Theresa May on Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Okt 2019
Theresa May says she feels a sense of deja vu in the House of Commons today.
The former Prime Minister stood up in Parliament to tell of her belief in delivering Brexit. She said she wanted to rebel against those who don't want to deliver Brexit. She went on to comment on the Labour Party front bench saying "now is their chance to show whether they really care about the people".
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  • Is she the one ordering Agent 47 to assasinate people around? Because she sounds like it 😂

  • I can't watch videos of the UK parliament without feeling like I'm watching a parody or something. It's just so... not what I imagine the UK to be like. I expect them to be uptight and formal. Not this.

  • I didn’t know Theresa May quit until a few days ago!

  • Piss off May!

  • mayday hag and bojo the weirdo - both a pile of rightwing failure 💩💩💩💩

  • I realise I'm alone out here. I think she's absolutely awesome. Flawed, yes, but I genuinely like her 🙈 she's infinitely better than Johnson

  • I don't believe a word that comes out of this MP's mouth... Their is something rotten in the State of our Parliament....Most of these MP's shame their office and shame our County. Ealing Films should make a movie about the House Of Snakes ''Carry On Treason''

  • I thought she may have lost some of her sex appeal since stepping down, she hasn't, her former position of power made her so hot to me, a 28 year old lad, so hot, maybe I'm in some cooling off period but I would still have a ruddy good go on her if she was up for it!

  • House off common mps are useless ..using our money..doing nothing for us ..labour get lost please and snp

  • More typical BS, with the same buzz words coming out the old trout's mouth. She's still pretending she believes in British independence!? She's the whole reason we're in this crap!

  • Theresa Mary May (née Brasier; born 1 October 1956) is a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 2016 to 2019. May served as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016 and has been Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. Ideologically, she identifies herself as a one-nation conservative. May grew up in Oxfordshire and attended St Hugh's College, Oxford. After graduating in 1977, she worked at the Bank of England and the Association for Payment Clearing Services. She also served as a councillor for Durnsford in Merton. After two unsuccessful attempts to be elected to the House of Commons, she was elected as the MP for Maidenhead in 1997. From 1999 to 2010, May held a number of roles in Shadow Cabinets. She was also Chairwoman of the Conservative Party from 2002 to 2003. When the coalition government was formed after the 2010 general election, May was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, but gave up the latter role in 2012. Reappointed after the Conservative success in the 2015 general election, she became the longest-serving home secretary in over 60 years. During her tenure, she pursued reform of the Police Federation, implemented a harder line on drugs policy (including the banning of khat), oversaw the introduction of elected Police and Crime Commissioners, the deportation of Abu Qatada, the creation of the National Crime Agency, and brought in additional restrictions on immigration. After David Cameron resigned, May was elected Conservative Party leader and became the UK's second female Prime Minister. She began the process of withdrawing the UK from the European Union, triggering Article 50 in March 2017. The following month, she announced a snap general election, with the aims of strengthening her hand in Brexit negotiations and highlighting her "strong and stable" leadership. This resulted in a hung parliament, in which the number of Conservative seats fell from 330 to 317, despite the party winning its highest vote share since 1983. The loss of an overall majority prompted her to enter a confidence and supply arrangement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to support a minority government. May survived a vote of no confidence from Conservative MPs in December 2018 and a Parliamentary vote of no confidence in January 2019. She carried out the Brexit negotiations with the European Union, adhering to the Chequers Agreement, which resulted in the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Versions of this agreement were rejected by Parliament three times. Unable to get this passed, she resigned and was succeeded by Boris Johnson, although remained in the House of Commons as a backbencher.

  • This woman is really kind. She could have been as cruel to PM Boris as he was cruel to her when she was PM. Yet she continues to encourage and support him as he keeps losing votes. Well done PM May for showing Boris how to be decent to people!

  • Enough of this ! Brexit means Brexit and Leave means Leave !

  • The place is insane and ridiculous . Ppl laughing and yea-hhing all the time regardless it should be a sacred place.

  • Oh please. We want no more Maybot. She was useless!

  • Meh. If I was an MP I would reject the deal

  • discussion is not call for,this woman is out of seat an no longer prime minister

  • 2.50. U can't have a 2nd referendum simply because some people dont agree with the result of the 1st.' Pearls of wisdom right there!!

  • What are the new terms and conditions of that deal and just how much is this deal going to cost the taxpayers

  • OUIoui MAMA may 8th grad Teacher 100% BREXIT is MORE love ❤️ for EUROPE means SAFFER LESS energy spent Lesser thans left OUT like ME ? A+ teacher whole class 100% TRUE MAJIC I was educated Like queen of ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 reason eyes TEC savy In was attacked for doing so greate 100% ?< see 100% Hourse Tecnology Durable goods Creates weaLth across du TERRA numbers brains GARY 100%. Lesser thans is your country stand UP leap FROG 🐸 BREXIT JUNKER say YES. Room GROW TRAVAL open QCA Edison JR Lets BUILD a HOCKEY TEAM care FOR WE BREXIT GANON MEXICO 🇲🇽 DEAL OUIoui

  • If May speaks for the Deal, it is time to reject it. Better to leave without a deal.

