The Real Reason Spider-Man Wasn't In Venom

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They're longtime rivals in the comics, but Spider-Man failed to appear in Venom's solo big-screen debut. Why? Isn't this a Marvel movie? Well, kinda. The answer's actually a lot more complicated than that. If you want to know the real reason why Spider-Man's not in the Venom movie, we've got to talk some business…
House divided | 0:17
Unamazing Spider-plan | 1:14
Homecoming | 2:13
Muddying the waters | 2:56
Rumors abound | 3:36
SUMC vs. MCU | 4:21
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  • Did you find yourself looking at extras walking by in scenes half-way expecting to see Tom Holland there? We kinda did...

    • No

    • Looper in end game Spider-Man comes back and Ironman dies same with black widow

    • +therealjesseleereed wth!!!!

    • Jayden Marvel 🤑

    • No I didnt

  • I would actually like to see a 'Kraven the Hunter' movie

  • Andrew Garfield is the best spiderman idc

  • we better get a venom 2 >:-)

  • Ironman dies

  • Q: Is Venom an MCU film? A: No That’s basically all there is to it folks

  • I think that Sony's attempt to make a new universe will consist of more marvel characters (that they own) and Carnage was teased on the post-credit scene of Venom, I expect more of Symbiote Movies and that would be awesome. I wouldn't mind if there's no spider-man. I have high expectations on this new universe of Sony's. I'm hyped for Carnage since I enjoyed Venom.

  • Because venom would destroy Spiderman I mean look at him c'mon saved you 5 minutes

  • Because it would have sucked. Venom needs to be kept separate, focusing on it's own world.

  • its true i was thepancreas

  • Coz it was terrible

  • I think marvel should do whatever they want because they are all marvel characters

  • Wait.. so marvel made Spider-Man.. but don’t even have rights to how he’s portrayed on the big screen wtf

  • Yea probably because they don't have the rights to put him in

  • It’s because Spider-Man is in the mcu and they don’t want venom to be in it

  • He didn’t do it because he didn’t feel so well and had to lye down

  • Because hes Tom Holland

  • cause spiderman is trash.... nuff said.... just an everyday bike cop nothing fancy.

  • Let me guess.. Everyone knew this already.

  • Wonder how that kraven movie would go about

  • Am i the only one saw Vaas' 2:08 ?

  • Sony need to quit

  • 1:48 what the hell

  • Its better

  • Im so glad Stan Lee was in the Venom movie R.I.P great one.....

  • Uh because it was about venom not spider man lol duh

  • In venom carnage Spider-Man and tony stark

  • Because venom is a good idea and Spiderman is a shit character

  • Because disney simple

  • because they have different producers

  • Because it's about Venom. Spiderman is in New York & Venom is in San Francisco. That's the real reason so report this video as spam.

  • He wasn’t in Venom because Venom was in San Francisco not New York duhh

  • I figured that it's because of the many universes. Maybe this movie is based on a univers where there is no Spider-Man or Avengers. There are so many different ways you can spin the story and just clame that it's just one of the infinite universes.

  • The amazing spiderman wasn't THAT bad.

  • He wasn’t in venom because that venom was from a comic call venom: lethal protector which has no spider man

  • Venom doesn't take place in the MCU. *Simple*

  • I disnt want spiderman in this film cause this film was purely about venom

  • Sony should just hand the rights to all the characters over to Marvel Studios. Marvel studios know how to make a good cinematic universe, and they're obviously set on making a universe as close to the comics as it can be. Sony just wants money.

  • The real reason why Spider-Man isn't in Venom 1. *he's fucking dead*

  • Because it's only venom

  • Because it’s not in New York, that’s literally the only real reason😂

  • Bruhhhh if Spider Man is in venom Spider Man will die

  • Lol, it’s because they are two different universes. (Short version of this video) XD

  • For me the reason was that marvel movies is more for kids less blood less kreapy and fight scenes are just simple made and the latest venom movie was agressive compared to others movies from marvel..we need japonese Story writers working together with Hollywood we would have the Best movies ever but Not for should go to school and learn instead of dreaming about super heros and shit...for us grown people would just be fun and have free time to enjoy movies with Bad ass fight blood tragedy etc...

