The Return of Eugenia Cooney

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  • This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

  • People are messed up

  • Watching your videos that touch on mental health and eating disorders always touch home with me. I am so glad you have had this outlet. Growing up I was always super skinny. I was 83 lbs until I was about 27. It wasn’t from lack of eating, I was actually quite opposite. I loved food. And everyone would make fun of me, or tell me I had a disorder. But it was just me. I did get to the point I started eating more junk and in access. I didn’t want people to think I didn’t eat, so I would eat whole pizzas, whole bags of cookies, chips. Anything to the point my stomach would hurt. I was literally over eating and still couldn’t gain any weight. I’ve ended up with digestive problems now (and no, I never had a tape worm). Now that I’m almost 33, my metabolism is finally slowing down and I’m around 100 lbs. but I still find myself trying to over eat. I love salads, but I always feel guilty eating one, like people are going to think that I don’t eat anything other than salads. So anyways, I understand you so much Eugenia when you say people just don’t really know what their saying to people sometimes. I hope you’re doing well. And Shane, bless you so much for being so caring!!

  • Aweee!! She's so sweet! Haters should just back off. And I really would love to meet her someday! She seems like a very friendly person!

  • Shane you are good people, thank you for being a true friend to Eugenia. She is still as beautiful as ever. There was that (for lack of a better word) scene where you wanted to move some of the stuffed animals from the bed and she said that all of her friends are there, tell her no not all of them some of us are still out here waiting and wishing her well.

  • He should have brought chipotle with him! 😁

  • Eugenia’s eyeshadow looks like robin egg candies

  • honestly when i first saw her i didn't think anything bad, i mean yeah she was very skinny, but she's also human and i know many factors play into why she was that way. For people to be so rude to her just because of the way she looked is unbelievable and disgusting. We all need to learn to be kind to one another and not judge, because she is obviously a great person inside and out. But i'm so happy she is doing better and i hope she comes back.

  • 4:18 ohmygod her legs !! She is literally just skin and bones .. how sad and awful! She needs help. Bad.

    • Did you not watch the video? 1) she's getting help 2) Telling someone who is already sick and struggling that they look awful and need help is a terible, un-helpful thing to do 3) Your a random person on the internet that have no right to tell her what she should and shouldn't do 4) That girl is beautiful in every way and does'nt deverve asholes like you commenting on her looks.

  • I meant she ,not die !

  • If she is saying that she did have an eating disorder, die is still very much in denial! Anyone that is in recovery from that bad of an eating disorder, knows it's a life time battle to stay healthy! I was in the hospital and active recovery way way longer than a month ! I'm 56 and I still have eating disorder behavior ,although I'm not presently active in the disorder, I do obsess about food and weight at times ! I also hate eating in front of others ,which might come from being forced to eat in front of people in rehab ! I hope for the sake of her health she gets real help ,she definitely needs more help or she will never make it ! I hope she has a good support system, my husband and kids saved my life !

  • Being this skinny is not cute. It's not healthy . I dont know how she could think she looks good at all.. she needs to eat and get mentally well.

  • I really think shes still struggling badly with her eating disorder.. I dont see any weight on her or any difference. I really hope she will just realize how badly shes killing herself and that she doesnt need to look like that .

  • 10:16 “Not trigger” *proceeds to show flashing lights*

  • 27:08 my face at the beginning: 🥺😊☺️ my face when she said that:😳😶😧

  • I wish I was with eugenia and someone pulled up and started running there mouth like boi you about to get your ass beat

  • This video was posted on Shane's birthday.

  • She is such a nice person! I honestly have never heard of her but this shows how much of a great person she is! 😊

  • Shane I love you for this. Mental illnesses like this are so much more deep than people understand. She is such a sweet heart and deserves a great life. I’m so glad she got some help. And I’m so glad Shane shined some light on it and recovery is possible. I LOVE YOU SHANE KEEP DOING YOU

  • I wish she was just like “You’re not as skintea as me dont be jealous bitch” lol

  • Shane will not leave until he figures out when she gets mad

  • I'm not so in the "ID-tv game",so I didn't know her before but after I saw this I'm ashamed!!How can someone bullet her!!She seems so nice and kind 🥺

  • You are beautiful!!! Omg I'm crying because thay is so hard! And baby doll you made it! It takes a long time and a slow coming BUT you're so strong!!!

  • I’m crying so bad why is shane such a sweetie

  • i just want to know the opinion about the girl who told eugenia she was worried about her and startes crying

  • I'm so happy Shane did this... I have loved Eugenia for a long time, because of her positive attitude. She always encouraged me to stay positive even when I was in a very dark place. I struggled with cutting for a long time. She encouraged me to try to see the good things even when I was struggling so much. I am so happy that she is doing so well. It gives me joy that she is still her bright self. Keep strong, Eugenia!

  • My heart broke when people made mean fake usernames to bully her and she just shrugged it off and still smiled you can tell she’s so sweet and genuine she doesn’t deserve the hate

  • I rather be skinny like her people are just bodyshaming losers

  • Maybe I’m selfish but I don’t care about her eating disorder when others are starving ya that’s my opinion same way I don’t care if someone’s obese and doesn’t care for themselves. I have a eating disorder and eat unhealthy myself I don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me it’s my doing.

  • She reminds of Karen Carpenter they are both brave beautiful women but I’m glad that she’s ok now she obviously feels 10 times better about herself and that’s incredible we have lost a lot of good ID-tvrs this year I thankyou for supporting her Shane

  • im so glad eugenia is ok now, was worried about her for ages.

  • love you shane and eugenia

  • She looks like an escaped st jude patient

  • I’m crying. I was one of the people who left mean comments about her dying. She’s so beautiful she just looks so good and I’m so proud of her and she just seems so genuine omg I love her so much

  • Oh my god that is so sad ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  • God kept her alive cause he knew she would change her ways and help others

  • i think a important thing is that you can tell someone 1000 times to get help but its up to that person if they want help

  • This probably is unoriginal but... Eugenia I’m so glad she’s ok I was very worried she’s the nicest person I’ve ever heard of i don’t know why people give her death threats? But Eugenia I love her like a sister baiii

  • This probably is unoriginal but... Eugenia I’m so glad she’s ok I was very worried she’s the nicest person I’ve ever heard of i don’t know why people give her death threats? But Eugenia I love her like a sister baiii

  • This probably is unoriginal but... Eugenia I’m so glad she’s ok I was very worried she’s the nicest person I’ve ever heard of i don’t know why people give her death threats? But Eugenia I love her like a sister baiii