The start of a new dawn? | Darren Moore & Tim Cahill praise 'outstanding' Everton

Dipublikasikan tanggal 13 Sep 2020
Darren Moore and Tim Cahill discuss Everton's 'outstanding' performance at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, plus reaction from Dominic Calvert-Lewin after scoring Everton's winning goal against Spurs.

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  • Don't let this distract you from the fact Cahill got robbed by James for the Puskas award in 2014


  • Yrue spurs werent good but just look at there next 2 results esoecially 5 2 away v southampton same as r next score v wba keep it going palace joint top with us and 4 others next bring it saha

  • Darren Moore. Articulacy personified. 😍

  • this is Anfield this means 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣more

  • Up the toffees. Midfield was outstanding. Great recruitment in summer. Coleman was good too. Going in right direction. Delighted for DCL works socks off for the team. Richardlison needs to work on finishing

  • One of the smoothest chair swivels I've ever seen by Tim

    • ste1301 lmao

  • COYB!

  • Darren Moore needs a job again. The man did bits at West Brom.

    • He is the current manager of Doncaster Rovers mate 👍🏻

  • as ac milan support am seeing carlo build Everton to the 2007 milan team.i feel the need another striker moise kean am not sure he will get there this season.

  • Start of a new dawn. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • I can see Everton finishing 5th

  • Ancelotti is no doubt one of the best coach in PL and in the world...

  • Alan have always been a good midfielder... this is just a small sample of Serie A players.... Castagne scored on his debut!

  • Cahill hardly aged

  • I think one of England's giants has just awoken from a long coma. Come on you toffees

  • this question after ONE game?

  • just get tim back in the team aha

  • Everton really could push Wolves for 7th.

  • I am very optimistic about Everton this season The quality is there from day one With a bit of luck they might do a Leicester That would be great for the PL Not so great for Liverpool and of course Chelski

  • DCL is a sound guy

  • James and quintero grow up together and are the best from colombia. Happy for everton and happy for james

  • Keep Cahill At The Desk!!!!

  • Tim looks like he is still fit to play.

  • No one is talking about digne delivery

  • Calvert Lewin has a hard on 2:31

  • Let’s keep it in perceptive here. yeah it was probably the best Everton have performed away in years against a top 6 side for once they showed a bit of spine and bottle.. but it was against a pretty poor spurs side who are playing under a dated finished manager.. we will see how much they have improved when the go to the likes of Liverpool Man City Man Utd Chelsea.. places they usually bottle it at that’s the real test for them.. but knowing how fickle the Everton fans are they will probably think there going win the league after 1 game 😂😂

  • DRFC!!

  • Could do with having these 2 fellas on a lot more often.

  • Calvert lewin sounds like Michael owen

  • Nah Everton won’t be in top 5 this season

    • Yeah but probably european football

  • Impressed with DCL’s skills on the mic btw!

  • Good times ahead for Everton under Professor Ancelotti. COYB!

  • James class!!!

  • Calvert Lewin sounds exactly like Michael Owen.

  • Jesus we are one game into the season and already Everton are being talked up 😂

    • Did you see Allan boss that midfield, James pick things apart, it was quite the performance to be impressed by

  • They still havent beaten a top 6 side.

  • Darren Moore is a really sensible guy

  • He sounds like Micheal Owen

  • new dawn ? the new signings are almost 30 years old

    • @Tollah Tv ferkah yea, they can play in the MLS when 35

    • Players can play still 35 if they exercise and eat well.

  • In a few games, the Neverton fans will be call the new players and want them out

  • Brilliant

  • The rest was outstanding performance except for Richarlson and Sigurdsson!. Richarlson: Something is not quite right on his head. Yes I can see he hold the ball, run quicker on left winger but he blew an open goal and shooting range was awful for Brazilian standard. Maybe he should be playing on right side and James on left side. Credit to Pickford and Coleman to back up his mistake and I wish Bale on that left winger. That would be fun to watch. Sigurdsson: lost the possession, I dont know what is he doin on the pitch, I just thought bring him on the pitch was a disaster for Everton.

