This is why we believe... (w/ GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot)

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Sam and Colby took Minecraft youtubers GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot from the Dream SMP ghost hunting overnight at Ireland's Alcatraz, aka Spike Island. The Shadow figures and evidence captured at this haunted, scary prison is what made George and Wilbur believe just a little bit more..

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This is why we believe... (w/ GeorgeNotFound & Wilbur Soot) | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby


  • Huge thanks to George and Wilbur for coming out! Who do you think was more scared haha? ALSO we just dropped NEW MERCH out today!

    • i don’t see the sweater sams wearing on the website 😢😢😢

    • We need a Karl Jacobs and Nolan handson ghost vid plz sam and colby

    • Please collab with Quackity🤣

    • Yay I need to buy some

  • Wilbur: “I don’t believe in ghosts.” Wilbur: knows a lot about ghosts and explains it to everyone while being somewhat respectful to the spirits

    • @Ruben Geenen It is spelt Ghostburr

    • Does a full video abt a haunted doll

    • Lol yes bro 😂

    • He likes to research things just to know them and educate himself

    • @Moonchild Fairy i was thinking this.. he has said a few times in the past that he doesn’t believe in them but he’s done multiple things regarding paranormal existence ( eg. the doll tommyinnit had )

  • Wilbur: *skeptical about ghosts* Ghostbur: ….am I a joke to you?

  • George actually scared the crap out of me at 45:31 😂

  • I would genuinely love to watch Wilbur be part of more of these. I love the fact he’s a sceptic and tries to prove that things aren’t paranormal. Because every time he can’t find a solution, I feel as though it gives better evidence than EMF just going off. Because it could be dozens of different things setting it off. Wilbur would be a good investigator.

  • Wilbur: "We're not scared." Visibly shivers. "Give us another sign." Also Wilbur: "Is it just me or me and George?" "I couldn't do it on my own." Also Wilbur: 49:00 Scared of a mannequin but plays off his fear by swinging his sword speed walking away. Seeing Wilbur so gosh darn uncomfortable in a creepy area surrounded by limestone with only a light up minecraft sword to protect him is worth every second! XD George just being all in the moment with out fear of his actions is a stark contrast to Wilbur's fear. Jumping in fright at every mannequin they come across lol.

  • Wilbur: Doesn't believe in ghosts Also Wilbur: Knows almost everything about ghosts

    • Hey so I got the perfect lyric to a song that matches the comment that I’m commenting on so here’s the lyric “there’s a side to you that I never knew never knew” so yeah that’s all I’m not trying to waste your time or anything but have a good day or night!!

    • @It's a Rui-Fan omg he is lol

    • @the streaming bros true

    • @Ashley Allen lol

    • lollllll

  • I'm giving Wilbur a clap because he told the ghost goodbye and the other's where just like bye. Wilbur really didn't want his house haunted lol

  • Willbuir isn't lying of not believeing in the start while communicating with ghosts perfectly, he's just a gentleman.

  • I genuinely got chills when wilbur did the estes method. that was so terrifying D:

  • The ghost are probably scared, angry, and confused because George and Wilbur are mainly the ones asking the question or holding the EMF from them being British but polite to the ghosts

  • Wilbur being respectful to literally anyone EVEN GHOSTS is so wholesome

    • He probably just didn't want to live in a house with "uninvited guests" so he's beong polite

    • It was so sweet, at 27:36, when he was so kindly bidding the ghost/s farewell. he is so sweet and respectful of anyone he meets.

    • 🤓

    • @Peniley Majorey he doesn’t really say that unless asked

    • This is probably the first time I seen Wilbur not say that he is a musician and he quit college to be a musician but play minecraft . He kept saying that shlt over and over and over and over again 💀

  • Wilbur wasn't scared in the beginning because he's played phasmophobia so many times lol also I would love to see more Wilbur and George on the channel or anyone else from the Dream smp like Karl and or Tommy lol

    • Oh god why can I picture Tommy gettin scared shitless by almost everything and latch onto the closest person and not let go xD

  • I love that they're not that scared of ghosts, but spiders and bats: deadly 💀

  • Bring George and Wilbur to the conjuring house!!! Or the Sallie house, I'd love to see their reactions to the experiences those places have to offer!

