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Here you go top upcoming comedy movies 2018
TOP UPCOMING COMEDY MOVIES Trailer (2018) Part 2 :
00:00 Overboard
01:45 Little Bitches
03:09 Game Night
05:17 OCEAN’S 8
07:35 Deadpool 2
09:40 Blockers
12:19 Half Magic
15:24 The Clapper
17:50 The Polka King
19:55 The Competition
21:30 Gringo


  • What was the name of the first one?!

  • gringo was the best the black guy is hillarious

  • 2018?

  • The movie @ 1:43 is basically Super Bad, but with a female main cast o characters. Hope they don't go and mess it up like Ghostbusters. Because like Eric Cartman says- "Girls are not funny!" Feminist backlash in 3...2...1....

  • A gender swap remake of Overboard. I hope it's good :3

  • Where are my The Office fans at I know you’re out there.

  • 22:25 he sounds like the voice from Do you know the way?

  • original overboard was more funny..better actors

  • Women movies they portray is a s**** now. Are girls let's that bad these days. My body is picky

  • Every con looks stupid

  • Rihanna is going to give all of you guys STDs

  • 0:56 hate the idea, illegal, and pretty sure hospitals verify

  • I thought it was a *Trap* thumbnail 20:43

  • Deadpool is always entertaining. But the John Cena butt chug butt beer scene had me crying & dieing! ICBOTFLMAO!!!¡!!!!

  • "Oh no... he died.." XXD I CANT IM DYIN

  • Well..... I don't see any comedy movies here

  • The fucking fuck is this? The trailers are from 2016-17

  • 3:50 fuck you Matt Damon. The only scary thing your are here, is yourself becausec goddamn, you look like a crackhead had a baby with a heroin chick who died.

  • 6:22 she looked like Anna akana

  • First movie Looks so fucking bad, second movie looks like women re-wrote superbad. Actually, all these movies look fucking TERRIBLE.


  • Eva Longoria got fat?

  • 12:03 😂😂😂😂

  • the first one?

  • 4:02 LOL

  • This is a remake of the other movie right. I now the movie bc I love it but I don’t know the name

  • And they have 7000

  • Furious trailer is so cocky they say they will only get 4 dislikes

  • Oh my gosh so many people from parks and rec, and the office are in these trailers

  • Oroginal from korean serie?!?

  • 1:28 heavy from tf2

  • Comedy? Really? Except Deadpool

  • "Oh no he died"

  • My parents would never let me watch these 😂

  • The first one is overboard but swapped!!!

  • When the thumbnail isnt even a featured trailer

  • John cena tho

  • The 1st movie i have to see

  • So Superbad gets that awesome title but the "female version" gets ..."little bitches"

  • "yes oh no he died" sssoooo funny

  • 1)Подпишись 2)Поставь лайк 3)Напиши готово 4)Я проверю и подпишусь в ответ!

  • In the second trailer, I saw Jaime Camil! Like from JTV!!!

  • where is the list?

  • The first movie almost completely fucking copied overboard from 1987 can writers be more lazy.

    • Watched it a lil further and they even copied lines wtf is there deal 😂

  • So many people from The Office

  • what isthat song that plays at the very end someone pls tell me

  • Yes , oh no he die lol

  • Is that Karen Smith? 15:36

  • Women have to ruin everything!!!oceans 8?!?

  • I fucking laughed when I saw Deadpool as Bob Ross

  • It think movie is called 8 ball y does one of the character look like michael jackson

  • Isn't Anna Faris a pornstar?

  • the first movie is a good reboot of overboard

  • Wat name of first one

  • pls put name when trail end of movie

  • The clapper looks okay

  • 80% are just sexual based movies. No comedy or family fun in there.

  • add naked scenes and jewish jokes and you got a comedy nowdays!

  • 2:55

  • Who’s here from 2018

  • 12:19 you can’t act in the office, and then come back and have a serious film career.

  • Overboard is the best movie ever :3

  • So What are the movies cald?

  • They should make movies with only woman in it, with men! Otherwise it’s just biased towards us woman!

  • These are old

  • 11:36 *brett kavanaugh has entered the chat*

  • My gosh Deadpool XD


  • All Hollywood femtard rubbish doing its best to undermine men. That’s all I could see here.

  • Omg James Corden!!!

  • Since when does Rosa Dias (Sorry for spelling) complain about her sex life with two other women?

  • I'm not sure how other people think, but I loved game night.

  • Roses are red violets are blue I just got caught master baiting to a picture of you 🎃🎃🎃

  • 4:56 on no he died

  • The first one wasn't there already a film like in the 90s I think

  • First was amazing and funny too..😂😂😂😂😂

    • BKN / UFC MHJN should watch overboard from 1987 because this is a complete copy of it lol

  • overboard if the ending is that he gets his memory back and ends up falling in love with her its just lazy writing

  • "Keep you pants dry and your dreams wet. And remember: hugs not drugs." 😂😂

  • On the first one She kinda reminds me of Lisa from blackpink


  • "Comedy" movies.

  • 19:55

  • Shit, that one movie with Polish guys got me triggered. THAT'S RUSSIAN ACCENT not Polish! If it's based off a true story then get your voice right, goddamnit :////

  • What is the the song that played at the emd of this video..kindly reply if anyone knows

  • Drugs not hugs

  • Evil Hollywood causing hysteria again. Gender war this time. I wish people could throw their garbage back at them and reject some of the shit they make. Hollyweird and their evil agenda.

  • Were is jonny english

  • Aw... I feelt so bad for the one whit the dog toy in his mouth when they was going to remove the bullet. T-T Wanted to hug him.

  • No Jonny English?

  • First movie name plz

  • 24 minutes of my life wasted

  • seriously 😐

  • The squishy toy tho 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Deadpool....Bob Ross.....that' good.

  • Game night is not a new movie

  • What's the movie in the thumbnail called

  • I died at “oloruneledumare”😂😂😂😂

  • 7:48 Oml 😂😭😂😭😂 lmao

  • who da bitch in the thumbnail

  • I came here for the bitties!