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Welcome back to another episode 3 Random Games! In today's episode we explore 3 really fun games including a comedy horror game that is actually hilarious.
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Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Myuu: / myuuji
Kevin Macleod:
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  • I never knew being chased by a human bowling ball could be so terrifying.

    • As always strike

    • It is indeed most terrifying

    • Never knew that was a thing....I didn't need that!

    • @Lapis Lazuli same

  • The third game is literally the meaning of "they see me rolling they hating"

  • Imagine how scary the third game is in real life.

  • The bowling pin noise while he's rolling down the stairs is heckin fantastic

  • The intros are as good as ever. And where's big head ryan?


    • He doesnt seem to have his big brain intro anymore

    • Same question


  • 8 bitryan: doesn’t take joes house seriously Matpat: TAKES JOES HOUSE LIKE ITS THE END OF THE WORLD

  • The scary thing about the second game is how realistic it is, not jumpscares. XD

  • Ok but we can all relate to the fact that Jo got some cake

    • he wants some pie to go with that 'cake' xD

    • 😳

    • @smugbugunderarug am i wrong?

    • @Real Poot ur right thats The problem xD

    • @Mariusz Zet lol fair!

  • ''Do I straight up run when he starts rolling?'' THAT LITERALLY GOT ME LAUGHING.

  • Ryan woke up and chose to be an ✨ A•N•I•M•A•T•R•O•N•I•C ✨

  • Ryan just watching your channel has helped me through my life . I don't want to sound cheesy but me finding your channel has kept me from ending it all and taking me out my shell. Just watching your career and ID-tv channel take off has made me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one watching or interested in the same things. Congrats on hitting 2.7M subscribers can't wait to see the 3 million.🥳🥳🥳

  • The head tilting in the intro was genuinely creepy XD Good job Ryan!

  • *Coming back to watch Ryan from almost (what feels like a month), is awesome.* I haven't watched him since, he's played game so really don't care to see, and I was just waiting for him to play something I'm interested in. And, as always, Ryan is just as funny and awesome. 👍

  • Another beautiful episode by Ryan. I live for these 😋

  • Is it just me or does Ryan sound like “mr fugu” from chowder when doing the first joe voice?

  • Ryan in himself could really be a whole horror game 🎮💀

    • Is that a complement or an insult

    • @Zombotrombo that’s not how an insult sounds.

  • Me:see's intro Also Me saying : Jep, you've played to many horror games

    • Taki Seoul Atleast try to be nice.

    • Taki Seoul no do not delete it CUZ ITS A BOT

    • *J E P*

    • @Spama also can be read as yep

  • Ryans editing is underrated

  • Admire Ryan's editing passion.

  • The first game was so good. It looks like it could become a full game.

  • your intros never fail to amuse me man 😭 great every time

  • I actually find this more scary then a actual horror game

  • The intro was scarier than all the games and I'm living for it

  • Hey thanks for playing The Interview, Ryan. The cutout scared me a lot when I was making the game. Hope all is well!

  • Love the content Ryan, thanks for making these vids :)

  • Got to admit, that intro was well done 👌

  • Well good thing we're all used to Ryan's intros Also a moment of silence for the new lads and lasses who where defeated by it

  • “So we’ll leave that draw- AHHHH” Not gonna lie I jumped too

    • it really got me even having seen this comment lmao

    • Me too I just read this comment as well

  • The 1st game was for real just plain out disgusting. I really really hate dirt and weird demonic stuff too.

  • We need a full playthrough of Jo's House because it's pretty hilarious.

  • This guy is so funny, that he can't be scary if he tried!

  • Honestly Ryan doing a normal intro is probably the most abnormal one he did so far

  • Keep up the vids Ryan. But don’t forget if you need a break take it for your health take it alright. Hope you have a great weekend and day.

  • You don't know how much I'm binge watching you. Can't believe it took me this long to find you and subscribe 💕

  • Thanks Ryan , you made my day everyday , thankyou .

  • 0:23 This intro proves that Ryan is a animatronic and needs his own horror game!

  • Aye Ryan love the video man keep up that good work, I don’t see much behind the camera of you, but it take a lot of strength to keep workin this hard, and keep going during COVID.

  • I will always love 3RG you're so funny!

  • I love when he uses Deadly Premonition music in his edits man. That's some good nostalgia

  • Ryan is getting really creative with his intro

  • 9:17 Ryan: This far in my career, cardboard cutouts scare me. Get outta here! Me: *getting bendy and the ink machine vibes*

  • That cardboard cutout actually scared me too. I'm mad

  • HELLO guys and I'm glad you all have great taste in watching a quality ID-tvr. Ryan is hands down the best one.

