb or silly games. Keep it up Ryan we all love your content

  • I was expecting that Marco guy to be the cause for all of the trouble in all 5 games. Good thing the Poop Killer stopped Marco's rampage of destroying everyone's toilets.

  • Ryan is one of the best youtubers out there.

  • I love how you can tell that the storywriting and the performance of the games keep getting better, the style didnt really change at all but it still looks nice

  • Absolutely love the absurdity and outrageous vibe of this video!

  • Nothing's better than Ryan uploading a 1 hour video on a Friday. Also that intro is amazing😂

  • Lmao, I was wondering how this game lasted for 1 hour, so it was several games. Thank you Ryan for doing all of these.

  • 30:33 honestly the jacksepticeye impression was gold 😂

    • do you mean 30:33? either way it was a pretty decent impression xd I could never

    • @DeejayTM oh wow yeah my bad

  • The way that fringe fixed from 0:14 to 0:16 was crazy 😂

  • Props to Ryan, I don’t think I could stay sane while playing the entire Poop Killer series lol

  • I love Ryan’s videos they are amazing

  • You could say this is a shitty situation I mean everything's gone to shit I have a gut feeling that is gonna get dirty

    • Holy shit 😂

    • No way you got a prize

    • @sheryl obal it's a bot and it's a scam.

    • @Dvys yes i know i was being sarcastic

    • @sheryl obal Oh sorry, my mistake.

  • Ryan is one of the funny horror ID-tvrs, so I really enjoy watching horror stuff and at the same time laughing, Love your videos, keep up the work

  • I was waiting for you to play this game. Now I can rest in peace hahaha great vid Ryan!

  • Another 1 hour video! Great! Time to spend all my time watching this and it'll be alot worth it and i know it.

  • Ryan is the maddest of the mad hatters for his intros. I love it.

  • I really liked the editing this episode for some reason, nice job Ryan!

  • this was probably the most terrifying and disgusting experience. but it was still a good video.

  • 0:22 that transition is real gold

  • Ryan's intros are probably more entertaining than the actual content 😂

  • honestly I watched this video like 8 times already entirely but yet this video is like watching a new video every day 😂 idk why but this is just amazing and funny the way Ryan started talking love you so much Ryan ❤️❤️

  • i always love how Ryan make these intros

  • The production quality on these skits is so good U can hear the vacuum actually be on as he's it

  • ryan, the poop killer 2 got a good ending you missed. The protagonist and the poop killer had a smoke bonding time 😂

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  • lmao ryan leaning into the camera, something about him pushing himself up out of the chair really made me laugh

  • Another 1 hour long video, you know you'll have a good time during these videos

  • Thank you for putting your time and effort on this video this is amazing keep it the good work

  • Every time he says it's crazy or ridiculous it's always gonna be the best game 😂😂 and funny too

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  • These intro's are getting better and better every vid lmao

  • Ryan: "I can't play this one guy because of a reason" Me: "I wonder why he can't play it" Also me: **searching Poop Killer 4 at Google** Also me again: *"Ohh.... Understandable, have a nice day, Ryan"*

  • I know Ryan would eventually play all the Poop Killer games. 😂

  • I liked the 3rd game better ending 😀 you made this video super fun 😁

  • i bravely watched this while i ate my lunch , no matter how disgusting it got

  • We wanted a shop tour, and we got it. A kitchen, a staircase and a gaming room.

  • As someone who has IBS quite bad I can say that this game is accurate to how it feels. 10/10 vid

  • Does anyone else feel like they could smell poo about half way through this?

  • Ryan, you gotta admit that shot of your gonads while walking up the stairs was more than absurd 😭

  • Fun fact: this guy 4:55 was the game villain, from the same dev i think, called the elevator, and the tape he's renting, is the same game!

  • I really like the intro's you do there entertaining always :D

  • I never thought I was see today that 8-bit Ryan would cuss or make a dirty mind joke in my life 🤣🤣

  • You missed the part in the second game at the end where the player character can get high with the Poop Killer.

  • Bro after berleezy played this I am soooo HYPED to see someone like ryan play it

  • For those who don't know who Max is, he's a Brazilian youtuber who always plays in horror games, when he goes to the bathroom and looks if the feces are in the toilet and says "where's potoca". lol

  • The funny thing is that it actually got kinda epic in the third game. Too bad the 4th one had so much nudity. Love to have seen how that went.

    • You can most likely find someone else I searched it up and found a video of it very quick pretty sure they didn't even censor it and got away with it

  • Ryan changed the title😂 I love this. Me and dad were laughing to it the whole time

  • I was about to eat breakfast and saw this video in my notifications. I thought "Oh yay! An 8-Bit Ryan video I can enjoy while I eat." ... Then I looked closely at the thumbnail... 😅

  • This is so freaken funny thank you rayn

  • Always look forward to watching your videos 😁😁

  • Thank you, always enjoy your videos. ❤️

  • Keep up the good work love the content❤

  • Ryan's neighbors must think he's absolutely insane.

  • Seeing the neighbours Pov really killed me

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  • Bro the slow motion baby about the neighbors got me this guy is the best ID-tvr😂

  • Ryan having way to much fun with these intros

  • 46:39 Ryan cursing Is always so funny

  • That crotch shot was hilarious 😂

  • the fact that they showed it in slow motion with music like it is some sort of Marvel movie😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Man I wish we could’ve seen poop killer 4 :( Besides the entire screen being censored the whole time I think that one was looking to be the best in the series! Like a poopycat killer following the footsteps of the original like the saw franchise

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  • Ryan -"He's got that gym chest" In my mind - "Dr Livsley walk"

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  • We all know bazz would enjoy communicating back

  • "They got those huge chicken pecks" -Ryan 2022

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  • Well...wasn't expecting to get a face full of crotch within the first minute of the video. Well done Ryan, great transition.

  • The second game there's just herb everywhere in the place 😂😂😂😂 love it

  • i think this was so epic of a formula that i had to wait till morning to praise it.

  • Lets go 1 hour video keep doing what you're doing

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  • i think this developer took the word "shitposting" too literally xD

  • This is the best horror game to ever exist. Moral of the story: Flush your sh*@!

  • The "Slow motion baby!" Had me dying

  • 38:02 killed me 🤣🤣🤣

  • I respect to everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on ID-tv, HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! 💖❤😒😊💖

  • I love your content Ryan

  • “He’s gonna talk with those farts, might as well talk back! Hey man you got all that talk, I just had the one liner!” 😂😂😂 Ryan you’ve used that line before having you?! 😂😂😂

  • You have to give Ryan credits for the intros every single time new one

  • I love how Ryan gives us a little house tour in his intros

  • thanks a lot for the amount of longer-less edited videos you uploaded in a week

  • One the intros r amazing u outdid urself and two I love longer vidoes

  • we aren't gonna talk about how the bread in the last game looks like clay?

  • 4 games in one vid insane lol. keep up the good work

  • I love how the 4th Game is just 100% censor

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  • the fact he keep saying Tequila and that’s my legal name had me weak😂

  • Lucky Ryan's earbuds weren't noise cancelling.

  • 53:45 I can't even enjoy my snack while watching Ryan playing Poop game

  • If you need a good laugh, here you go

  • Aside from poop killer Ryan should check out some other 616 games there are actually some pretty good ones in there collection 😁😁