  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, yeaaaaaaaaaaah, yeaaaaaaaaaaah. do they never completly shut up when someone's talking. it's werd.


  • Yeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeayeya Yeayeayeayeyaeyaeyaeyaeyayea Yeayeayeayeyayeayeyaeya Yeyaeyaeyaeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayey Yeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayeyayehayeyayeyayey Yeahhhhhhhhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Theresa should sit down and shut up, she had her chance and she couldn't get a proper deal done.

  • The United Kingdom should leave the European Union on the 31st of October with either Prime minister Boris Johnson's deal or no deal. We've had enough

  • Well said Theresa May

  • May likes Boris’s deal. Because it’s almost identical to her Surrender Treaty.

  • Except I don't want a deal. And I don't think anyone does.

  • This deal seems to be May's deal Mk4 and as such will be defeated if MP's apply the same criteria as before. All the incarnations have strings attached and have all the disadvantages of EU membership and few advantages. With this deal we would be better off not leaving, and at least we would have a say in future EU legislation, which might still apply to us when we trade with the EU after we leave.

  • Well wages will fall down even for does in parliament after brexit thats the thing 😂😂😂😂 ofcourse that money gonna be cut

  • An mp who doesn't lien referenda doesn't like what the actual people of the country think. There is an issue when your MP's, particularly an ex pm can say something like that.

  • clowns are at it again I see

  • I wonder if anybody voting in the referendum foresaw this:- I'm absolutely certain that the arch-brexitiers didn't. Nor did they realize that the taxes paid by the City of London kept the defunct towns fed and alive.


  • By the way

  • #youjustcanttrustatory It's a Tory government - always an egregious con-trick on the British people - it's their stock in trade.

  • Treacherous, revolting woman.

  • It's a who can talk the poshest competition

  • Racist May the worst UK ,PM in history.


  • I almost believe her,,,,

  • I always supported her and her deal. She just lacks charisma and couldn’t explain why her deal was OK (not amazing but ok...). She lost by a giant gap. Now Boris has got almost the same deal (some day worse) and he’ll get it passed in the first attempt. That’s the reason for this Sir Oliver guy amendment - to delay the vote cause he knows that it will pass. Give her some credit

    • sam wright I sadly agree

    • the reason bojo deal has a chance is because , every time she try to get brexit done, he would stabbed her in the back with his wrecking gang the ERG/DUP she needed their vote, he did it to to cheat his way to the PM job, he promise the ERG/ dup stuff, and got a bad deal for the country, sold the DUP down the river , because he could not get what they wanted

  • Let's ask if Bob the Builder can BreFIX it haha!

  • Democracy is Dead

  • tm = christian who persecutes.

  • Funny watching this from New Zealand. My grand dad and many other kiwi grand dad's fought to save the country in WW2. Now its a complete mess. It's a shame because its a beautiful country.


  • If labour are about worker rights, why do they want to rely on the EU to ensure that? They shall try and win the elections and do it themselves....

  • Could anyone remix this 1:43 and G-Eazy - I Mean It

  • TreasonMay

  • Is it really true that the British people still want to leave the EU? If the referendum were flawed to begin with, is marching on regardless truly "keeping faith with the British people?" I am only observing this from another country, but what's the harm in a second referendum now that so much more is known? I get the slippery slope argument (why not a 3rd or 4th referendum etc...but this was a perturbation caused by new social media forces et al that should be acknowledged and addressed IMO. And the same with our bizarre presidential election of 2016 here in the US. Personally I don't think we should ever have inaugurated Trump on the basis of a massively flawed election.

  • I understood that reduced individual memory span was a sign of illness, but collective impairment ? What are they putting in the House of Commons tea ? This woman is useless, she has proven that. Remember ?

  • Nicely put TM

  • Boris Johnson was always not going to be perfect but better than T May, because men always are.


  • We've already voted and we voted to come out - so what is everyone dithering about? Get us the frack out!

  • Teresa May, the biggest traitor in Parliament.

  • It was game over for super Saturday, right there when Theresa May got up to speak. Anything she touches, is jinxed. Boris is doomed even the courts are going to berate him over the next coming weeks n months. Tories are flogging a dead horse in Boris.

  • Sharpen your pitch folks

  • Ah, the old 'national interest first' line. When in reality, the majority opposes such a ridiculously dangerous move. Same thing happens in America.

  • We want to deliver Brexit, but neither Johnsons deal, and certainly not Mays deal, was a true Brexit!. The EU will still dictate the trade deals that we can make with other countries around the world, and they will still enter our fishing waters with impunity. We are never ever going to free ourselves of them!

  • Still a vile Tory.. They stick together like sh1t on a blanket. Horrid...

    • attack policies by all means - not the persons

    • Tribal hate spirit ..... the nutter sort that gunned down an MP. If u cant speak with decency then dont bother