The Real Reason Spider-Man Wasn't In Venom

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They're longtime rivals in the comics, but Spider-Man failed to appear in Venom's solo big-screen debut. Why? Isn't this a Marvel movie? Well, kinda. The answer's actually a lot more complicated than that. If you want to know the real reason why Spider-Man's not in the Venom movie, we've got to talk some business…
House divided | 0:17
Unamazing Spider-plan | 1:14
Homecoming | 2:13
Muddying the waters | 2:56
Rumors abound | 3:36
SUMC vs. MCU | 4:21
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  • Did you find yourself looking at extras walking by in scenes half-way expecting to see Tom Holland there? We kinda did...

    • +therealjesseleereed like i want this gay next to an actor like tom hardy. it's like putting a scooter next to a Ferrari

    • Looper it’s because Disney owns Spider-Man there faster then waiting for him

    • +therealjesseleereed dude.. Into the spider verse isn't just geared toward kids. Yes its animated but it's going to be a damn good movie for all audiences.

    • You didn't have to make a vid on this. Spider man faded so that's why he didn't appear

    • it was because he got snapped

  • Somebody please let us have Spiderman with venom it's not the same

  • If its not related to MCU, its not worth the time. Cause it will never go on. It will be rebooted again. Waste of time to me. Few things that make this movie highly anticipated. One, its Tom Hardy. Two, people thinks its related to MCU. Anyway, the movie is awesome nonetheless.

  • It’s because venoms owned by sony

  • Umm well its because its just venoms side of the story..

  • The real reason is because he did feel to good.

  • cause he's dusted duh

  • Here's the reason: he's dead. Spend your five minutes and twenty three seconds on something else.

  • Sony needs to give all the comic characters back to MARVEL. It's obvious they're killing it. They deserve to have all their original properties in the MCU

  • As long as a movie about Carnage is a horror movie, it's all good. Okay, it'll be good enough even if it's "all ages".

  • Because venom isn't owned by the MCu

  • Spiderman lives in ny and the movie took place in sf

  • Sony needs to stop being greedy assholes and give the Marvel characters back.

  • Spiderman didn't felt good. That's the main reason.

  • The first started fact is wrong. Marvel sold the rights to a lot of characters because they were bankrupt. Not because they wanted to"experiment" with TV and movie companies

  • The real reason is that venom would destroy spiderman

  • The real reason is venom is now a superhero you know that right?

  • Simple version Disney owns spider man

  • Because spiderman died in infinity war

  • Because spiderman is not in venom because spiderman knows venom weakness

  • The real reason is that venom is Sony and Mcu bought Spider-Man

  • Again it’s marvel

  • Stan lee made Spider-Man not Sony idiot

  • Ur Dumb

  • He got snaped

  • You know how spiderman faded into another dimension/world what if he went into venoms world?

  • Andrew would have fit in perfect against the sinister 6

  • Thanks looper!

  • spider man evolution spider man home coming spider man far from home spider man has no home

  • cant wait for venom sequel tho. Carnage vs Venom and spidey... hopefully

  • What movie was that duck from?

  • Sony is trash and Venom was garbage.

    • +Liz Hurtado i like good movies.

    • Honestly

    • KheThai WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!

  • Silver sable? Hahaha foh

  • What if Venom existed in the Marvel Universe and would be a vigilante that Iron Man knows about and would call in to fight Thanos.

  • its the mcu one? because tom holland spider died in avengers infnite war so.... yea!

  • Not only that, venom was in SF and spiderman lives in NYC...

    • Terrance Barrett which is where he went to be a hero after his encounter with spidey

  • Because Sony dosnt have the rights for Spiderman. No need for a 5 minute video

  • 2:08 3:51 which scenes were those?

    • The second one looks like a part from black panther. But it’s from spider man

    • Spiderman end credits

    • Venom scenes

  • They should make Sony marvel the alternate dimension thanos snapped his fingers and sent half of MCU to. Different plots, characters/actors, more confusion, everyone happy

  • "Unamazing spider plan" I wanna know who came up with that pun.

  • Now I get it😜

  • Well, he’s kind of gone. Did you even watch Infinity War?

  • Tom Holland is dumbass i wont Andrew Garfield in the next venom movie....

  • Peter is in New York, Eddie was in California. Pretty straight forward.

  • I cry everytime I see Holland disintegrating. Why, Thanos, why?

