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  • turned out to be a ad...

  • Who's here after playing Dynasty warriors

  • This would make a great TV series/ film series. Is there one about the Three Kingdoms?

    • There are four most famous books in China and Three Kingdoms is one of it. So many TV series you can choose from

  • 6:08 This enraged his father who puniah him severly

  • this is like AoE2 FFA VS, casted by T90

  • Please do one about south korea and north korea there was a 3 yr long plz

  • Mexican Revolution Oversimplified Portfilo Diaz and Pancho Villa


  • but the cops knew internal affairs was setting a trap?

  • Why is no one noticing Oversimplified's voice gets higher and faster every video?

  • This really is oversimplified. And not in a good way. This doesn't even come remotely close to capturing the magic of the time period lol

  • Okay the first time I've ever heard of 3 kingdoms is this video and I get a add for it in this video

  • You know what would be awesome if he made a Pewdiepie vs t series oversimplified.

  • Wait "Lu Kang" was a warlord. My Mortal Kombat is underrated.

  • And the people loved his political philosophy ... You should have said And the people loved his little kitty cat and so on and so forth

  • did any one notice the yellow vest from the paris protests? 3:52

  • Dong Zhou burning for 4 days and the dude with a marshmallow on a stick!

  • sorry for commenting a lot but can u make the video

  • can u make the Persian/Greece wars especially the 300 Spartans , Marathon , Plataea , Salamis ?

  • can u make the Persian/Greece wars especially the 300 Spartans , Marathon , Plataea , Salamis ?

  • can u make the Persian/Greece wars especially the 300 Spartans , Marathon , Plataea , Salamis ?

  • can u make the Persian/Greece wars especially the 300 Spartans , Marathon , Plataea , Salamis ?

  • can u make the Persian/Greece wars especially the 300 Spartans , Marathon , Plataea , Salamis ?

  • This was the first Oversimplified video (Cold War, Revolutionary, WWI, and II I'm counting both parts as one video) to not have a "Dude... uncool."

  • Please, make a video about the Russian revolution, it is much better to learn here.

  • Hey it's Hitlers dad! 😂 6:15

  • A tiny mistake on 3:21: Zhang Jue is actually Zhang Jiao. The name is a mutli-pronounce word. Not a big deal lol.

  • do the war of 1812

  • The Dynasty should add Sun Wu

  • when you come in with the emperor and your army and the capital is on fire: I see this as an absolute win!

  • You got to make The American Civil War, maybe it could be a "Mini War" (Even though it was the most deadly American war.)

  • That was the best advertisement for a video game I think I've ever seen. Genius.

  • Will you do ”The French Revolution”?

  • Can u do a space race vid

  • 13:20 Hey, they stole that from GoT

  • Do the american civil war

  • i think this is the best sponsored video I have ever seen....

  • super history lesson :)

  • Do Vietnam

  • One of the yellow turbans is wearing a life jacket and is armed with a baguette

  • Lmao i just noticed that there's a French yellow jacket protester 3:51

  • Damn I remember the name Lu Bu from playing Orochi Warriors when I was little and he was a badass. So now I know that he was also like that in real life. Thanks.

  • Uuugh when is a new video coming upp

  • Make a video on The war of the roses.

  • 100years war and War of Roses. That would be interesting!

  • Well, here I go killing again...

  • Please do Napoleon!!

  • 6:17 why is hitlers dad spanking one of the eunechs sorry 4 spelling =(

  • Video idea Civil war- Oversimplified

  • This is similar to Japan’s history.

  • How much did SEGA pay you??????

  • I thought this was supposed to be oversimplified

  • 90% of the story are correct to the novel very nice!

  • great video, that deserve that i buy the game from the link ;)

  • Got ad for the three kingdoms game halfway through the video

  • 9:40 Did'nt seem oversimplified enough for a historically not very literate dude like me. Just for me though...

  • I got an ad for total war three kingdoms aka the sponser


  • *Oversimplified*

  • This video mixes the fact and the romance, but anyway I like it

    • And also a lot of mistakesXD

  • The birds are singing Sans in the corner: kids like you should be learning in hell

  • So Chinese game of thrones

  • 3:52 one of them has on a High Visibility Vest and holding some bread.

  • Make a video about the Balkans LOL

  • The eunuchs killed He Jin, this enraged the court who punished them severely.

  • I’ve always loved history, even though I don’t have history classes in school. P.S: We have it in secondary, we stil have lots of classes like that in primary though. Anyways, I love watching history and science vids on ID-tv, and your my favorite history ID-tvr!

  • something very close to these events is the post Umayyad Andalucia. Taifas

  • 10:32 My head bumm makes soon...

  • 10:12 So Sun's son, Sun Ce . This dude is killing it. He's got history knwodlege, humor and good humor.Became today a subscriber.

  • How to marketing

  • incorrect information: First Dyansty was Qin Chao 秦朝, started by Qin Shi Huang 秦始皇。 Qin Huang wasn’t overthrown because it was too tyrannical. The real story is way super complicated. But we got a super cool saying out of it, 鸿门宴 which means “the red door” which is used to describe a trap. Anyway the Qin was overthrown on the second generation because most of the people who lost the power struggle against the initial Emperor were still alive, and those dudes/their sons came and totally steamrolled over the Emperor.

    • ruttep Xia, Zhou, and Shang are the only governments which arguably preceded Qin as the first dynasty, but the issue is that none of them and emperors. There were dictators who held absolute power, but they weren't defined as emperors yet(there are other reasons they don't qualify as dynasties but that's the big one you should take away). Qin Shi Huang 秦始皇 is the one who actually named himself Emperor and called his land 朝 cháo, or dynasty.

    • what about shang and zhou? those are the first ones. the qin took over when the zhou fell apart.

  • You should make a video about the America civil war


  • Petition for over simplified to do a face reveal at 2.5 mil subs

  • First crusade and the Arabian conquest of Spain (Andalucía) pleaase

  • Hey oversimplified I have a suggestion for you to make into a video make a video about former Philippine president Manuel L Quezon saving Jews from hitler please make it

  • can ID-tv do Vietnam war,please ?

  • Something about India next time pls

  • Did any one get a Three Kingdoms ad?

  • You have to do Civil War next

  • @oversimplified I see Hitler's dad at 6:20 cool estaregg

  • Hey @OverSimplified I have an idea, can you make a video on the Texas Revolution for I as a Texan

  • If I was a warlord I would recruit Jackie Chan

  • *Birds are singing- cyka blyat*

  • Do American Civil War (part 1 to part2)

  • what? i thought they looked like hot shounen protagonists from dynasty warriors, and not regular people from back then :(

  • 2

  • China's whole again *Then it broke again*

  • Please do Vietnam!

  • 𝐈𝐭𝐬 𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐧

  • i bet many would disagree over map. it's painted as china's ruling areas where they had no control. Other than that, this was good.

  • Do Iran Iraq war

  • Now I want Assassins Creed for this

  • That bird in the beginning was singing: I'll never give up on you, I'll never put you down.

  • Where’s my god of war gwan yu

  • Rome Oversimplified

  • Oversimplify please do Texas Revolution I live in Texas so yeehaw

  • This channel helps me so much in school oml

  • Lmao just got my first ICBM working Where should I send my first nuke? United States of America Pyongyang South Korea Japan Canada Fortnite Servers United Kingdom Russia

  • And so in the end this vid was really about advertising a game so Oversimplified could earn a few more quid lol...