Tory Lanez - Most High (Official Music Video)

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Director: @edgaresteves⁣
Creative Director(s): @jonprimo1⁣ @midjordan
Production Company: @blanksquareproductions @luckybastards_inc ⁣
Executive Producer(s): @edgaresteves @christhedirector ⁣

Producer: @miketheproducer ⁣
Line Producer(s): @nicky_bonez @johnlarosa @gabslarosa ⁣
Production Manager: @blaisedolce ⁣
Production Coordinator: @anthony_nelson⁣

DP: @jonchou⁣
1st AC: Sam Hecker ⁣
2nd AC: Travis Francis ⁣
Steadicam: @nowayjose ⁣

Key MUA: @tarnovetska ⁣
Make Up Assistant: Alex Romanenko ⁣
Make Up Assistant: Corina Cline ⁣
Lead Hair Stylist: Patrick Bradberry ⁣
Wardrobe Stylist: @jennademaio_stylist ⁣

Post Production Company: @postpros_⁣
Editor: @joanpabon_ @torylanez ⁣
Assistant Editor: @mccapturez
Colorist: @bryansmaller⁣
Color Company: @company_3⁣
VFX: @apixfilms ⁣

Gaffer: @guccigaffer⁣
Key Grip: @goyardgaffer ⁣
Electric: Greg Green ⁣
Electric: Amber Jones ⁣
BBE: @GrantGilligan⁣

Production Designer: @araewebner⁣
Art Director : Joe Holiday ⁣
Prop Master : Hannah Olsen ⁣
Art assistant : Michelle Hanzelova ⁣
Set Dresser: Cheyenne Sanchez ⁣
Set Dresser: Aditya Mohite⁣
Set Dresser: Ryan Archambault ⁣
Shopper: Katie Diffore⁣
Shopper: Brittany Brenner ⁣

Casting Director: @sarahmaylevy⁣

BTS: @ayy_yip ⁣
BTS Video: kevin.creates⁣

Key PA: @iyex_⁣
PA: @sahnahh⁣
PA: @cfield93⁣
PA: Trayvonne Johnson ⁣
PA: Darryl Milana⁣

Covid Compliance: Aygul Maksutova⁣
Covid Compliance: Denise Irwin ⁣

Camera: @lcarentals ⁣

Thank you to everyone who helped make this visual happen!! Shot, Edited & Colored within 72 hours! Appreciate everyone! Your efforts never go unnoticed!⁣
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  • Marcus n her fans punching the air

  • I love this man. Period point blank 💯

  • Copying Dababby. Wow

  • Dopetacular! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Frozen🤔

    • Praise to most high 🙏🏿



  • BESTIAL!!!!

  • Stop shooting women in the feet

  • Megan mad he own his own label and she still controlled by one YIKES💯💯😂

  • This video should have 40 million views by now..WE SEE YOU ID-tv🙄

  • @ wendy loeb it says in the article that the african american hollywood celebrities use a japanese skin lightening and bleaching lotion that makes them look from dark skinned to more like light skinned mixed race but they deny it i guess the reason they deny using this skin lightening lotion is because they want people to think they are naturally light skinned thats the only reason i can think of.

  • Why are we sounding like Meek Mills. This totally his flow.

    • Chille please as if Meek could ever!! sit down somewhere🙄

    • His pen Tory that is

  • Ouuuu

  • They froze his views 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Pac proud


  • 👍🔥🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🇲🇦♥️



  • Most high and then he is 5'3" ahahaha

    • @Malinda Watson keep calm, I'm joking 😂. It isn't an offense

    • @VICTOR BLADE he's 5'7. N why u 😠 if he was?? Jealousy is super real smh

    • @thug8200 idk, google says 5'3", but I trust you

    • @VICTOR BLADE I've met him he 5'7"

    • still richer than ur ass

  • ID-tv f u for Freezing the views!! PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH

  • ☂️

  • Tory keeps winning

  • 🤟🏿👌🏿

  • Tired of these Canadians

    • @Vinny LT question if he shot her right like you said why wasn't his bail 1.1 million cause in California that's how it works if you shoot someone and when they asked for that the judge said fuck no

    • @Vinny LT lmao he ain't shoot that MAN😂😂🤣🤣🤣 N Dax scary n poor✌🏽✌🏽☔☔☔

    • @thug8200 Go play hockey.

    • @Malinda Watson I cam because he shot my home girl in the foot. not other reason.. needed to get a look at this dude.. Only Canadian dude doing it is DAX...

    • @Malinda Watson Good damn point

  • Ayo 💯 🤓 " Praise to the most high " My Nigga Lanez I fux wit ya my G 🙏

  • I’ll be looking for aspiring actors/musical artists to star in my film.

  • Hard beat, that's it...

  • “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭ 🙏🏽🕊 Lord, May those that need this..see this 🙏🏽🕊


  • So fire ....

  • This is fax what he’s saying

  • Dax destroyed you nigga..

  • ID-tv didn't update the views yet..damn man..



