The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

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Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5? Which game would you play on this gaming PC setup?
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The Chair -
The Monitor -
The Gaming PC -
(More info on gaming PC specs etc. in this video -
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  • Visit and use discount code “Unbox15”(letters in discount code ARE case sensitive) to get an Unbox 24hr exclusive of 15% off Arctis Pro + GameDAC:

  • This is more expensive than my house....

  • The game has 80fps

  • Unbox Therapy: Plays fortnite literally on 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Me : man I have achieved 20 fps

  • And then there's my pc....

  • you can either buy a new car or actually have a 30,000 Gaming setup honestly if you buy a bike then buy this you technically dont even need a car

  • This setup is so cool but using it for playing fortnite...

  • I get it. I'm poor. Leave me alone

  • *cries on broken pc that cant handle fortnite*

  • What is wheite of chair

  • U are the best

  • Bruh, can i have your life?

  • Yeh.. U have snack, ur have water cans freezer.. U have good relaxing sofa.. But still have one big weakness.. U don have urine box,where your urine is full...

  • Lmao it doesn’t matter what gaming pc you get you’ll still have the same skills and there is no difference.

  • hee is still noob

  • still ur noo

  • Imagine just seeing a classmate come with this to school

  • Today i realised how poor im😢

  • This remind me the fat people from the movie WALLIE

  • Rip electric bill

  • The Only reason that i don't own this Setup is the Mouspad is very small

  • 20years later flying setup 8190TB uses G fuel 92D graphics

  • please everybody stay safe threw this time keep away from that virus im losing money and everybody stay safe there is always hope love you all god will be with you


  • playing fortnight on that beast?! You just dont deserve it! lol

  • When you buy it to unbox it

  • If I had this , I would have forget how the Sun looks like.

  • Me watching this on my Xbox 2 feeling sad

  • Ninjas brand new set up is better

  • That guy that killed him in fortnite was named 2dicksinabut

  • No me alcanza ni para la comida :v

  • A get better at Fortnite

  • Get some skins on dat Fortnite account

  • Vim pelo sidão do game kkkkkkk

  • hmm I really wonder how practical this thing would be tho as a whole. Looks super comfy tho and definitely has a "next-level" feel to it. Would love to try it out.

  • I don't know why i kept thinking of that south park episode where they shit on themselves by not getting up while playing to Warcraft on pc

  • To be honest this set up is amazing But i also honestly think that you should have had one big curved screen than three

  • 30k for play fornite

  • What are rich people doing in life if they don’t already have this

  • This is stupid crazy... so shitty device for 30,000$

  • every time he finishes a sentence you feel more broke

  • Bruv he gets 80FPS on that. I get 240FPS on 1 monitor and my pc isn’t even as good as his. Wth

  • How is he only getting 80 fps?!😕

  • The rgb gives them the extra fps

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> BRUH I JUST REALIZED IM THE ONE WHO KILLED HIM! He’s trash btw

  • When his fortnite setup cost more than my car..

    • I just won $3000 from robertweb22 on Instagram wow........ Tell him he may help you

  • The guy in the vid has $30,000 setup Me has a 400 dollar gaming laptop with a 8 year old gaming mouse

  • It will always remain in my dream. BTW plz sub ms

  • Wow real expensive and creative

  • I could sit there a month the best thing in quarantine

  • a setup like this and he's still trash lol

  • Man I wish I could have it it's hlolly smokey love it bro 😎best setup ever seen

  • I like this gaming setup.

  • $30,000 setup: *Has no mouse room*

  • Imagine you buy a gaming PC for Roblox 😬

  • You buy a 30,000 gaming setup just to play fortnite with it wtf...

  • My mans said 60 FPS on pc

  • If I Had This $30,000 PC Setup I Will Never Leave my Room anymore............

  • 😖😣😫😩😔😔😔☹️🥺it cause to much i cant even buy a pc

  • No fcking wayyy that's awesome!!!

  • Can I have it?

  • Me:*cries with just a Windows 7 laptop*

  • Just wait 20 years, it will cost 50 dollars, and then I can finally afford it

  • arwesolme video sawag

  • your screens dont line up mate triggering af

  • 30.000$ setup can’t win one fortnite and can’t pay 10$ for a skin🤣

  • What is the use of this guy buying all those? Does he even play??

  • My cousin made one of these chairs for 1500 dollars

  • Imagine your parents destroying this

  • well. I want one.

  • Alodia a filipina streamer already have this lol and I'm jealous cuz the total gaming pc he bought is over 80000$

  • Unbox therapy u should not say that "I don't think u have" cuz some gamers will feel bad about this man

  • my head hurts

  • My Security Team is gonna LOVE me......

  • how can your eyes survive this ??

  • Rich Csgo Players: *AMATEUR*

  • This guy laugh when he dies in a game.

  • Me : *Got a normal laptop* This video : *Shows up* Me : *Im broke*

  • Hola MIGUEL 30,OOO $ Oooo Ok

  • Why would he never play games like minecraft, gta, call of duty but he play fortnite or sometings alse like mystery game sandbox and simulator minecraft is mystery game and create by notch and mojang.