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Top Upcoming Movies 2018 (Weekly #11) Full Trailers HD

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Top Upcoming Movies 2018 (Weekly #11) Full Trailers HD
We've put together a compilation list of the top 10 best upcoming movies you'll want to see from this week in 2018.
00:01 Time Freak
02:14 Bodied
04:25 Glass
07:08 Pet Sematary
09:04 Ben is Back
11:29 The Christmas Chronicles
13:04 Wreck-It Ralph 2
15:16 Boy Erased
17:45 The Best of Enemies
20:16 Aladdin


  • First Lion king, then Alladin what's next ?

  • Disney is so out of ideas that instead of stealing Fairy Tales and making cartoons out of them, they are taking the cartoons they made out of Fairy Tales they stole and making live action movies out of them.

  • Ahhh...The resurrection of Pet Cemetery....It's got a scary as hell act to follow

  • In the Wreck it Ralph 2 trailor you see the Aunt from Hiro in Big Hero 6. The Blue "pop up Ad" is holding it. At 13:46

  • The acting in the first trailer is incredibly bad.

  • ALL THE GAYS ARE EXITED FOR BOY ERASED,WOOOO HELL YEA,BRING ON THE GAYS🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • What in the world is that thumbnail animated film that appear on every “upcoming 2018/9 movies” video but nobody would show it!!??

  • That red head from Austin and ally seems a bit different now

  • a lot of these movies are awesome

  • What the heck is boy erased..... I'm tired of seeing sh#t like this....

  • "the naughty list", he he..looking forward to the family fun of Christmas Chronicles

  • jesus, stop messing with stephen king's work already. if he doesnt like this one, hes gonna stop writing his books.

  • 12:48 The green elf is me.

  • Oh no spet emetary is a movie now well my brother when he watches it will not sleep

  • Wow another love story who gives a fuck

  • Live action Aladin? YES YES YES YES YES!

  • That Aladdin trailer 20:16 must took like 5 minutes to make...

  • Nazi boi

  • Sadly they didn't put The New BTS movie trailer in this list lol

  • So the thumb nail on this video isnt really a movie

  • the uzumaki clan is in the 3th movie

  • Happy death day 2u

  • Is that Miranda sings in wreck it Ralph 😂

  • I cried during boy erased

  • “Now, who would like a P.B and J sandwich?”

  • Why were there so many people flossing

  • 7:20 lol i knew it was gonnah be a horror movie before they little girl even spoke her first line. White people + new big old house they got for a good deal+ cute kids = DEATH

  • WTF id that DEZ from austin and ally

  • Elfs doing the floss....... humanity is really falling apart

  • does no one really understand how creepy and fucked up santa really is?i mean the guys is a walking, talking, stalking, pedophile, and the guy sneaks into your house and leave presents for your kid's wile they are sleeping. how the hell can people keep making movies of this guy.

  • Mr. Tumnus

  • That’s actually gay

  • Im the most exited to see *boy erased,* *The best of enemies,* & *Aladdin*

  • What about crimes of Grindelwald ????

  • Not trow god will love ❤️ you no matr wut

  • 15:12. Baby moana

  • Oohhhh my freaking God😲😁😁😁

  • why x 16:40 :(

  • God will not love you the way you are? Pastors hitting gays? Why is Christianity portrayed this way? Thats so sick

  • 12:47 , please DON'T.

    • Didn't know Minions could grow so much hair

  • 7:08

  • I thought Ben is back was Ben in black, a sequel to the men in black trilogy

  • Dez just dropped an f bomb, I now actually have some respect for him

  • 12:47 WTF IS THAT

  • Omg Boy Erased made me cry 😭

  • Time freak = Life is Strange

  • That's all of them 20:08 - 20:12

  • 8 mie will always be my favorite.

  • Time freak: for those nanny McPhee fans who recognises the main characters face

  • Who else read “ben is black” in their head

  • 7:30 that scared me lmao

  • Wreck it Ralph breaks porno

  • You Gus are cool you are sick

  • I just disliked to have 69 dislikes

  • I had nightmares the first time pet cemetery came out when I was 6 or 7. I heard a cat under bed bed for 2 weeks. I tried to read the book when I was in my 20s, same thing. So guess who is NOT gonna see new one in my 30s? NOT ME!! Bring it on church!!!!

  • So is glass the bad guy

    • If you watch unbreakable you'll have your answer

  • ohh god that gay one one made me fuckin CRINGE AND YELL FAGGGGGGGGY

  • 7:26 -- i immiedalty knew it was Pet Cemetery. that truck says it all

  • time freak gives away so much....

  • Glass is all that is good, rest doesn't look that great.

  • ben is back. boy erased.

  • fuck the new Aladdin no Robin Williams No good No viewing

  • Oh man i love sophie turner so much from game of thrones

  • Is Jake trying to make a loop


  • God Dammit! The elves are doing Fortnite dances!

  • Can't wait.. sounds amazing

  • The beginning of the video almost made me cry, because I wish I would had a time machine to fix my big ass mistake that changed me and I regretted 😢😢😢😢

  • Did I just see Ralph... Floss?

  • did Dez just swear?

  • Click the sequal

  • Bodied looks cringy af

  • 13:40 what the fuck is zootroplis... do they mean zootopia?

  • Did anyone else notice in the Wreck it Ralph trailer that it said "Zootropolis" instead of "Zootopia"

  • Aladdin interests me, I don't care at all about the SJW movies.

  • Ralph break the internet 😙😙😙😘

  • Glass. 😯

  • 13:40 what the hell is Zootropolis

    • Zootopia is zootropolis over seas, so this must be the Trailer that was made for Europe.

    • also known as Zootopia I don't why it has another name tho xD

  • cant wait for boy erased.

  • Lucas hedges : boy does he know to act well!


  • 16:35 look it’s troy savian

    • Name sounds familiar who is that

  • Glass

  • Are we not going to talk about the trailer that said "Zootropolis"...???

  • I would watch Boddied on like a nothing Sunday at 3:00 AM, all-nighter when you know it all ready too late to go to sleep.

  • No comments on the original name of Zootopia? 🤣

  • OMGOMGOGMOGMOGO ALADDIN!!!!!!! only sad thing is.. R.I.P Mr Williams!

    • I realy have a bad feeling it will be some shity musical...

  • Already saw a plot hole from the time machine movie and I haven't finished the video.

    • X-m @";362 en lol nbnneny the àe Zarina a yummy in

    • Erick Tuble oei ureiyfutyeutjt .m

    • What is the plot hole?

  • Not mentioned Aquaman movie!

  • Key word HEROES. Which means we will see a few in glass

  • oh yea santa is here and his wired its gone be the shitest movie in 2018 to 2019 maybe even going to be the emjio movie xD

  • a time machine made from speakers his smarter then steve hawking

  • Good on Ender

  • Bodied Glass Ben is Back Wreck-It Ralph 2 Boy Erased The Best of Enemies Aladdin Are the only good ones, why is everyone saying there all shit

  • 14:49 is that Maranda shings if that’s how u spell her name

  • What? Time freak came out in 2011 not 2018

    • yeh bodied came out last year lol

    • Matthew Skyler the

    • They went back in time to do it again

    • the other one is a short flim, this is a full on movie.

    • This is a movie based on a short film of the same name that was released in 2011

  • c oil

  • Im so exited!!!!!!

  • giving thumbs up just for putting the names on description

  • That first one is the same as a low budget british film from a few years back