  • that was an amazing intro, like damn your edits are peak!

  • Y'all should watch Dashie playing the human bowling ball thing

  • This is great video and the quality video that deserves and 11 out of 10. Great job, have an up vote

  • well... the intro was kinda creepy this time. congrats you did it 👏👏

  • Ryan is the master of intros no cap

  • Finally some indie horror games

  • Thank you joel for showing me this masterpiece.

  • I swear it’s been so long since a 3RG I’ve watched every single one from the first till this one multiple times coz this series is amazing

  • Intro as unique as ever...perhaps lets keep it as an intro

  • When u haven't eve watched the video and u only saw the thumbnail: That thumbnail looks lovely sir 👌 chefs kiss 10/10

  • when 3rg drops I usually watch and it makes me feel warm inside

  • What.... was that intro? Absolutely amazing and terrifying!

  • Probably the creepiest intro he’s done

  • Okay that intro was actually really disturbing good job Ryan.

  • Did you know ryan is always happy on his thumbnails

  • local boy reactivates an ancient demon by cleaning up the mold

  • Ryan: keeps turning handle *Breaks* Ryan: *Puts it away* Ryan: *Yeets the handle* Ryan: Ummm nothing to see here

  • Please I want a full playthrough of the last game!

  • I honestly think the intro was great, like most intros :D

  • 19:48 rolling like a ping pong ball made me laugh most 😆😂

  • 1:40 - The mold exorcist 5:45 - The interview 13:10 - Jo's house

  • Ryan: Makes a scary intro. Me: Ha, not even close. Comments: Where is big forehead Ryan? Me: **SCREAMS IN TERROR**

  • The intro was scarier than the actual game lol

  • Finally another comedy horror game

  • Are we gonna talk about how the house in Jo’s house is the same as the house tour simulator and PS5 simulator?

  • That intro was so good 👍

  • Everytime I watch your videos, I wonder how your hair looks so good 😂

  • The game showed for this videos teaser was part of John Wolfe's HQ Residential House Game Jam (if i'm not mistaken)

    • It is lol

    • Its also the same house used in house party (very old game)

  • Ryan: doesn't slap the 3rg logo on his head Me: my disappointment is imesurable and my day is ruined

  • Ryan I don’t think you understand how much I love you and your videos. I love you so much bro.💙

  • The 3rd game's house layout looks familiar doesn't it

  • Can we get three random intros for three random games? 🤣

  • Intro: Just so heavy couldn't walk he had to roll then his killing animation is rolling on his victims. How he eats is spilling his food. How he washes himself is jumping into a lake. How he is what he is is he is a bowling ball that can only roll to kill.

  • 12:40 Ryan the audiobook narrator

  • I love your vids so much! You make my day!

  • Idk why, but I can't wait for people to make a fangame about the characters that Ryan made from all intro he did wkwkwkwkkw

  • The intro was amazing!

  • Ok I've just realised that this one game with the human bowling ball has the same house than the '' Open House '' game

  • Ryan playing "The Interview": *Fails to notice when he "joins queue" falls through hole in floor with a bunch of boxes*

  • Doctor:gaster ryan doesn't exist he can't hert you Gaster ryan: 0:25

  • ryan you should do a 3 random games where you play the games people suggest

  • So did no one else notice that Jo’s house is basically the same house from that one real estate game???

  • you make great videos man

  • the games: here are the instructions good luck. Ryan: holy crap dude i wanted to play a game why am i reading an essay. LOL

  • That intro was perfect

  • Me: ok I’m going to Jo’s house now! Him: who’s Jo? Me:😏

  • Sicccc intro. I love your creativity. Also, been waiting for you to play Jo's house. 😂

  • Bro, Ryan needs to check out the NEO mod for Friday Night Funkin’. He would be so impressed :D

  • Jo looks so funny 😂

  • "we're at a point in my career, where a cardboard cut out is literally a jumpscare to me" Me: *flashbacks to Bendy and the Ink Machine*

  • I realized that Joe's house is very VERY simular to the open house house am I right

  • nobody: Me at night time hearing... bowling bowl noises: Oh shiiiiii

  • That was an amazing intro

  • That was the coolest intro ever

  • Nice to see ryan take off his camera filter in that intro

  • That opening is so awesome