  • willbur:"i dont belive in ghosts" ghostur:

  • why is no-one else talking about how George is probably the only person who can walk into a haunted prison with a balenciaga hoodie Edit:thanks for the likes!

    • @SpiritEntity 40 year old men don’t comment on videos ?

    • @SpiritEntity this my dads account im 11

    • Slay

    • @SpiritEntity 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • My favourite Wilbur clips✨ 51:34 Wilbur: you first I'm scared 51:45 Wilbur:no, I'm scared 51:52 Wilbur: I don't want to at all

  • I Felt Bad for George he looked actually terrified! The poor man, Wilbur seemed so relaxed intill he had to go with George into the abandoned cells. If you Ever come to Arkansas there are multiple haunted locations. Such as Eureka Springs. Just a place i thought i'd mention.

  • Wilbur demanding they leave after the ghosts told them to go is so cute

  • I love how George looks so lost and confused most of the time... Dont know what's going on in his mind xD

  • Wilbur saying he's a sceptic and doesn't believe Also Wilbur being a perfect Ghost investigator like he's done this for 20 years

    • He played a lot of Phasmaphobia

    • Not wrong

    • He's a ghost hunter

    • In the smp he is a ghost himself 🤣

    • i feel like he might have played some phasmophobia lmfao

  • Wilber is so fearless I feel like he would fight tooth and nail with a ghost just for the fun of it

  • This is one of the coolest ghost hunting type videos I've seen. So much stuff happened, I don't know how will and george don't believe 100% lol

  • I love how George is probably a person who can walk into a haunted area and look good then come out and look terrifying 🐒

  • wilbur just walking through the tunnels with so much confidence is moving lol

  • Will: I'm a sceptic Also will: Pratically has a degree in ghost hunting

  • i think that having a skeptic with you guys really makes the hunting alot more interesting. would love to see another colab

  • I love how Wil is a skeptic but doesn't ruin the video for anyone else ❤️

  • As someone who has been watching Wilbur for years and knowing how skeptical he is of ghosts, seeing him a bit more open to the idea of them being real makes me believe even more in all the paranormal.

  • I love how they are more scared of spiders than the ghosts

  • Will: doesn’t believe in ghosts Also Will:literally exorcised a demon doll and knows every little thing about them Edit:R.I.P Uncle Nasty

    • 🤔 when Wilbur is sus

    • @YURI it was not this video it was a stream a few months ago... you should be able to find it on yt


    • Uncle nasty :( ALSO TRUEEE

    • @Sheixoe what doll? is that from another video? cuz I dont recall seeing him exorcise a doll in this video llol

  • See if Will is scared then I know that is’t bad, when Will said that the “most haunted part” liked the scariest so far my heart literally started racing and all my mind was saying was ‘It’s ok because he still does streams, if he didn’t do streams then something happened but he does so it’s fine.’ So I could be right unless Will is dead and that is some kind of robot that we watch today.

  • I love that Sam and Colby are more scared of spiders than ghosts and demons

  • Wilbur: I don't believe in ghosts Also Wilbur: *performs an exorcism on a doll*

  • I love that they were freaking out more about the spiders/bats/woodlice than the actual ghosts 🤣🤣

  • I love how respectful Wilbur is while speaking to entities he doesn’t even believe exist lol

    • @ricardo avacado each to their own beliefs

    • @Aaron Medina I CAN KINDA SEE IT

    • If there were spirits of prisoners they wouldn't even be able to understand him ☠️

    • Here finally

    • because they don't exist

  • I’m sorry, the fact that they seemed more scared by the spider then the rest of the prison 😂

  • 43:58 The way wilbers voice broke, you can tell he was terrified

  • Dude you have no idea how cool it is seeing Sam and Colby as ID-tvrs I started watching in my childhood to now being 18 and watching Wilbur for like 2 years. Its like unreal seeing them in the same video

  • I've been watching these all day and i am in love with them all. Colby is amazing and sam is funny

  • For someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts, he really knows how to speak to them

    • @Tiffany :O

    • It’s like speaking to another person, just they can’t see-

    • Continuing this where the hell is it??

