Top 5 Dealing With Bullies Scenes

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Top 5 Dealing With Bullies Scenes

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Here is my Next upload which is Top 5 Dealing With Bullies Scenes.
In order in which they are shown
#5 Supernatural -
#4 Men Women and Children -
#3 True Detective -
#2 The Expendables -
#1 Jack Reacher -
Have i got them in the right order?
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  • List the films I missed and I will make a part 2!

    • @bass Booster yes?

    • @bass BoosterMORE BETTER

    • Brock lesner breaking Holly's neck....not a film though 😜

    • Finally A good video Without that stupid Music Shit others put on because of copyright

    • Karate kid

  • Yep! Pretty much sums it up. Kids get bullied at school, parents finally figure out what's going on, tells the teachers, teachers either don't do anything or punishes the kid who gets bullied because he stood up for himself, then the bullies pretty much get carte blanche to keep bullying, kid has no protection or justice so he brings a gun to school and does a mass shooting. So why outlaw guns? Why don't they outlaw bullies...oh yeah! It is illegal to bully (should all be charged with assault) but left-wing politicians want to make it LOOK like they're doing something because actually DOING something about it means work, things like actually charging a criminal who commits a crime with a gun but those charges are always dropped because the left-wing court system and left-wing judges just can't seem to want to put criminals in jail and the parole system wants to release them as soon as they get in.

  • 4:33 the best part

  • All the random people standing around and not helping out are as bad as the bullies

  • 6:24 right when I saw all those guys I knew that this was going to be badass.

  • Police are so stupid, sees a bunch of guys knocked out or run away from one man with no weapons on him and they arrest him for self defence, nice logic

  • Over freakin shoes

  • 8:08 illuminati money ,that prooves Hollywood is controlled by the Illuminati

  • Lol nice!!!

  • The 3rd one is messed up as hell

  • *3:49** i bet every kid would have loved to do that to their bully, lift them up and slam them on the table.* *Then they aggressively & erotically start kissing, and fuck in front of everyone.* *-Hotel trivago*

  • 2:25 ingnore this

  • Someone know the name of the 4 film

  • All I can say is God damn

  • Add forest gump

  • 9:51..that dude looks like a pornstar...danny d or something😂😂🤣

  • 3:10 is just abuse

  • i get bullied everyday and i’m tired of it. everyone at school hates me. i got jumped and when i pushed her off i got introuble. i thought about ending my life so many times but i can’t and i don’t want to. I still get harassed and bullied till this day 😭

  • 3:05 👊😂 Nice vest

  • Sammy!!!

  • Why jerk the jerk more like jerk the turck

  • iiiiiiiim about ta whoop somebodies aaaaaaass ooooh iiiiim about ta whoop somebodies aaaaaaaass

  • Idk of this is weird, I wanna get bullied. It is a great excuse to put someone on their ass.

  • Which movie?

  • #4 That one was epic

  • Now this is what I like:)

  • The last one is the best


  • I wouldn't want to be the person when jason statham asks, "Where is he?"


  • 12 years old my ass lmao, great word


  • This is how real Americans deal with justice.

  • 11:57 yeeeees sir, that satisfy me

  • I almost fell off the toilet at 5:46 that’s some dark shit

  • Tf is the first scene weirdo

  • U forgot the kingsman one

  • Where can i watche supernatural

  • sandy cheeks

  • Bully: What do you want Guy: you’re life 🏃‍♂️💨

  • 9:24 yeah, you are...

  • I would have said yes the last girl

  • Statham's scene was #1.

  • I am now dislikeing cause of your end segement

  • Finally I saw some other fighting scenes

  • I'm a quiet person in school but for whatever reason when someone tries to bully me i become the biggest loud mouth

  • 0:52 meliodas vs escanor

  • Love Simon scene was litttt !

  • Ah the sound of harmony not......

  • Number 3 That guy can get arrested for doing that to a child or his father


  • Good boys scab scene should be here

  • That first scene is why Seniors shouldn't pick on Freshmen.

  • all u have to do is roast the bully or ask them to have a rap battle which is less harming than violence


  • I’m glad this was made this is my life

  • You missed Wonder

  • This is so funny

  • Even though i hate the bully but like they beat up the kids dad in frount of the child

  • 9:47, enter ultimate doucheface