  • He shot Meg in the foot then made an entire album dissing women in the industry. He has no respect for women. "SHOTS FIRED- MEG THE STALLION"

    • @Habanero Sauce someone’s stalking. Tory 🧢🤣🤣🤣

    • Whole lotta cap

    • Well who shot her, Kelsey? No, she was paid off by him to keep her mouth closed. Suspish.

    • Tory plead not guilty

    • @pooo 329 only 5"2 niggas shoot a woman. Scared ass cause shes taller, and more successfull.

  • Can’t lie if we didn’t know Tory was a singer. If this was the first video we seen of him we would think he was a Rapper Rapper. He has talent


  • Love from india bro 🙏🏻💞

  • the devil you fightin on here... is a black guy?

  • Your in my prayers Tory... warrior

  • Praise to da most highness. Jersey!

  • 🏃 🚶🔥 🔥 🔥 💵 💰 🎿

  • Просто галимый черный понторез)

  • He Meg is the demon hence the dog ringside for the devil

  • Man it's been a week i watch this video they stuck the views 😩

  • “Spent 4 seasons at the Four Seasons” 🔥🔥🔥

  • Who was the girl in red

  • So Lebron couldn’t get his hair back like Tory!

    • Ey....Praise to the most High!

  • Wtf is going on, these views stuck on 25 millions for like 15 days at least ??? Tory don’t deserve this!

  • Fire

  • 🔥 🔥 praise to the most high

  • To de most high

  • Sounds like an F 10 theme song

  • One thing is for sure you can see this mans underwear his shorts too short i guess thats why they call them shorts he has nice women legs he dress like the guy from guilty feet got no rhythm and i thought he would be scared of illumanati be hes asking for it.

  • Rap niggas telling the cops to go get him.. Never did I think I see the day.

  • 멜론에 안나오나요 ?

  • Lukewarm

    • Me when I lie🤷🏽Who's is better?? I'll wait🤔

  • Dislikes are Megan fans

  • 2020 praise to da most hard song now - she ugly i gotta hit her with da wow

  • 🙌🏾

  • Where Rick Ross at.. His quality of music is better then anything Ross could put out.

    • @Kanye Pepper it was him takn another mans persona & gunplays song writing🔜gunplay wrote 'hustlin'🤫

    • Ross is a legend though. Hits on Hits. Everyone knew rick ross was a correctional officer just before he got famous. It was ross's legendary tone that broke through all that.

    • I’d have to respectfully decline, but I do agree that Ross should’ve stay out of it.

    • i heard he back at his old gig for a 'reunion' of some sort👮‍♂️all the officers from that prison that got hired in the year 20O0 Are there celebrating still being alive/their all staying at the holiday in✅name of the reunion is 'surviving opa locka'

    • Thats a stretch. 2010 ross would body tory, but tory a beast

  • praise to the most high!

  • I think he did it, but this song fire🔥 the situation got nothing to do with me lol

    • Good thing what u think doesn't matter in this case

    • Think is the keyword do it

  • We can force them to unfreeze it. #putthisonrepeat.

  • How the fuck its still on 25M?👀

  • Hey George Floyd... I mean Washington

  • george washington

  • “Praise to the most high “ giving me dj khaled vibes lmfaoaoao

  • Ok so first they delete where obama calls he's wife Michael than Noah Jacobs video of wap exposed is no where to be seen

  • Shoulda actually been rapn bout tha most high...

    • If you don't see that he's talkin bout GOD then ur the problem🙄

  • 🙏🏾❤️🔥🇩🇴


  • Kanye please remix this song 😭😭

  • Dzem 🥵

  • Tory Never Miss 🙏🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Wow really

  • I'm feeling every verse i love this song 🙏🏿🔥❤

  • Damn Tory, you going all the way up bruh.... free Tory Lanez

  • Who came from the nelk video

  • he aint shoot megan idc idc


    • ikr like it was 24 mil in 3 weeks then every since

  • It's proved that his views are blocked. It's impossible that he's Still at 25.7 After 2 days

  • avançado demais caralho!

  • Кто после фита с Kizaru

  • Dam, how many times can you say nigga in one song.

    • As many as you want when you the boss🤷🏽

  • Fuck tha Megan shit this man talented period

  • Tory pleaded not guilty?

  • @6ix9ine would of smoked this beat!

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣snitch nine is 🗑 n not on Tory's planet

  • He’s a Vibe. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • “Walk away free cause I’m innocent” he don’t lie on his raps🐐🐐

  • Yo this is sick glad I got told to add u on Instagram good shit.. btw maybe you won't understand but it's Joshua

  • All the way from the “CANADA!” Days

  • Praise to the most high🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • His voice is diffrent

  • I can't believe he really beat the case

    • @PURPLEHAZE 26 lmao I hope he’s good 😂 ion think he did it.. intentionally at least but the case isn’t near over

    • @JJCOOKZ wtf yo tory gud. And the other hand marcus fans are taking LLL 😂

    • @PURPLEHAZE 26 next court date Jan 20. Sometimes judges convict someone if they have valid witnesses. But we don’t know what those other two are saying

    • its over they don't have enough evidence😂 the never did 😂😂

    • It’s not over. His next date is in Jan 2021🙏🏾

  • Hay

  • Oh it's a wrap now.