    • @Tiffany :0


  • I like to imagine the ghosts having a blast with making the guys freak out over and emf reader lol

  • You know it's gonna be good when it's a scary thing and has Wilbur.

  • Then: "were not scared" Colby, hiding in the door way: Nope- I'm hella scared-

  • “Imagine being sent to an island just for stealing food and trying to keep yourself alive.” Me an Australian with convict ancestors whose crimes were stealing bread: yeah wow imagine that.

  • I like how George looks genuinely interested when everyone else is being weird lol

    • I would love if Tommyinit or Quackity should really collaborate with sam and colby!!

    • That is probably why, but Wilbur was also the one who didn't believe in ghosts more than George.

    • @Seltak nope

    • @Inject Have you seen the cancel culture? The shit's scary.

    • @Seltak doesn’t matter, tommy told him not to post the video of him exposing him because he knows he’s right. I will never respect him

  • Me: hears Sam and Colby saying the prison they are at is the biggest prison in the uk. Also me: "Hold up. Wait a minuet, something isn't right! I live in England in the UK, I have never heard of this prison in my life and I hope I don't learn about this in one of my history lessons. This looks like a history lesson so thx for giving me a history lesson, you guys are the best."

  • Wilbur: *sees a moving figure he can’t explain. Is scared to go anywhere alone* Also Wilbur: I don’t believe it.

  • 45:25 George. You scared the crap out of so many of us Also 46:55 ey back in their natural terrain 49:03 is scary. 50:19 a small break from the madness. 51:34 is something.

    • 49:01 Tht mannequin scared the living crap out

  • I deeply appreciate the hard effort you put into these videos and that your still doing it for us. I subscribed 😊

  • Wilbur is the kind of guy to see a ghost and ask: "is anyone going to eat that?" And not wait for an answer.

    • @Jasmin Anglin Y'all really said "uno reverse card"

    • @sye Wdym Dream stan lmao

    • Here finally

    • @sye frrr ok ima stop commenting now

    • Y’all dream Stan’s are sum else..

  • This is amazing bro, the fact that you can make human-inhuman contact is unreal. I have seen a lot of THINGS in my lifetime and due to this I would love to go into paranormal activity when I'm older. Btw loves you guys and can Youse please do another video with call me kris- loved it so much. Keep being amazing xx.

  • Them being more terrified of the "giant" spiders than the ghost is hilarious (Btw i live in Australia so those spiders were nothing)

  • Wilbur: I don’t believe in ghosts Also Wilbur: *ghostbur*

  • And this everyone, is why I am scared of old buildings and why my parents think I’m crazy.

  • Wilbur not wanting to anger the ghosts and just wants them to be comfy is so wholesome

    • Life isn't quite what I thiught I'd be When I was a kid on voip I thought when I get older I'd marry her. I told her Now im 26 and im forced to be in this haunted prison

    • @Bless Kurunai while I 100% agree with your point, there's a theory that not all ghosts are sentient or even able to respond. The theory is that some hauntings are residual, just like a tape recording on loop. supposedly the walls, stones, or other objects near a traumatic event "record" the even and "replay" it under certain circumstances.

    • @Bless Kurunai And to also bring two british men, who are the reason they suffered and died there in the first place

    • @Bless Kurunai Yeah, I wouuldn't blame a ghost for getting upset. They likely won't want to talk about something traumatic and the questions can be intrusive. And all just amuse them? No, I'd feel like my life and death was being taken as a joke.

  • Have been a fan of you 2 and Wilbur since like 2018, it's the collab I never knew I needed

  • I just want to know how Wilbur is so calm during this. I would be terrified if I did this.

  • How am I from Ireland and I didn't even know this place existed? I'm learning so much hahaha Love you 4 together 💚

  • I genuinely have never seen such an active place before. I’ve seen hundreds of videos but this one takes the cake. Especially the end when the conversation back and forth made sense

  • Sure we’ve been scared, terrified, even! But the true horror… is Wilbur’s phone being on light-mode🤨

    • Yah, who in their right mind puts their phone on LIGHT MODE?!

