TOP UPCOMING ACTION MOVIES 2021 & 2022 (Trailers)

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TOP UPCOMING ACTION MOVIES 2021 & 2022 (Trailers)

00:00 Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
01:59 Snake Eyes
04:22 Jurassic World Dominion
04:41 Venom 2 Let There Be Carnage
07:11 The Suicide Squad 2
09:39 No Time to Die
12:16 Morbius
14:53 Dune
17:56 Eternals
20:06 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife
22:34 Halloween Kills
25:05 Fast And Furious 9
28:26 Free Guy
30:51 Candyman
32:22 The Forever Purge
35:49 The Batman
38:01 The Protégé
40:24 Top Gun 2 Maverick
42:42 Hitman's Wife’s Bodyguard
44:42 What if ?
46:43 Jungle Cruise
48:45 Black Widow
50:39 Black Adam
51:40 The King's Man
54:02 The Tomorrow War
56:37 Out of Death
59:04 Great White


  • this trailers have more quality than my town movie theater screen

  • Female oo7 is faking pathetic

  • everything but last one

  • 100/100*****

  • Thumbnail is clickbait

  • super power men shit becaming so boring anymore..there's just no normal people in the movies, all are super powered fucking boring.

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  • Wasn't Snake Eyes always the quiet one in G.I. Joe? He seems to have been reinvented kinda snarky instead... >.

  • why nick fury doesn't age, at least 😭

  • Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Saturday!! 👋👽I bring thin crust pizza to all you friendly Earthlings 🍕Don't mind me, just cruising by:::::::::::::::::🛸

  • Got to love Michael Myers and Jason because they don't care who you are, what color,gender, sexuality they'll kill ya

  • No one does violent crazy like Woody Harrison

  • was expecting a john cena with jean shorts😂😂😂

  • Worst idea ever to have Robert Pattison play Batman- He's a terrible actor...

  • already watched 22 of 27 on this list. i have not been impressed by any of them so far. so i am about ready to watch another (out of death) and we'll see if the stinker streak continues or if there's hope for the '21-22 season

  • That Shang shi movie, crap is all done for Asian tickets sale.

  • Morbius, venom2 , Jungle Cruise, Dune and The Forever Purge are my favorite one 0:01 Shang-Chi and the legend of 10 rings 2:00 Snake eyes 4:40 Venom 2 7:11 Suicide squad 9:37 No time to die ( James bond ) 12:14 Morbius 15:01 Dune 17:58 Eternals 20:06 Ghostbusters ( Afterlife ) 22:34 Halloween kills 25:06 Fast and furious 9 28:25 Freeguy 30:51 Candyman 33:22 The forever purge 35:47 The batman 37:56 The protègè 40:27 Top gun ( Maverick ) 42:41 Hitman's Wife's bodyguard 44:42 What if 46:46Jungle cruise 48:43 Black widow 50:38 Black adam 51:39 The King's man 53:59 The tomorrow war 56:36 Out of death 59:07 Great white

  • Can't wait!

  • 中国人是不会支持《SHANG-CHI》这部电影的!!!

  • Cool


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  • Wow just 1 full Hour of all complete garbage Movie trailers :D don't watch because i did for you

  • Why does the guy in the trailer have his meat sticking out😭

  • hes a weasle, hes not dangerous, I mean hes killed 27 children.

  • Suicide Squad 2 is a waste of 2 hours in our lifes

  • 스네이크아이 역할을 이병헌이 했으면 좋았을 것 같은데

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  • So a great white shark has claws? Lol

  • wow what a load of dreck XD. just a bunch of marvel cash cows, meme tier actors and unwanted remakes. Dune and Batman looked ok but the rest makes me ashamed to know that this is the apex of human creation in the medium.

  • So Basically the fast and furious are turning into avengers with time.

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  • So Jon Snow and Rob Stark are Eternals now

  • Dom: Little brother- Me: AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! *Plays theme!*

  • I don't know what is happening right now but i love it .

  • so when are the cool movies coming up?

  • Too bad alot of the movie industry and theaters are own by China. America, we lost our industry to another country. I won't be going to the theater anymore.

  • To excrescence

  • nice nice

  • Is Samuel J Jackson in every movie ever made?

  • It looks promising😎

  • American movies are dead. they are not entertaining only annoying

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  • stupid film makers..make garbages and want to make money out of grabages which suppose to go undergroud and decay.

  • 3:17 Guy: Alright, what do I have to do? Background song: I've gotta get in my zone now. Cool edit!

  • In Shabg Chi Minh His not Abomination thus are A-Bomb he are verry cool

  • I am so tired of fucking shark movies....give it a rest.

  • disney isn't hiding the fact that just love walking all over every ones childhoods. miss captain merica its MAM. lol.

  • Humm.. Lame. Lame . Lame

  • @1:00:00 don't stand up, relax and paddle, Sharks aren't like this.. Don't let these Donkies let you think sharks will kill you, WTF, you ever get stranded on the water, simply relax and assess and paddle.!!! Just keep paddling... Keeping busy on the open ocean is very important, otherwise you will start to doubt and fear.... Always be thinking or doing something to improve your situation... Even if its just paddling./... Fear is the Mind KILLER! Action is the OCEAN! You can get clean filtered water from fish you might catch if you focus on survival!!!

  • I'm here for Harlequin

  • 1 out of 3 horror movies I wanna watch this year the one I’ve done is the forever purge next one is Candyman the best for last Halloween kills

  • All of these movies are under see see pee control.

