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  • *What this comment section is :* - Who are these people and why are they on trending? - The rainforest is on fire so it should trending instead of this. - Congrats on the baby. - Fake family this is disgusting. _People this is youtube where anything can be on trending. Just because that fire ain’t on here doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t know about it._ 🤦‍♂️

  • KEEP AMERICA GREAT! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  • How is this top trending Why do people care if the baby is a boy or a girl It’s not your baby

  • So, who are these people, and why so many views? Must be the music industry with all the $$$ they spent just on the reveal! We just waited until they were born to reveal their gender!

  • Hey you, Smell my Butt!!

  • Fucking spastics

  • 8:52

  • Because they are he same height when she went to kids him she looked bigger like his mamma

  • Monday was my uncles funeral😭

  • Fuck these fake people You stupid kids watching go outside stop living through this fake people

  • There’s 3 videos that are gender reveal that are trending. It’s annoying

  • Why do burgers have gender reveal parties

  • If i meet your daughter ill teach her how to fight



  • Aweee congrats ♥️s 😭😭😭🤗

  • 1 on trending

  • Guess you bought subbies and views because it seems not a mutha knows who TF you all are 😂😂

  • Awwww congrats

  • This should note be trending, the Amazon rain forest is burning and should be the thing that gets attention!

  • Most of the poeple in the comments need to go and watch the news.... I know your confusing ID-tv for channel 4

  • I can assure you i don't give a shit about your stupid life

  • Fgtjkfrdddcvvvf Vickukh Aa🎤🎮🎧🏊🏿💦🌊 Please P Y

  • Are you for real?? This is trending instead of the Amazon rain forest burning, im from Brazil and that shit affected our city, our hospitals are flooding with children and elders who cant breath due to the massive smoke, im also at the hospital becouse i was barley able to breath, our animals are dying, our plants are burning, our planet is dying, we need to do something to stop this before its too late! #SaveAmazon

  • I never watched any of these ppls videos before and still cried 😭😭😊😂 beautiful!


  • fake marrage

  • I would name my boy cassian and my girl nevaeh

  • Your lucky pewdiepie didn’t make a vid

  • Someone please help. What do you do if your cringe face gets stuck and won't go away? I tried clicking off the video but nothing happened.

  • CONGRATULATIONS peace and blessings

  • Might look like the happiest family from the outside but they arent happy. They have to show materialistic shit in each others face just to appreciate something like having a child. Sickening

  • Everyone keeps commenting asking why they’re trending like they didn’t watch the whole video

  • Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one’s views and trying to make it objectified, And by considering each and everyone’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  • This really shouldn't be trending, the rain forest is burning and this shit is trending?! Are you fucking serious?? The animals are going extinct, plants are dying and this is the shit y'all give about?!? The Amazonia Rain forest are the earth lung's, our earth lungs are burning, our planet is dying! #SaveAmazonia #SaveAmazonia #SaveAmazonia #SaveAmazonia

  • Why are the people there including the parents to be didn't want it to be a girl? ARE GIRLS NOT HUMANS TOO?. I feel sorry for this baby already she doesn't deserve this. Yikes. Another girl and so? What about those who have 8 boys?

  • How short sighted, there's no way I can congratulate you when this clearly serves as a platform to brag bout your wealth.

  • This is what's on trending? Gender should be non binary, since the baby is already a corporate product of this new age of reality TV Vlog bullshit that has been poisoning this platform. Fuck these people and fuck all of their braindead Stan's, don't fucking @ me you subhuman troglodytes

  • Girls run in the family 💛

  • Who gives a shit about these guys what about pewdiepie

  • Why was this wanting a rating from me???

  • This video is #1 trending woohoo

  • Why didn't she go comfort her man? She ran straight to the car lol


  • It's not just any video, It's an L&S video.

  • Why the hell is this trash on trending?

  • yeaaaa u r #1 on trending

  • Omg congrats I swear I thought it’s was going to be a boy but I love y’all so much😍😍❤️💕🥰😭😭😭

  • That bitch looks like shes about to fuck another guy in the first week, anyway this lame ass video got pressed by accident I don’t watch stupid shit like this, FUCK YOU ALL!!

  • This shouldn't be trending, the Amazonia Rain Forest should, why? Becouse its on fire, the Earth Lung's are on fire! #SaveAmazonia #SaveAmazonia #SaveAmazonia #SaveAmazonia #SaveAmazonia

  • These ppl are soo fake it hurts

  • Clown ass looking dude. Never trust no one that can’t close they mouth. Plus they ugly asfuxck so don’t matter.

  • This shit is a fucking joke. That austin fucker will ALWAYS make it bout himself. Fucked up family. I hope the worst for em all

  • Omg!! Another girl congratulations it I really wanted you guys to have the boy !! 😭☺️but congrats!!!🎉🎈🎊

  • Are you joking?! This is trending instead of the fires in amazon, the Amazon is the hous of animals, plants and 20% of the oxygen, the animals are going extinct, the plants are dying, the our oxygen is being destroyed, and this the thing people care about, for fuck sake humanity

  • Wats the name of tht track!?

  • Man, me and my tias plan a better baby shower than this lol. I felt mad awkward watching this and I know i would've been hella bored to be there

  • The father wanted a boy

  • These people fake asf, plus they are trending instead of the massive fire in the rain forest, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? The earth's lung's are BURNING, AND THIS IS TRENDING!??!

  • Just here to say hate these people .. after faking all the shit they have

  • First of all. It's not yours

  • Are you fucking serious!? This is trending INSTEAD OF THE FUCKING RAIN FOREST, its on fucking fire and this is trending..ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?

  • #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest #AmazonRainforest

  • What if the baby identifies as non-binary or gender fluid?

  • Aaah more people that fronts and are full of of them selfs. Those people are social media cancer. I hate when they put this on my recommended😒

  • Who are these people and why are they trending??? Don't care!!!

  • Why is this trending? I have nothing against this person, but i feel like the Earth lungs burning is more important

  • Who even are these people and why are they on trending?

  • why is everyone so upset I’m so happy for them yessss don’t blame them because it’s trending

    • Im pretty sure most of us are upset that this is gaining more attention then the Rain Forest burning, mind you the Amazonia rain forest is the biggest forest on earth and brings us oxygen

  • They just started doing ultrasounds when I was pregnant with my first child. 1980. So there was never these gender reveal parties. We were also broke. People didn't have this kind of money. You are fortunate. I don't say blessed because I don't believe God blesses some and not others. Congrats!

  • Congrats guys! She will be such a beautiful baby 👶

  • Karla 7.23

  • How did this garbage and this fairy end up on my feed. Get it together youtube.

  • So fake people trying to be nice!

  • I swear it’s annoying when people cry over irrelevant shit that’s not even emotional🙄

  • Who are these people and how the nut did they manage to get #1 trending

  • J(‘

  • 8:51 it’s a girl🙄

  • Was it a boy or a girl cuz nigga I’m not about to watch this bullshit