TOMAHAWKING SPIDERS FOR TRESPASSING | Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (Reupload)

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Mainly just music from EDF, but the outro is:

Lupus Nocte - Nothing for Me:


  • sorry guys had to reupload this because youtube age restricted the first time

  • Badger got tired of hearing people complain about waiting between vids, so he decided to re-upload the same vid to keep them entertained... Absolutely based badger.

  • Ranger: fps

  • As a Nebraskan, I can confirm we are currently being held hostage by giant ants

  • "I WILL use a 'hammer of dawn' as a cqc weapon, I'm not scared."

  • 3:51

  • Imagine being the most kind ID-tvr that your even there for your own community. Literally Badger! My nephew was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and Badger was so kind enough to make a 6 minute happy birthday video for him when the doctors couldn’t even talk to him for 2 minutes

  • Fun fact: In an interview with GameInformer, the creative director of EDF addressed that a lot of people have a phobia of insects. He said he understands why, but that he sees EDF as a way to temper that fear. Because if you don’t like bugs, you can blow them up by the thousands with giant guns and orbital lasers in EDF.

  • “I hope you’re ready to fight the entire dragon population of Skyrim”

  • Watching Badjur, and by extension his inordinately huge fanbase, discover how EDF "works" is a treat and a half.

  • Man, you may have singlehandedly reinvigorated the EDF franchise for western audiences. Thanks for that, you got a fan out of it too.

  • Aah the good old EDF 4.1

  • This game is the definition of "be the American the Japanese think you are."

  • Badger is the literal definition of quality over quantity

  • Alright I was bored so I decided to make a kill count (excluding bugs killed in game)

  • I must be an alien. The EDF killed me by laughing me to death. My sides hurt. Even though I only played EDF5. I have to admit. All of what you guys joked about is all still true, and I choked laughing. If you don't mind.......I am going to lay here dying from laughter.

  • "What is the blast radius? Yes." never ceases to make me laugh

  • Thanks for making my weeks better, Badger. 🤣🤣

  • Don't know if you will ever see this Russian Badger but in EDF 5 you actually fight. GOD. No joke. The final boss fight of EDF 5.

  • Badger is the type of guy that when he has a literal time bomb strapped to his chest, instead of spending time saying good-bye to family, friends, and loved ones will instead try to sell you more gamer supps