  • Morbius,, the remedy is worse than the disease. C0yid 19 is the desease. The yaxine is is the real bandemic.

  • can't wait to see the "Gwen stacy movie"

  • Almost all the movies have new clothes straight from the shop.

  • Kino zeszło na dno. Żadnych ambitnych filmów, sama PRYMITYWNA komercja. Żenada.

  • Gotta love JLC - not afraid to be the "old lady" but still striking.

  • Marvel is dead, Hollywood is dead and owned by the dead. All vomit. Nothing compelling, or more importantly, entertaining. All garbage but maybe dune? That is a big maybe. Everyone has failed at dune why would this work? All the marvel crap looks absolutely horrible. Ghostbusters, holding out hope....I will watch it in the theater if it is not on HBOMAX or something stupid like that and I will not go spend my money on the theater if it is on streaming. I wont even watch it until it randomly comes on some time in the future. Egads, so much horrible. So much money spent on crap. It's amazing---leeee bad. Did I say I threw up in my mouth already? Ah, yes, I did!

  • Michelle Yoel a amazing beautiful oriental actress and us I married a beautiful oriental lady when I was in my young twenties I discovered the beauty of oriental women !

  • Starlord is Black now? lol And a Women Captain wanna be? problem..You will never learn.

  • Answer me this: Why does every trailer use drums exclusively? It's beyond cliche'. After a short time it becomes trite. It turns me off.

  • Batman looks like he went vegan

  • Cant wait for Halloween.

  • Is it just me, does anyone else agree that 'hollywood' Still can't leave the movies', that've already done quite well at the theaters', (when they originally released, and there after) alone. they're always 're-booting', and potentially ruining an entire franchise, and why??? they never give any, even logical reason as to why. Also, what about the unwanted, warranted, or worse yet, completely unnecessary sequels. #WTFHollywood ?!?!?!? Right?!! {Not knocking any of the reallly exciting, interesting, or alltogether new movies' out this year, and alll the others' still to arrive in the new year.} just find it quite annoying when they (seemingly), pop up with a 'new version' of an already released years' ago, and done well, and sometimes, just, well, fail biiig time. #WhosWithMe

  • What about Spider-Man 3: No way Home

  • I find it almost impossible to notice where one trailer ends and the next one begins. It's all about being super-epic but without any suspense or intrigue. There's the obligatory Zimmer or Zimmer-esque soundtrack, the whispering, stiff and pompous dialogue combined with the obligatory wisecracks (because they think we'll laugh at anything), the slow-motion fight sequences that makes every character look like a superhero, the overuse of CGI, and I'm sure there are other things that are in stark contrast to the edge-of-your-seat action classics such as SPEED and DIE HARD. My critique isn't about what they do - I can appreciate a good remake or sequel - it's about how they do it. Sorry I don't mean to ridicule other people's anticipation but to me it all looks like one big soulless pap.

    • Yes, this.

    • I think the drum soundtrack is overused.

    • Hollywood movies have been such trash for the last 30 years, crazy to think they all make 10x their budget in revenue

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  • TSS 2 is a comedy.. I think.

  • Well unfortunately I just got my WOKE movie BULLSHIT overload for the next decade!!!!!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • What's going on here? We have more Chinese movies than American👆🤣🤣🤣 Hollywood movies. hahaha 🤣🤣👆

  • Am questing the suicide squad; Like WTF? It look like they fucked up already, they got some lame ass character in there.

  • Where is the gambit movie?

  • I thought snake eyes was a shadow warrior movie for a minute

  • Adam!!

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  • 1/2 of these are utter CGI garbage. Rot the brain.

  • The music ruined the 1st 2 trailers. You're doing a kungfu movie, use kungfu music. When will people learn, rap and hiphop is not cool.

  • fajne wykonania muzyczne

  • When did Fast and the Furious seem like a GI Joe movie, mix triple xxx movie.

  • the Batman in Marvel🤣

  • Which movie monster is it going to take to kill the Fast and Furious and Halloween series? After that please purge the Purge movies and stop Jordan Peel from making or producing movies

  • shang chi: "you are a product of all that came before you". real life: "stop breeding".

  • these shark movies need to stop there nearly extinct because of these movies

  • Out of death looks really trash, sick of Hollywood’s recycled garbage

  • Drones would kill maverick, drones don’t care about g forces. End movie

  • 60 pound Chinese woman John wick? Disgusting

  • People who like horror saw type movies are sick in the head and should be put on a watchlist

  • Shark love bird, bird no like shark

  • That’s a Chinese Obama !

  • ¿aish no saben otra cosa que sacar a abominacion a flote?

  • John cena in fast 🤦🏽‍♂️ boring

  • Daniel Crage is my James Bond 👏👏

  • Race swapping Commissioner Gordon for the sake of political correctness (for an Oscar nomination or what-ever) is disgusting and just plain wrong! Hollywood better suit up for some hard times ahead....

  • fast and furious was a crazy action movie at one time...super its a fantasy, action movie.! lol getting more and more outlandish....the next movie will have them race against aliens I bet Lol....

  • Btw it's just "the suicide Squad"

  • Wow, even from this short preview, I can tell Bruce Willis just doesn't give a damn anymore.

  • 20:48 I just noticed. Symmetrical book stacking! Oh, that takes me back.

  • No just no to Ghostbusters, did they not learn their lesson