Using Armor Stands To Kill Players

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There are a lot of Traps in this video

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  • How DARE YOU take my anvils!!

  • Rekrap is hunted more than clownpierce

  • rek has a 6th sense for traps

  • Really appreciate the effort for this video

  • Here's an idea for your next trap for clownpierce:

  • This is one of the best minecraft videos I've seen.

  • This SMP creates so much quality content, great work as always man

  • "Now this looks weird. We have amongus, amongus, amongus, amongus, and 50 more" BEST REKRAP2 QUOTE EVER

  • Everyone in the smp is so enjoyable i always love listening to it you guys always have stuff do you its just amazing.

  • you probably are one of the most underated youtuber ive seen so far ,you deserve 1 mil subs

  • You were lucky this time rekrap, next time not so much

  • Hey Rekrap, that base you found, was I believe Parrot's old base. That base is also where a certain skeleton horse was stolen.

  • What a video. I came across your channel about a month ago and now you never fail to entertain me! Your channel is amazing Rek!

  • Everyone else: We need a new ore hunt!

  • been watching your videos since 10k when you use to make videos on hermitcraft and to watch your growth is absolutely insane and extremely inspiring man. i have to say as a youtuber you probably are my biggest inspiration to keep grinding man thank you so much!!!

  • Can we all appreciate for the effort for this video! This was so epic

  • Your editing is so insane! I love this series <3

  • This is just SO amazing, Rek. Keep it up!

  • Lifesteal has really gotten alot more chaotic since the start lol

  • It's always a good day when Rekrap uploads!