Top 100 Goals Scored By Legendary Football Players

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Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football Players ft. Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Diego Maradona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!
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  • The last goal tho

  • El que hizo este ranking de seguro es ingles o argentino. Ningún chileno en el ranking? Me tay weando? Recuerdo goles de marcelo Salas dignos de enmarcar, alexis Sánchez también a hecho pedazos de goles

  • bruh where is van persie

  • 9:14 Garrincha died in 1983...


  • Who is here to try and remember what football was and could have been....

  • Like por Román

  • garrincha dies in 1983

  • Only a few players had 2 goals on the video. Dennis Bergkamp, David Beckham, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Roberto Carlos .... Maybe more I just forgot... Great goals!

  • 9:14 gg

  • nedveeed

  • i from czech oooo yea Panenka


  • pls name of song at 14:00

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  • this 21:58 this 23:12 this 05:07 and this 11:23 are pure gold .

  • Higuita one 😂

  • Shevchenko7

  • Di cannot and Bergkamp against Newcastle should be moved up. The technical ability of both are worthy! Also that RC free kick was outrageous. Shocking that they are so far down the list!!!!

  • I really dont understand how that is possible... 14:53

  • Gascogne goal

  • 2:00

  • dimitur berbatov

  • can't tell whether it's a music video clip or goals compilation video. jesus christ.

  • Weah... Weah... Weah.... Weah.... Weah.... Weeaaaahhhhh....!!!

  • 19:30 still gives me chills

  • 15:18 Fantastic

  • Where is messi goals and ronaldo ¿"

  • Lol this list is a joke! You obviously know nothing about football

  • Totti vs Inter still my favorite

  • shit no goals there was no goal by Kazimierz Deyna from the match against Italy have you seen what kind of croissant Zoff made to Dinnie? or even Szarmach from the world championship about Lubanski not to mention losers ... you did not see real goals, this video is a defeat ...

  • The commentary by R9 was very very funny ..... Ronaldo gol kel golazo kala ... so funny 🤣 🤣🤣🇳🇫🇹🇰🇷🇪🇲🇶

  • My favorite goal , weah

  • Maradona's free kick against Juve missing.

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  • Yoo

  • 9:12 No, it was in 1966

  • 10:35 Funfact: hé likes Dennis bergkamp

  • My favorite is Roberto Carlos free kick

  • roberto carlos is paranormal

  • Rabeh Majer

  • 914 : is wrong Garrincha he died 1983 RIP

  • que musica de mierda que le pusiste al video

  • No Love for Matt Le Tissier?

  • I need the music song now

  • 9:14 that can’t be 1996 he died in 1983

  • Garrincha died 20 january 1983 how can he score the goal in 1997

  • This video is also legendary. I kept watching it again and again and again for like 189938930002984839 times. Great great job.

  • why not just show all Messi goals?........Oh right....Aliens not included!!

  • Vieira against Manchester United?

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  • 24:39 steaua putea sa bata atunci pe oricine doar ca cei de la ac milan le-o pus ceva drog in mancare si de aia au jucat asa slab

  • Juninho Pernambucano 🔥 King of Freekick

  • 9:37 - Delete this

  • 10:45 Best goal omggg

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  • legendary musical score for legendary players

  • I didn t saw Gerrard in the video and you know what?? IT IS SHATTERING ME

  • dis is the best goal ever

  • what's the song at 18.20 plz

  • Nou Suarez//////......-

  • I favourite roberto baggio dennis berkamp ronaldinho

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  • 26:30 watching Ronaldinho after pirlo's goal is fantastic

  • Ibrahimovic is a legend

  • Garrincha died at 1983 so 1996 goal is not possible but still a great video

  • me still waiting for 2018 UCL final bycicle kick by bsle

  • 15:23 Tramessi?

  • 9:22 That must be in 1966, not 1996, Garrincha died in 1983

  • Legendary goal 1987(champions largué),algerian footballer.rabah madjer

  • 8:49

  • 9:20 - not correct, Garrincha didnt play in 1996.... 1962

  • 15:17 and 21:58 Similar??


  • la verdad que falto muchos goles por ejemplo los del mágico gonzález que fueron muy buenos

  • noooo where is Antonio Cassano Bari vs Inter Milan

  • BOSH!!Dennis smoothe that when he plays on snow,he leaves no marks!! True story!!!lololol

  • Most of the legends I have them in PES

  • R•I•p maradona🍃🕊

  • These goals aren't in any particular order. I like Zidane's goal, followed by Van Bronkhurst's netbulger. Zidane's goal is ridiculously technical to execute.

  • The goal from garrinsha was not from 1996 from1966 he sadely died 1983

  • 2:57 3:45 5:28 6:09 9:57 10:47 12:36 13:11 13:27 13:46 14:01 14:16 14:43 14:54 15:04 15:18 15:58 16:13 17:00 17:40 17:51 18:20 19:00 19:13 19:27 19:50 20:02 20:12 20:24 20:36 20:49 21:07 21:21 21:59 22:44 23:26 23:39 23:50 24:00 25:19 25:53 26:11 26:23

  • 1:27

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  • Dragan Stojkovic sp Italy 1990.Yugoslavia-Spain 2-1???Dejan Savicević finaly lp 1994. Milan-Barselona? Dejan Stankovic lp group Inter-Salke 04???????

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  • 15:59 the wrestler oh wait...

  • Stupied!!!!where is the bests goals???!!!!!foolish

  • It's a shame that iniesta's goal against chelsea is in this video..his goal in the world cup2010 final is MUCH better

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  • 8B squad

  • Hopefully no order to this

  • What happened to football. These legendary goals ain't being replicated anymore. The standards of players in footballers have decreased dramatically. A player like modric who won the ballon dor wouldnt have finished 5th fifteen or twentey years back

    • Dont forget cannavaro won the ballon d'or

  • 13:10 perfection

  • Best goal of world cup history outside of top 10? You are telling me that Inzaghi’s shitty goal, common longshots and free kicks are better?

  • 9:12 Brazil vs Bulgaria, 12 July 1966, 2-0, Garrincha '63 (Pele '14)

  • Best foul kick ever ?? 14:00