The Real Reason Spider-Man Wasn't In Venom

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They're longtime rivals in the comics, but Spider-Man failed to appear in Venom's solo big-screen debut. Why? Isn't this a Marvel movie? Well, kinda. The answer's actually a lot more complicated than that. If you want to know the real reason why Spider-Man's not in the Venom movie, we've got to talk some business…
House divided | 0:17
Unamazing Spider-plan | 1:14
Homecoming | 2:13
Muddying the waters | 2:56
Rumors abound | 3:36
SUMC vs. MCU | 4:21
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  • Did you find yourself looking at extras walking by in scenes half-way expecting to see Tom Holland there? We kinda did...

  • Spiderman is my favorite character

  • O

  • it's a venom movie and he got turned into dust

  • It's a Flipping venom movie and maybe cos he got turned into dust

  • Eh can’t Sony just make play station

  • Venom needed to be the focus to root for, so putting Spiderman in the movie would throw off the flow.

  • Maybe it's the fact that the new Spiderman is just a kid and venom is a merciless alien who bites of people's heads and would probably rip Spiderman in half

  • Because Venom was on complete different league then current Spider-Man. Im pretty sure if Spider-Man was in venom he would die / be eating. Poof and our beloved super hero dies

  • Yeah because Venom was helping in the Venom Movie

  • Spider-Man would be in venom when you fix this dam door

  • If only the old Spiderman 3 had a better ending, a cooler venom, and a cooler gray goblin.

  • Spider man is in venom

  • Tom H

  • Aunt may solo movie?

  • Spidy is weak! He cant handle the symbiosis! Venom choose his host to sprout his ultimate powah! Lol

  • Because he wasn’t feeling so good

  • I thought it was because he's dead

  • Oh yea yea

  • Oh yea yea

  • Yay venom will be in marvel


  • It’s because spider man was in a different universe didn’t you see the scene?

  • What if Andrew Garfield Was In Venom (2018)

  • i thought venom was great without Spiderman.. 2 will be alot better

  • Awesome Tumbnail

  • Sony and Disney all ruins everything!

  • I’m still waiting for my ghost rider reboot one day maybe one day

  • Spider-Man still would've been in it even if Spider-Man is owned by Sony because venom is a Sony movie too

  • how are they back he trun into dust

  • From where the spider Man breath

  • spider mans not in it because he went bye bye in infinity war but venom takes place after infinity war

  • Why doesnt MCU just outright buy the license? How long does Sony have the spiderman contract for?

  • Because he turned to dust

  • Will spidey be in venom 2 / carnege

  • Ooooh ok I see

  • plot twist venom sauce goes on thanos

  • Oh my god. Did you say Jared Leto as Morbius? Ugh! I think I pulled all my eye muscles from the barrel roll I just did with both eyes. What? Is he gonna have gold teeth there, too? Come on, SONY. Just give it up already.

  • It is so simple. It is because of THEY ARE MADE BY SONY

  • Bc it was illegal stoppid

  • I don't quite understand Venom. Is he truly evil, or is he like to Spider-Man what Wario is to Mario?

  • the real reason you need to shut up

  • Ok ok why was flash not in Avengers huh?

  • Venom is so good

  • I got a quick answer... Thanos

  • "Spider-Man failed to appear in Venom's solo big screen debut. Why?" Because then, by definition, it wouldn't have been Venom's _solo debut,_ it would have been the second Spider-Man movie with Venom in it.

  • I have a shorter answer you bastards Venom= Sony character in Sony movies Spider-Man= Sony makes deal with Marvel Studios So for the time being Spider-Man won't be in Sony movies Spidey was not in Venom because of who owns which character

  • I heard their gonna make a movie for carnage (venom post credit scene)

  • Did not answer the question

  • Spidey just got turned to dust so that could be why!

  • No offense, but to me this did not explain at all why he was not in venom

  • The real reason spider man wasn’t in venom because he was in another country for spider man far from home

  • The reason is.....Thanos

  • Why don’t they just call it SMCU Sony’s Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • it's because the spiderman isn't toby maguire anymore. tom can't beat venom... neither andrew, but toby can

  • anyone know the muderer it starts with a c iTs CaRnAGe

  • no because he is in sanfransisco not New york city

  • Just no jumping the gun and no short cuts and venomverse will be amazing

  • I liked Garfield as parker

  • OH NO NO

  • Long Story Short: Spiderman Waz To Weak..

  • Wow! I’m not gonna watch a single one of these SMCU

  • Its because of the spider verse

  • Coverd in spiders, man

  • Please dont give sony spiderman they bombed the one chance they got

  • it is because... “Mr stark.. i don’t feel so good.”

  • I Now Why Because He Died In Infinity War

  • The comic that shows kraven the hunter I have that

  • Dog wank

  • Venom movie came after infinity war. In infinity war spiderman was rushed away this is why spiderman was not in venom movie

  • Hopefully Garfield as Spidey, in a parallel universe in Sony.

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • the reason why was because spiderman because sony doesn't own rights to spider-man

  • Because it is a movie about venom. End of video. Don’t even need the video.

  • Different Timeline different Story different path of characters lead to different endings.

  • One word : *SONY*

  • Spider man is in venom 2

  • Because they can’t afford it

  • Sony. Please. Give the MCU venom and sable. You can keep everything else.

  • Venom they ain't gonna know what hit them when they get bit with the venom

  • All these movie politics and contracts and that sorta thing, I'm so confused what this video is trying to say.

  • The reason why Spiderman is not in the venom movie is the in infinity war he died/turned into dust duuhhh Like if true

  • He wasn't in venom because it wasn't a fucking spiderman movie.

  • Spidey went to germany easy

  • Yet in Venom 2:Maximum Carnage tom will collide again with venom

  • Smh why is this so long. The answer is this is a different time line. Before he bonded with spider man that’s why venom does not have a spider on his chest

  • Is spiderman choking the chicken at 1:45?

  • The only thing that scares me about this marvel Disney merger is, what’s gonna happen to Deadpool???

  • They aren’t rivals. They’re frienemies!!

  • Marvel didn't sell its IP to get influence in the movie industry, it sold them when they were declaring bankruptcy. Get your facts right Looper.

  • Aroun the 3 minute mark they literally said sony announced the stand alone movie venom. Question answered.

  • I don’t have to watch this vid to know why it’s a three word answer: Sony’s a b**ch Oh and FOX is to

  • If Apple purchases Sony then the Marvel character under them reverts back to (Disney\ Marvel) I really hope one day all film rights and under the Disney umbrella


  • After infinity war is over next marvel movie comes it should include more spiderman. What I mean is they should acknowledge spiderman a bit more he just started as a hero and he alot of skill and he is a genius but if he s Was against venom or any other serious villains like venom,doc ock,and green goblin I think he would need more experience.

  • Tom Holland is the best spiderman ever

  • Because Venom wants on the MCU

  • because Tom H. would kill Tom H. that's why. 😂😹

  • I love d sound tone

  • The real reason behind the title is: Viewer