Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019

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top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019 including their dangerous runways
Many pilots believe that the most dangerous stages during the flight - are takeoffs and landings.
But there are airports in the world where plane takeoffs and landings are scary even for highly professional pilots - they have to show real miracles of maneuverability!
In this top 10 list, you'll find out which airport is the world most dangerous 2019 and why.
Discover how dangerous can be an airport

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  • The guy that messed up on number three deserved it. He came in all rared back like he knows everything.; Didn't touch down, until I was ready to do a touch and go. No wonder he ran out of runway. Apparently he thinks if you are unfamiliar, just blast in there, and hope for the best. I'd be interested in what damage was done, and the estimate.

    • @spuddo boi Yeah... i did go on a bit.

    • John Smith u acting like you know everything. And you might, but don’t brag so much about it

    • @Andy McGeever ok buddy, write your essays on PowerPoint, not here

    • @Jason Moyle I doubt you do either

  • This must to be a Boeing Channel... that's the only explanation for the 737 Max publicity

  • Cant understand her pronounciation of the air port. She should be more clear in her English..

  • your video is fucking bull shit

  • number eaight

  • Lukla airport is the most dangerous airport because there is no "Go Around" and its altitude nobody except only Nepali pilots are allowed to fly there.if you are a highly professional pilot you must go through a separate flying course to fly there. Its Scary!!

  • Flat commentary throughout the video. Better audio could have made it much more interesting.

  • It very danger

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  • #4 she mispronounce it by big time. Tegucigalpa, that’s the capital of Honduras. But not really sure what she said.

  • lengpui airport

  • What a dumb opening statement! It is NOT just pilots feelings that take offs and landings are the most important part of a flight, it is a statistical fact. Who writes this crap?

  • And I'm planning to go to Bhutan...

  • Lukla Airport

  • Click-bait rehash of other clips. And factually inaccurate. Pointless.

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  • Any flight with Ryanair is dangerous,maybe cheap but want to get their in one piece

  • The 3rd one was scary

  • I believe that the Toncontin Airport is the most extreme of all of them. it must be taken into consideration also the daily air traffic in each one of them.

  • you speak like google translate

  • The airport with ocean

  • I mean, any airport is dangerous when you're flying a 737 Max

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  • 1:30 why they do not make underground road for cars

  • The 3rd one was the most scarest I got so scared.

  • There's no such thing as a "dangerous airport" do you people seriously believe any aviation administration or government that would allow a dangerous airport to exist? What pilot in his right state of mind would land at a dangerous airport? I can hear the PA announcement now, "folks were preparing to land at a dangerous airport, you may want to text your family and say good-bye, there's only a 50/50 chance of not crashing here as reported by "World Top ONE" ID-tv channel". Give me a break, anything to make a buck.

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  • Lookla?!🧐 It’s pronounced LU K LU

  • Very good

  • Safety is my first priority in aviation

  • Awsome i don't know about the the Boeing 737 max if it's proven flight worthy , and safety for our passenger's

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  • 6:50

  • there shouldn't be something called a "dangerous airport" , people's life isn't a joke and every country is large enough to build safe airports

  • can you put a list of the airports for me

  • OMG The second plane fly over the beach very low over peoples heads at the beach that is insane...

  • Is anyone from Nepal

  • Note to self: Avoid these destinations.

  • Lukla is world extreme.

  • Number 3 reminds of an airport in Uganda. Mogadishu, Somalia and Kismayo, Somalia should be checked out.

  • Why was Adana Airport counted, the runway is legit right infront of a mall and an active road. You can see planes flying like 30 meters above the ground when landing

  • Should be named: Top 10 Worst designed Airports.

  • swat airport pakistan is much dangrous tha NO 1 Aairport

  • Is anyone stuck in a never ending hole of top ten videos? Yeh me too...

    • Katie Mounsey yep

  • I clicked on the video just to dislike it because I knew it was clickbait...

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  • I have landed and taken off from LUKLA Nepal a few times and still scares me something else...

  • So many commercials,,is annoying!!!

  • my dangreuse airport is Hong Kong its couver whit tall bulldings

  • Superb

  • Green land is the most dangerous because of the storm ⛈ and a volcano 🌋 near by the airport

  • Great video. I am surprised Gibraltar hasn't dug a tunnel under the runway. (Reminds me of Santa Barbara CA. For years the State street crossed Highway 101 (LA to SF) There was a traffic light about 4-5 times an hour to stop traffic on the freeway. Eventually an underpass was dug.

  • check out Zambian under ground military airpot and grade it also

  • The first airport is very tricky to land when I was playing extreme landings

  • 4:37 Clickbait Coz AN-225s have 6 engines, not 4.

  • Gibraltar 🇬🇮 should be #1!!!!!!

  • Saba in the caribbean

  • Very beautiful footage ! I will add Juzhaigou in China ( Tibet region of Sichuan province ) 3500 m elevation.

  • Click bait