  • It feels like Everton are finally getting it right.

  • Darren Moore is a boss pundit

  • Can’t believe how Allan even made the move to Everton when he could play in Europe with Napoli

  • Let's get real. They beat a Jose mourinho spurs team,not a top team. Cazoo 🤣 gotta be worth about 1m a season 🤣

  • Darren Moore is a very good pundit

  • DCL looking like a man now too

  • I'm excited, optimistic but also a realist, I would love us to be challenging for europa league this year but mainly I want to see us work hard and look like we're a threat

  • Fuckoff

  • From Moyes To Anchelotti Everton fans suffered in the past pleased for them now.

    • Moyes weren’t a bad manager for us given the money he had. He built us a brilliant squad and we really should have won a trophy. If we had I’d look back on his reign very fondly.

  • Sounds funny but everton and leeds have better managers than chelsea arsenal man utd

  • Get Darren Moore in the club a lot more. Calm speaking. Need to see more

  • What a great header that was, even better as it was against the inferior North London team......

  • Go easy 😂 one game in ffs

  • I love Tim Cahill! My hero

  • UTFT💙

  • I think Everton needs 1 o 2 signings on the wings n upfront

    • Nope, just maybe a world class cb

  • 1 game and the start of a new dawn? jesus, same old stories every year evertonian

    • James Dawson well said mate 👍💙

    • Normally the new dawn comes in the transfer window and ends at our first game. We have Ancelotti as our manager and a solid midfield, and we just won an away game against a “big 6” club for the first time in 7 years (an embarrassing statistic). Without getting carried away you can at least see that we’re making positive steps forward after years of stagnation. The performance yesterday actually felt like I wasn’t watching an Everton team which is the highest compliment I could give.

  • That was a good performance but no one can make any hype yet. It’s only one game, anything can change. It’s like last season when Man Utd beat Chelsea 4-0 and they thought they’d win the league (I’m a Utd fan as well) 😂😂

  • Everton on paper are looking like this season will be good for them and if they play like today they will be pushing up the table. And this is a Liverpool fan saying this

  • John Abraham, I summon thee!

  • We love dcl 💙💪🏻🤞🏻

  • Everyone loves Everton 💙💪🏻💪🏻

  • Yessss Tim 💙

  • Speaks like a future captain!

  • evertons midfield showed today they have to be in the convo for best midfields in the premier, those 4 have everything gomes allan doucoure and james just need more chemistry and bam they’ll be crazy good

  • Ancelloti knows what he’s doing.

  • Everton's Midfield of Allan, James and Doucoure absoultely industrious display from that sensational work rate that was a really impressive performance from Everton

    • ohshit yesok Allan was so under-rated. We was by far motm tbf in that game. Gl to Everton man... they built a CL squad with them 3 signings

  • I do hate Everton but Everton fans should have every reason to be excited for this season especially cause the Legendary manager they have and the new signings they have added.

    • Everton dont compete with Liverpool anymore

  • If tim cahil says it's a beautiful header then i believe him and also he's so soft spoken considering he played so aggressively.

  • It’s a new dawn, it’s a new life and I’m feeling good 💎

  • I don’t see Morinho making it thru Christmas, he’s been shocking, complaining again, team is weak, but if I continue to speak I may be in big trouble..

  • I can not believe that ducan ferguson is still there everton fans loved him as caretaker manager

    • He's one of the assistant coaches.

  • everton are back maybe

  • Allan looks a top 4 champions league holding midfielder

  • Everton looked like a top 6 side today, Very impressed with what Ancellotti is building

    • How much did Allan cost? What a steal!

