This video will hurt your brain

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Sep 2021
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days!

  • Imagine a 1vs1 of Marley and godly that Will be crazy

  • When Marley hits 4 mil they have to make a Juan black ice skin just for him

  • I didnt watch Marley in like a year... And it was a Mistake

  • Amazing vid

  • Your not a real youtuber until you get sponsored by *raid shadow legends*

  • Marley 5 bullet hip fire ace next video pls

  • Marley has completed siege

  • Marley watching u has given me luck i swear i got one ace in my life time with in the past week i have gotten 4

  • What…… is a gaffateria?🤨

  • I love your videos marley

  • Days 59 of asking a setting video

  • Oh my

  • I like how I'm Marley's videos dom is terrible but in his videos he's cracked

  • freeze needs to become apart of group NO CAPP_

  • First jump shot in rainbow six siege?

  • hey got an funni orginal If you are so clever, have you ever heard of Ligma? Ligma? I don't think so, tell me more. Ligma nuts! ​

  • Im sorry mate my first alpha package was black ice buck and in total e opened 5 alpha packages

  • I just got my first black ice it’s ash

  • I wish I could have the same skill level you have

  • oh mate i missed you so much ever since i started watching you in 2020

  • You might as well not challenge when osa places her shield

  • you should play Escape From Tarkov i think you might like the challenge in that game 😈

  • Has custard aced yet ?

  • That was my first black ice

  • Who is that cackling at the beginning when you looked at the guy and made the Raid comment? Cuz I was DYING.

  • I started watching this mans for a while and he got me into seige and he got me wanting a pc now so i can be good as him

  • What are your r6 settings?

  • Marley I highly suggest using mp7 iron sights

  • Strat idea:use alibi and stand on one of the holograms, they will see the thing below you and think you’re a hologram

  • we demand more of freeze.

  • I have a Queen CD in my car

  • Anybody else either binge this game or only get on after watching a Marley episode

  • It's funny how Marley gets buck's black ice, only if he got earlier so Custy will become bald

  • Lmao I'm in copper rn not on purpose and let me tell u I always get the worst teammates and ex plat enemies I hate it cuz every game is sweaty smh

  • Soooo… is that bet still alive for Custards bald bean?

  • The fact that this man been begging for buck's black ice for how long, never got it in a pack opening video, then gets it in his second pack of a regular video boggles me

  • I need to know who the barcode with the armor plays is, this man isactually so entertaining

    • I don’t know what’s more impressive his one taps or his flow into advertising

  • Im doing r6 short videos recently.Come and check them guys

  • Marley I dought you will see this but I was fighting a blitz and I knifed him I don’t know how but I did it love your channel

    • I don’t know what’s more impressive his one taps or his flow into advertising

  • I am happy for you Marley you finally got bucks black ice.

  • since u got the l85 black ice and buck black ice, tell custard when will he shave his bean

  • What if Marley and welyn did a sea of theives video together or just a video in general

  • 16:12 that was not just "tacticool" but "tacticoolated"

  • how come he gets to play with some trash bronze

    • okay ||_Freeze_|| is a fucking legend this video with all of the deez nuts jokes

  • Man i love your vídeos and if my english doesn't make Sense Its because i didn't born with this languege. I Just want tô say a "oi"(hello) from Brasil, you bring some old Memories about my kid time when a played COD with this humor of ALL of your vídeos, and the best part, i loved the way you are good in r6 Mixed with funny!!!! Ty for the one taps and ty for laughs, i never comments in vídeos, but you are the Guy (not Just for the one taps and 360 :D), keep doing the fucking beatiful job!

  • 3:15 the fact that random packs in some random video is better than the whole alpha pack opening series

  • tacticool is actually the name of a game i play everyday😂

  • Fun fact : claymores say point towards enemy so if u were behind it you will be fine unlike dom who took a plate of shrapnel to the face

  • Ñ

  • I fucking love the deep fried claymore explosion

    • On half of Marley’s clips, the editor needs to zoom in so we can see that there’s someone there when Marley gets a one tap

  • Marley is popping off bro

  • Marley: Gets buck ar Me: *m45 meusoc* 😤

  • I wish I had a PC to waffle like that lmao

  • Man I miss this game

  • 2:07 I was laughing so hard that is hilarious! 😂

  • I'm going to be honest. I watch all the ad's you usually put in, but raid... no i skip that trash

  • Is it just me the thumbnail is keep changin from kali to lion and keep repeatin

  • Incredible how marley, custard and Dom still enjoy this game...

  • that reaction to bucks black ice was so wholesome

    • 7:02 is he brain delayed you can't aim it

  • Editor missed an opportunity to put “Tacticool” at the start of the video

  • Custard is a god

  • Deutsche hier?

  • After watching this I legit got buck black ice

    • I started crying in happiness for Marley when I heard his reaction to buck's black ice, it's reminds me of a little child on Christmas

  • Marley... Your name is name of my dog,he dies

  • I will never be as good at Marley lol

  • Bucks primary black ice... finally after thousands of alpha packs opened. And the reaction was so priceless I replayed it atleast 10 times lmao.

  • just wondering how do you get your hp in a circle.

  • Bring freeze back

  • Mate Marley why ? I know you need moneyz but why that ? Marley ....

  • Yes finally! something to waffle to!! thanks again marley!

  • One time my friend got an ace as fuze… the thing is… it was hostage so we lost

    • Get freeze in for a cameo LMAO

  • 7:02 is he brain delayed you can't aim it

  • Please tell me Marley added this man 11:54

  • The thumbnail confused my brain in shows kali 1 time and elite lion other way lmao

  • after you hit that first shot my entire screen glitched out for a seconed

  • 1v1 me rn

  • the homie strontvlieg with the nade, respect to my fellow dutch or belgian player!!!

  • the fact i laughed at deez nutz jokes in 2021

  • the betray when he said he was putting armor outside

  • Marley I just watched a video of you doing alpha packs opening from nine months ago where you and custard had a deal if you got la85 and the c8 black ice he would shave his head.IT ONLY TOOK NINE MONTHS

  • Pin me

  • I think i lost my one brain cell

  • idk maybe its bc its been awhile since ive watched him but marley and dom sound so different

  • I need to know what region this guy is in before I queue my next game holy shit.

  • Yes finally! something to waffle to!! thanks again marley!

  • Is it just me or has marley taught me to rub my eye against the screen to see the pixel beans with iron sights

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  • Get freeze in for a cameo LMAO


  • We just gonna ignore 14:28 ?

  • i like the react tion of marley when he got bucks clack ice 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thumbnail changed from kali to lion??

  • for any dutch people watching checkout 8:42 you're welcome :)

  • The team mate he kills at 6:50 is the same guy custard kills in the bank soon after

  • Siege did the same for me, gave me the last black ice i was hunting for


    • The Madness Interactive sounds never get old. At least I think that's what those are

  • The amount of fuckin bots just copy pasting peoples comments lmao

  • 12:03 Bro nug said "what have we come to" Well... come to deez nuts.

  • Haven’t watched in about over a year has custard gotten an ace yet ????

  • 6:08 what's the song name .?

  • Marley has 1300 hours on casual