  • Different universe

  • Because Sony owns Spider-Man buts it’s in a separate world than the MCU?

  • Spiderman homecoming Spiderman far from home Spider man homeless

  • I wish amazing spiderman was in venom 😢

  • I want a Sam Raimi reboot of Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire and Amazing Spider-Man visual effects

  • ”Strong performance”...

  • Sony needs to give up

  • Because every superhero movie Sony makes is dog shit

  • spiderman got dusted

  • Because Tom Holland's beta feminine Spiderman would get annihilated

  • This is funny because now with the addition of the multiverse, venom could be in the mcu if eventually wanted, as any universe could combine after far from home. This may be what they intend to do with xmen? At least I hope so since rebooting xmen and ESPECIALLY wolverine won't go well I don't think

  • Because he didn’t have the rights.. e.e

  • Sony just do the right thing and sell the marvel character rights over to Disney lol

  • Well honestly i’m happy it was just Venom

  • Venom's heaps cooler than Spiderman, that's why it was only about him.

  • I just think it would be kinda cool to have Venom face off against the Avengers. Or as an Anti-Hero with the Asguardians of the galaxy. Venom is one of those characters that can be placed into well any storyline. He’s a flexible character and as long as you got a proper origin for him any story will work. Venom or Eddie in New York for a story and just stumbles upon the dusting? It could work. And if not Disney could always expand their reach and tether in Sony’s universe

  • Then that would make Spider-Man main character

  • Plot twist. Peter Parker and Eddie Brock live in the same apartment complex. And Spider-Man was in outer space.

  • Well I wanna see craven the hunter movie

  • Because marvel sold venom...

  • the begining actor for spider man was also the actor for Hacksaw Ridge

  • Because he is a loser Same as Venom

  • whos jack pott?

  • Deadpool: couldn't afford that one

  • Easy it was in those 5 years

  • 哈哈哈

  • I would prefer if they share it

  • Because spiderman is MCU and venom wasn't

  • Long story short: Sony sucks

  • He kinda blew away

  • The Real reason why Looper can still miraculously pump out videos about subjects that no one asked for.

  • Because of rights and he was in the mcu

  • it's simple: venom would've eaten spider man alive and spider man is too young to be devoured on screen.

  • 🧙🏻‍♂️: you are technically correct - the best kind of correct!

  • When almost everyone says they hate Venom, then there’s me, who unironicly liked Venom.

  • Marvel needs to buy venom so they can get a movie together but at the same time they will probably make him less cool

  • Because Venom is Sony while spider-man is Disney??????? 😑😑 🤔🤔 I don't why that's just MY theory to be honest

  • Next video: why the X-men aren’t with the avengers

  • Because it’s not an MCU film

  • Because it’s not an MCU film

  • U could’ve done this in a minute just say because Disney doesn’t own venom yet down

  • Probable because he got snapd in Infinit war

  • Cuz venom sucked

  • 5 minutes crambed into a sentence Because its a movie about venom

  • I got it because he was too busy turning into dust

  • Because it wouldnt make sense

  • So your telling me Venom is not going to fight Spider-Man and instead going to be a hero. SONY WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING!!!!

  • Bruh cause he didn’t feel so good fam

  • Simple explanation venom is Sony and Spider-Man is Disney !

  • I’m kinda glad he wasn’t in the movie

  • Venom is pointless without spider man.

  • How 5 parts

  • Well Sony. We did not recognize your Amazing Spider-man at all. Give us the old Peter Parker back. Or. Give our Spider-man back to Marvel Studio. Your Amazing Spider-man and Venom suck.

  • Sony should just focus on the PlayStation and give up the rights to all the superheros

  • Why are they with Sony I

  • Both Venom,Spider Man is StanLee creations,idiot.