This chemical really doesn't want to exist

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Cleanup video on my other channel, NileBlue:
For this video, I make a chemical called manganese heptoxide, which is an unstable and strong oxidizer. It looks for any excuse to decompose and it reacts violently with most organic things. I tested it on a few things like cotton balls and paper, as well as solvents like acetone and ethanol. I also tried firing a small liquid rocket with it.

Hexamine clip:

Nile talks about lab safety:



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  • Im in this video and dont like it.

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  • Bla bla bla try this at home (don’t realy onless you wanna be in a fbi watch list)

  • Your just making a incendiary anti tank grenades in a nutshell

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  • Hey Nile, where do you get your chemicals from? And how do you go about not setting off alarms when buying some of your lab supplies online?

  • The best tittle ever

  • 7:36 ethnl and MgO⁷ explosion slomo is animated

  • (manganese) heptoxide in the subtitles killed me

  • WHY DID I DISCOVER THIS CHANNEL JUST NOW?! I recently became fascinated with Chemistry and watching these videos arouses my curiosity further

  • Me too, chemical... Me too...

  • 2:06 I have never related to something this much

  • "Chemical doesn't want to exist" Maybe... I am a chemical

  • lol if you covered a plate/card very carefully with it a chilled it, you could use these as contact grenades

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  • 9:07 did you just blow up a Minecraft spider?

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  • 'anything happens' Heptoxide: *EXPLODE*

  • Nile: makes maganese heptoxide and puts it in some paper towels Also nile: "What is it gonna do? fly-" *big explosion in the background*

  • "This Chemical Really Doesent Want To Exist" *Same Chemical, Same...*

  • For Anime afficionadoes... "I'll take a potato chip and HOLY CRAP!!! That escalated fast........

  • imagine the two popular boys of your school pull a bucket over the door prank but with manganese heptoxide 🔥🧍‍♀️🔥

  • He just showed us how to make a bomb, so enjoy being on the fbi watchlist.

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  • You Can Make Long Videos So That We Can Understand Easily!

  • The delayed reaction you were testing was like a ticking time bomb.

  • Mood

  • 3:15 "But they're to heavy to float around-" *That one speck in the center: WOOSH*

  • “This chemical really doesn’t want to exist” Can relate

  • thats the dirtiest and scariest fire i've seen so far.

  • Nile: *[ Expirements with explosions and fire ]* His Pipette: 😐

  • Cotton Ball: *[ Grazes Manganese Heptoxide ]* Manganese Heptoxide: And I took that personally,

  • my cousin, biologist and chemist, ended up aging 30 years after working for his company.

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  • Subtitles: Reaction Sounds (You can see this at 2:53 with subtitles on)

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  • 7:18 "For the next one, I did it with 95% Ethanol, which was just another solvent I had on hand." *Ah, yes. The Ethanol that most has on hand. Of course.*


  • What the teachers mean when they ask for a volcano project:

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  • Maybe I'm this chemical

  • 5:46 rlly got me jumped NGL I ALMOST DIED

  • When he’s sticking the pipet in the flame and it catches on fire how come it doesn’t explode because the liquid inside is flammable? You’d think the flame would travel up the tube.

  • Deuterium-depleted water episode please sir

  • Does it taste good?

  • I wonder what would happen if Manganese Heptoxide, Nitroglycerin, Thermite, and magnesium were all mixed at the same time...

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  • Our high school inspected the fume hood recently and found out it vented into the room next door ;|

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