  • One match hahah one bloody match. Spurs are absolute garbage remember. Everton won’t finish in top 6

  • Crazy how underrated and under appreciated defensive midfielders are. Allan was immense today. Man of the match easily

  • Leave a like if you think Allan was man of the match today

  • Darren Moore class bundit

  • Everton will end up above man u on the table this season


  • Yesssssssss Everton 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 🤜🏿

  • We will silent the doughters this season All those pundits keep say about everton getting 7/8th will see I always know the midfield is the engine room and we didn't had that and still used to be in the game with the big teams last year if we had those players away to arsenal munu and tottenham none could had beat us

  • His accent is very interesting

  • They are Liverpool🔴 Shadow always

  • Sheesh so Everton beat a pretty poor spurs and everyone yet again starts going on about them making the top 6! I mean is this not what everyone says every season! 🙄

    • James Dawson good to see that not all Everton fans think that just because you beat a poor spurs team that you’ll be almost certain to make the top 6, if not too 4 🙄

    • chidera ejike ok but so have many other teams, I mean if it was Man City or Liverpool the yeah maybe, but spurs almost didn’t even qualify for the Europa league last season, I mean that’s certainly not the same team as the champions league final one, and also lost to loads of teams last season including bottom placed Norwich! I mean I can maybe see Everton coming like 7th/6th but not the top 4 as this is what happens basically every season with everton

    • Spurs were just as poor last time we played them a couple of months ago but back then we were gutless as well. The progress we’ve made in two months to get to the point were we are dominating the midfield in a game is actually incredible. Some people are getting carried away but this game was a massive step forward.

    • @Elijah Khaira when was the last time everton beat Tottenham away? That was 8 years ago when was the last time Everton beat a UCL finalist? That was 20 years ago Stop being stupid and watch everton compete for ucl places because they have the quality to do so and everyone is downgrading them just like tim Sherwood and emile heskey were chatting bollocks before the game

    • Ananth Pondicherry yeah I would, but spurs weren’t good so you wouldn’t give much credit as even then spurs only lost 1-0 and if that had been city or Liverpool playing them they’d of probably been hammered like 4-0

  • The midfield look as good as I can remember! Outplayed tottenham today 😆

  • Toffs looking good

  • Everton football club is about playing like cahill in your face don't let them have it easy we got battle type players again alan was outstanding he reminded me of the the great Alan ball

  • Everton need another striker so do spurs but Everton midfield much better

    • You have the money, you got James Rodriguez for £22m Alan for £20m and dacoure for £? But a prolific striker would see Everton 6th or higher and maybe Chris mepham from Bournemouth as a new centre half

    • Mmm some one a bit better like a prolific goal scorer.

    • We have Moise Kean, Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison as our striker options. I definitely thinks it’s not perfect, but I don’t know who we could realistically bring in that’d improve it. Maybe Zaha but we don’t have the money.

  • Tottenham are absolutely pathetic

  • They won 1-0 lad. Jesus christ

  • Can’t be bothered with ex footballers who can seem to string a full sentence together and uhm and ah trying to find a word. Sky sports pay how much for a TV rights but can’t have consistent punditry.

  • Just 1 game...chill out🤭

  • Everyone talking about "James might regain 2014 form" why did everyone forget about his 2 seasons at Bayern? He was always class. Zidane didn't use him properly

    • Zidane didn’t play him at all

    • 2014 form?? That's something only people who haven't followed him at all would say. He's always been like that whether Zidane's liked it or not...

    • True... Sadly James wasted some precious years trying to fit in Zidane's team. My best wishes for Everton!

    • @Kymani Francis exactly to buy the shirt in South America come 3x the original price due to export taxes etc, only is possible to purchase in the online store and Hummel doesn't have a single phisical store so no one expect to everton sell lots of shirts even if James was the #10

    • mediacenter man : Same thing happened in Bayern to what happened in Real. He had an amazing first season then they got a new manager in the second season and he didn’t fancy James so benched him, the not signing thing was mutual, Bayern didn’t want to pay what Real were asking and James didn’t want to stay there either.

  • Should evertons players listen to Carlo they can be a real dark horse this season. Let's see where he can take them but as a neutral its exciting