  • wews😑

  • I have a theory That Venom Is In SpiderMan Homecoming It Might Be that Eddie brock used to be venom but the suit died or got seperated before the spider man universe and tony stark made some kind of memory eraser and erase venom from the people mind and hide venom in a room cause eddie might be slowly dying because of venom

  • Because he bit the dust

  • Venom its going to appear in marvel univers later on beacuse its now turning into a super

    • +Roald You yeah that's possible, but i imagine Marvel will wait some time before introducing their own Venom because they wouldn't want audiences to think it's the same as Sony's.

    • +KheThai i know that but maybe a diffrent versiin of it like they changed spider man.

    • Never gonna happen. Marvel doesn't want any part of Sony's crap.

  • Disney aquired marvel? Why tf

  • So Tom Hardy can still play wolverine. Cause he’d be the best to the next wolverine

  • Next video,Why isnt Venom in Spider-Man Movie?

  • Yea everyone says venom is not a bad guy but he still eats people, and I know you are going to say but he eats chocolate and tater tots. But venom is evil because he is always trying to kill Spider-Man even if it means hurting people! True in this universe Spider-Man does not ruin Eddies life but that still makes him a bad guy, you could say that Eddie is good and venom is evil he is only good to Eddie and himself. @Gillian Day

  • Venom sucked

  • Because Tobey Maguire is out .....

  • I will explain in a few words, he died (dusted away) in Infinity War AND its not called VENOM And Spider-Man

  • I really want Tom Holland meet Tom Hardy. Spiderman meets Venom. JUST IT! THANK YOU. AND NO DECLINED OF MY OPINION

  • To sum it all up, SONY

  • I would like to see black cat and spider man in the same movie! 🙂

  • I really want to see a crossover with the MCU Spider-Man. It would be hilarious and awesome I reckon

  • For once I WANT Disney to buy a company.

  • I knew why Spiderman wasn't in Venom when I watched it.

  • Because Spider-Man's in the MCU and the Venom movie was made by Sony

  • Need blade ffs

  • I believe that spider man was to strong 4 venom because as u could see in the spider man movie 2 or 3 venom wasn't even shown nothing changed appert from his black suit. Then when venom found edee venom actually showed him self.

  • As I was watching it, I knew it that venom would be a news guy who gets fired, but it was a LOT different than Spider-Man 3. I did not expect venom to actually be a good person

  • You can't pit protagonist Vs protagonist

  • I think that obviously Venom is going to defeat Carnage because that’s like all the Marvel movies

  • It is because spider-man turn into ash

  • As bisexual guy it's really hard to watch Tom hardy ... I'm not sure if I wanna be like him or be with with him...kinda both

  • The Real reason is movie would be shit

  • Beacause he doesnt feel good!

  • The reboot changed the storyline

  • I have a shorter thing to tell about why spider man is not in venom because he is dead in infinity war duh

  • because if spider man dies venom gets hate and the movie as well and if venom dies same thing happens there

  • Tom Holland is the best Spiderman Like if you agree Jk I'm not one of those people but you can if you want, my bro 😂

  • Just give up Sony, dont try so hard to screw it up, hand them over to Marvel Studio please

  • Because he's not feeling good

  • isn't capitalism great?

  • which are the 5 movies ??? im counting 4 !, civil war, homecoming, infinity war, and far from home, !, spidey is not in ENDGAME !!!!, so, where is the fifth movie ??? is it spider-holland 3 ????

  • My opinion . iron man will help spiderman or beat venom. Second opinion it's called VENOM.. THIRD opinion he doesn't know how to control his powers yet or does he

  • It was because spider man turned to dust duh

  • It’s because Spider-Man is turned into dust 😂

  • Man marvel should just take all this character s

  • It’s a solo


  • ye bcs half of the world was killed by thanos

  • Spiderman was turned into ash in Infinity War and couldn't come in Venom

  • Its because in Infinity War when Thanos snapped his fingers Spidey got turnt into dust with some other heros and is in a different demension

  • 4:47 the bike's headlight looks like xbox logo

  • All you had to put wad it was the origin of venom not venom and spiderman

  • Doesn’t even mention carnage

  • But THIS time venom is not a vilan

  • Duh spider man died before the release

  • I know why because spider man didn't feel good and only tony stark

  • The real reason is Spiderman died in Infinity War..duhh

  • Wanna know the in-story reason? Eddie moves from Manhattan (Spidey's home) to San Francisco for a p*ssy. Boom! Butterfly effect! They never met anymore

  • Yo is that why Sony Killed Stan Lee, to take over the MCU 😱. . . . Think about it, New Venom premier right after his death, but Lee has 3 pre-rocorded Cameo apperances for the Next 3 movies

  • Pfffft...Morbius, Silver Sable, Kraven, etc etc. Sony is a glutton for punishment, lol.

  • When I read the title. I was like “ Because spider man died from the adventure.”