    • FR FR

    • @Blup_ thanks that all I could focus on!

    • So true-

    • @Blup_ Thank you lol. Also I think it looks like ID-tv

  • This is literally me and my friends when we went to a haunted house 😂

  • I love how they're more scared of the pigeons, spiders and bat than the ghosts

  • the fact I'm getting more goosebumps from the spiders than from the ghost activities

  • Wilbur soot: *doesn't believes in ghosts* also Wilbur soot: *does an exorcism on a doll*

  • Wilbur: *doesn’t believe in ghosts* Also Wilbur: *performs an exorcism on Tommy’s doll*

    • UNCLE NASTY!!!!

    • Lmao

    • being a skeptic doesnt mean you cant enjoy ghost hunting and be interested in it wilbur has said before plenty of times that he finds ghost hunting interesting and fun , and has done ghost hunting things before on stream n such . he just doesnt believe in ghosts - u can see in the video that he like . respects the ghosts and their wants , even if he thinks theyre most likely not real and not there . also ghost encounters n shit can be rlly interesting for psychological stuff too , not just ghosts . all of it is just fun n interesting - like im a skeptic similar to wilbur where i find the ghost hunting stuff fun and rlly interesting , whether if it was actually ghosts or just psychology - and where i would (hypothetically since ive never actually ghost hunted or had paranormal experiences) respect the supposed ghosts' wants . i just find it interesting , even if i dont believe its necessarily _ghosts_ wilbur just likes ghost hunting (and just ghost and spirit or whatever related stuff in general too ig , like exorcism lmao) . he can enjoy the experience without believing any of it being actual ghosts or whatever

    • That’s what I was thinking

    • lol true

  • I'd go to gorgeous and Wilbers to find their friend who passed with his father's permission, of course. I think a lot of people would love to hear from him again

  • A part 2 with Wilbur would definitely be great

  • Now during the Estes method, make sure to bring them back by tapping gently around/on them- Colby *does that to George* Wilbur *Big pats on shoulders* George *shits his pants from Wilbur's pats* ((I absolutely loved this, hope to see George and Wilbur again to seek more endermen/shadowmen in the future

  • Did anyone else see an inhumane looking figure behind Wilbur when they left one of the places?

  • wilbur: "Oh yeah i'm pretty skeptical, i don't really believe in ghosts." also wilbur: is the most respectful, knows how to address ghosts, knows the most about ghosts

    • 8:38 & 8:39 right behind/above Colby's head I thought I seen a head probably trippin 😂

    • Hebrews 12:14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 3:8-10 Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

    • *BLACKPINK - 'Pink Venom' will Drop Friday, 19th August | 12am EST*

    • @Kevin Garner I have no idea

  • What i love about Sam & Colby is the beginning of there videos its like the trailer of a horror movie

  • Will is the kind of person who believes in spirits but says "nuh uh" so he doesn't get scared.

  • It would be awesome if you guys went to historic places to explore or just to walk around and hear about the buildings like you kinda are now but without ghost hunting it would be something different and something to learn about historic area's

  • Wilbur : doesn't believe in ghosts also wilbur : talks to a ghost on a live stream

  • To everyone asking why the spirits keep choosing Wilbur. From my experience with working with spirits, they can often tell who’s safe to communicate with. Like how we get good vibes off of someone. The more you keep yourself respectful and open minded the more approachable you’ll be. As well some people are just better or easier to use for communication.


    • "my experience with working with spirits" be fr 💀

    • fact that im the 690th like is very weird😂

    • Yeah, I already assumed that specific spirts would only respond to like mutuals and or like people who are completely safe to communicate with; Wilbur in this situation and give off good vibes like you said. I got this from Wilbur's stream with Tommy and Charlie banishing Uncle Nasty from Tommy's possessed doll, i think.

    • Well he was pretty respectfull to them

  • I like how sam and colby do this all the time and yet Wilbur is the most calm one and he's like a ghost expert

  • This is so awesome I love stuff like this and with will and george its basically perfect for me

  • finally getting caught up on these videos, keep up the good work!!

