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  • I love how it was Adam and Justin,but I think Justin should have been at the top, it would have been SO funny to see what Justin would do! But good job Adam!🤣🤣

    • Ytkffhheeeuurut yüksek sanirsam bir problem yok mu yoksa ben sizde çok iyi bir şekilde şeyler yapma nolursun sana yemek tarifleri lezzet hem manevi tazminat da geri döndü felç gibi ortaya çıktı isyen bu şekilde yap iste o kadar öle bir problem dehil bu nedenle çok güzel olmuş ama bu

  • Pull out the top pin, then pull out the one that had mummy long legs on it, let the two monsters fight, then pull out the pin letting the last monster down to the bomb, then open the remaining pins and boom they get together again

  • Miss when they use to be funny :/

  • I love your videos I'm a huge huge fan I got all the lady box stuff I got the backpack for back to school and I love you guys so bye

  • My best friend has your plushies

  • Tip : after when mommy is done fighting with bunzo you unlock the bottom key thing then you escape

  • Yay you made it to the ending ☺️

  • I like how Justin just does not care at all

  • Lankybox is the coolest guys in the world there videos are sooooo cool and cute I like you adam and Justin olso the best boy's in the world 🥰🥰😍😍😘😘💖❤💯

  • Omg I love you LankyBox

  • I watch Slinky bugs they're the bestest team in the world they make the funniest channel I like Justin he's really and I like donuts too I'm about to watch it after I watch all of these videos

  • The end is so cool 😎

  • Lankybox is the coolest guys in the world there videos are sooooo cool and cute I like you adam and Justin olso the best boy's in the world

  • I love your Tick Tock too Adam and Justin

  • Sério mano eu jogava esse jogo aí quando era criança tinha um jogo assim você me fez faltar muita saudade desse jogo

  • Lankybox im a huge fan I’m crying now

  • Lankybox World - escape the tower

  • I love the music

  • Fall damage: Am I a joke to you?

  • It's not Adam, it's Adem, love your vids ♡♡♡♡

    • I know you are 5 year old💀

  • I love you winky box I just need the lanky box teddy apply cheese but I can’t get that

  • That is a 10/10 bro! Ayyyyyy yoooooo!

  • Fun fact: bunzo bunny (aka the bunny) died from mommy long legs (aka the spider that's pink)

  • Justins laugh 😂 I love it.

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    • @🌻SunflxwerBxmb💣 Yes.

    • Шощулащуь9

    • I want cringe killer anticap cringe shield and the pill

    • mine:Cringe Killer

  • Ok, enough of ID-tv today

  • lanky box really be turning into a mobile game 💀

  • 😍🤩🥰

  • The music is good

  • I love Adam and that never die I'm a fan I wish they could watch the video still but I can't

  • I love your videos lanky Box I like your videos and I liked them So Use star code lanky Box


  • Justin you did it 🥳🥳


  • Get the free on the bottom so the bomb would blow them up

  • Yoo that was perfect


  • I am a big fan of lanky box

  • My little brother love your videos

  • 💛🌼

  • Quitarían el primero luego el de mommy después el de bunzo bunny para que exploten y ya luego el del joven y por último el de asta abajo y ya están juntos:3

  • I had the plushies but not the shirts but I have the Link Box plushies so please reply to this comment please

  • Monster how should I feel creatures lie here looking through the window

  • I like your music

  • That’s insane how you do these edits I don’t know how do you like make a thing like this I don’t know I think Fortnite toy better though Fortnite TikTok so yeah better

  • I have lanky bot and foxy 🦊

  • You can win a different way 😃👍

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  • Mobile game ada be like: 💀

  • I love the music 🎶

  • Cool

  • I'm a big fan

  • my phone is beginning to fly across the room without airplane mode

  • Vou deixar um like obrigado galerinha do

  • Guys stop doing those things go back on roblox plsss

  • Cuando le podías abrí la Puerta a momi con el conejo mono queda sola baja más a momi con la bomba y ganar

  • A big fan of y'all

  • Good

  • lankybox content is so weird and hateful!

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  • Good 10000/10

  • I like your box I'm your biggest fan your biggest fan I was hoping if I can have a plushie cuz a poor and everything really want one please bye

  • Wow

  • Можно было бы сначала опустить мамочку вниз потом на бонду мамочка бы победила бонзу и потом мамочку блин скинуть на бомбу и уровень пройден

  • And in this vid the hand did not do it how you meant to but what it did, did work

  • Drugs, smoking and porn won’t affect my children My children:

  • Можно было убрать нижнее

    • Та самая реклама Только 000000000000,1 % Сможет пройти!

  • This is why I don’t watch lankybox

  • Lanky box is now in toca world

  • I’m starting to hate lanky box becuz it’s stupid what they are doing it’s like the ads and I hate those ads I rlly miss the old lanky box and also I unsubscribed along time ago maybe try making it more fun I used to love watching them as a kid they were rlly funny

  • I. Love you.


  • He tried his best but it was amazing how did they get like rainbow diamonds and I play Minecraft

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  • Wow that so cnzy

  • 😂

  • Adem need some mikkkkkkkkkkk Justin needs some donuts

  • I love your videos :)

  • EP i ja musimy być dobrym

  • 😱👍

  • I know this song I Like It did you do the dance I tried to do it I did it but my legs going to hurt if you do it a lot so don't do it a lot cuz then your leg is going to hurt so can you started hurting when I'm doing it too and walking so don't really do that it's not good okay

  • 😂

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  • Bro you just ruined poppy playtime2

  • bruh it's so easy frist open the front one the open the one under mommy that open that one with the other one then thay will die🤣, then open all of them DONE SO EAZY

  • I was happy 20 seconds ago when I thought this didn’t exist

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  • 😂😂🎶

  • LNAKYBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omg early

  • I love your video so much

  • there's another way

  • 중굯ㄹ

  • Hahahahahahahaha 🤣

  • Who thinks that people that type random stuff in the comment section is confusing and cringe? 👇

  • TufhhfudA555🇧🇷😍♥️💪🦾🦿

  • Don’t go with the other ones have the monsters

  • What is this game name

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