  • 19:21 "Oh it's cause of a dark presence" The way he used his hands to describe that absolutely killed me XD

  • Wilbur: Doesn't believe in ghosts. Also Wilbur: The ghost says he doesn't want us here. We should leave.

    • You can tell when something doesn't want you in the space you are occupying. One of the "investigations" I did my sister ended up with hand print bruise and scratches on her arm. I didn't touch her once that whole time we were at the bunkers. It was terrifying. They can also make you feel incredibly nauseous, dizzy, confused....

    • that's just common since lol I would've said the same thing

    • Here finally

    • Here finally



  • I love how Sam and Colby are scared of birds but not ghosts😭

  • It is so funny to see that they have a more scared and funny reaction to the spider and insects to the actual ghost itself. Lol

  • I’d wanna see more of Wilber ghost hunting. Idk why he makes it so intriguing

  • Wilbur: Being skeptic about ghosts this entire time Also Wilbur: Literally was a ghost in the Dream SMP lore.

    • A.K.A. Ghostbur👍

    • Lmao! So true!

    • @Tay ツ ?? I don’t really watch it anymore. When I did, I watched for entertainment. I’ll admit a lot of the fandom is very cringey and toxic, but some people aren’t that bad. So idk why you felt the need to right this, but whatever

    • dream smp 🤓🤓

    • @Chara_Dremur YESSSS

  • It would be cool if someone has a camera attached on their body so we could see the shadow man too or something like that

  • Just wanted to say when Wilbur thought he saw something (a child supposedly) in the punishment block, that would make sense, because earlier when they heard murmuring/talking I thought I heard a child's voice. This could just be me, but did others hear this?

  • 45:28 my heart has never jumped so far out of my chest. that gave me a HEART ATTACK

  • rn me and my family are experiencing almost a level 4-5 storm and im just sitting here alone in my room watching sam and colby

  • Sam & Colby: let’s go hunt ghosts and demons for a living. we’re not scared. Also Sam & Colby: AH! A spider. AH! A pigeon. AH! Another spider. AH. A bat. AH. ANOTHER SPIDER.

  • 23:32 was it me wanting to catch something or was something in the window near Colby after watching the live for Wilbur and George?

  • 43:59 when Wilber says "can you give us a sign" it sounded like his voice wavered for a second 😟

  • Will: I'm a sceptic Also will: Pratically has a degree in ghost hunting

  • Love how calm will was the entire time like he sees something move in a hallway and just goes ooooooooo

  • I love how respectful Wilbur is even though he's a skeptic. He's stepped into the ghost stuff, he's played Phasmaphobia, he talked to a demonic doll Tommy owns, he has some questions. He's a cool dude. It's great he's open to this stuff while still being a skeptic. Even cooler he's still respectful. You really should have *at least* Wilbur on more. George too if you guys want. They're both cool. But if you can't have both *at least* have Wilbur on more. It'd be cool if you guys could convince him..! Best crossover ever btw. My latest hyperfixation and 2020 me's hyperfixation(DSMP) in one video.

    • To people saying I have a bias. Yes. I do. I myself don’t find the Dream Team Trio enjoyable. But sometimes George can be chill. So if Sam and Colby were to bring back BOTH Wilbur and George I wouldn’t mind. Especially with how he was in this video. He was chill and, admittedly, funny. Yes. I have a bias. So what. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @Julia true, I defo preferred them to the other guests

    • @matilda winder yeah I didn't really liked how cocky wilbur was in this lol, george didn't really do nothing but hey atleast their less bland than other guests?

    • @matilda winder if quackity was there the videos would become the best thing ever honestly I don't care my bias is showing quackity solos

    • @Julia they both r to me so I can't tell the difference lol 😭

  • I can imagine a video with Sam, Colby and Daz would be so good

  • Just because you're a skeptic doesn't mean you can't be prepared for when you decide to go ghost-hunting with Sam and Colby.

  • This is exactly the type of behavior I expected from George, give him a minecraft sword and he's good to go