TRADITIONAL Korean STREET FOOD Market Tour in Busan South Korea

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Jan 2019
I had some Korea videos and forgot to share this great food adventure with you. This was during my trip to Korea in December 2017, where I went to Busan. And while in Busan I had to check out the street food markets. Enjoy! :-)
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  • I would just go to Korea for the food 😭😭

  • Mochi

  • It’s 3am and I’m actually starving now

  • I'm ur fan

  • And I'm sooooooooooooooooo hungry

  • Strictly ur eating foods that r very tasty

  • In India it costs almost half a dollar 😂😂

  • You're so awesome

  • Mike : Ohhh it tastes so good but smell so bad 😁

  • Where is this place? Currently in busan but cant find it

  • Im Australian and a regular Korean visitor and I love their food but i hate they put sugar on a lot of versions of Western foods like corn dogs sausages on a stick the bread also is overly sweet...

  • 7:20 practically all asian food to white people

  • 오~~~부산^^ 살아있네!!!~~~♡

  • Why do I watch these videos it just makes me hungry

  • The boki

  • This is pure torture 😭😭

  • "doboki"

  • Yeah I heard that “Little Dream” SNOW @ 4:12

  • So jungkook eating this I. Am Indian idk all of this food Army!!!

  • Korean food is life...Took me living here to ever experience it 🥰 Anyone have an idea which busan food markets he is at in this video?!?!

  • Yummy

  • Sup Mikey cool vids I watch them when I'm chilling at home 👍

  • I love sd! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Korea is my dream destination. And their food ugh 🤤 Can't wait to visit

  • Mmm, the dobokki is so "Mochier!" That fishcake is worth the trip to Busan! 😍

  • I am Korean and was adopted to America family I miss my Korean food tteokbokkie , spicy dumplings , kimchi , rice cakes , bibimbap black bean soup.. My mouth water.. I told my husband let's go to Korea . . My husband yes. "Momoland ".. Real cute. Lmao 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • annyeonghaseyo yeoleobun, yeogi Lovesy Dee jeoneun saeloun hangug-in-igo hangug munhwaleul salanghamyeo hangug syoleul boassgo hangug miyong jepum-eul sayonghaessseubnida. nae chaeneol-eul guchughago gudoghadolog dowajuseyo. gomawoyo ~

  • 3:44 man "is there a camera filming me " 3:45 man " oh $hit I am on camera act cool " 😂

  • Im applying to teach English in Korea. I think Busan would be my first city of choice :)

    • Busan/Pusan is nice. As well as Seoul. There are plenty street vendors no matter where you go in Korea..

  • Take a screen shot every time he say “ridiculous”

  • Wait for me KOREA!

  • Yummy 😳😳😳


  • Bisa batal nih puasa gw .... aahhhh .....

  • хотя вы все там на него похожи

  • тебе говорили что ты похож на джеки чана, да?

  • Your carbon footprint must be horrendous, not just the travel, but the endless meat you consume. Thankfully we don't all live your lifestyle, or the planet would cease to exist......

  • 만두 좋아 하시는 아저씨 안녕?

  • I want to go back to south korea!!!!

  • Hi, strictly dumpling my dream is to some day go to korea and live there. I also love to cook so i really appreciate your time in going to these places to teach us. Im in 8th grade*14

  • Wow Korean food 😍😍

  • 한국의 거리를 영어로 들으니 엄청 색다르네요~^^ Let's go eat Zzang

  • 9:29 , "I dunno if i'm able to sell you guys on fore skin". lol

    • Froggytoad Pork skin.

  • Terliur part dumpling! 😭

  • nice food

  • Forget the plane i m going swimming

  • That’s *Whats tasty 😋 in Busan* If u know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Yes lmao finally we figured out what jungkook was saying.

  • why am i watching this when lunch is 2 hours away. help me

  • Watchin this while being pregnant is like gettin tortured 😭😭

  • I’m from Busan and I am super homesick watching this.

  • When he say"rediculous" i think that he hates the food😂😂really

  • You should try the egg bread!!

  • Wait sry I don’t understand but why was the grandma upset ? it’s making him uncomfortable to eat

  • is the video film in one single morning or you wear the same clothes so we believe you ate all that in one morning?

  • I wouldn't want to follow this guy after he uses the bathroom.

  • How do you not weigh 500 pounds? I love to try new types of food, and you evidently do too. My favorite meat is nice crispy pork, but I can't deal with spicey hot stuff. A nice sweet chili sauce with some crisp pig is perfect. Love your vlogs. Thanks for sharing.

  • I'm a kdrama and kpop fan, but I'm going to Korea just for

  • Yes I love Korean food and want to go....mostly for the not just that...I lived there once and graduated from SAHS😀

  • Watching your video and enjoy your channel. Hope to one day visit Korea.

  • I’m really curious who is his videographer. Like, is he/she even eating while filming the guy? >

  • I duk boki vegetarian?

    • QueenB the rice cake on its own probably is, but it’s usually accompanied by fish cake

  • Português por favor

  • They sell octopus tentacle takoyaki. It has no batter, just huge tentacle slices with the usual takoyaki toppings. Try it next time

  • "Ooh that taste so good but smells so bad" 😂

  • Kang’s Kitchen Kimbap

  • Poo and dishcloth If you know what I mean

  • Fml what have I been waiting for

  • I'm fasting and already feeling hungry ...soo want to try Korean cuisine .......

  • enough is enough am parking my bags


  • I would love for you to explain and maybe a few comparisons of what you’re eating I WANT TO TASTE IT BASED ON A many times a day do Koreans eat?

  • 5:44, Please tell where I can get that strawberry flavored condom hat!

  • I’m huuuunnngryyyyyyyy 😭🤤😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩

  • So what exactly is tasty in busan??? xD

  • 12:12 "delicious dick sauce"

  • that pooping mochi tho...

  • Now we finally know what’s tasty in Busan

  • I love pork skin

  • My boyfriend can't watch your videos because he gets violently hungry, but anytime I say "You know what would make this better?" he immediately says "ICE CREAM!" lolol

  • @strictlydumpling lemme go with you when you visit korean!

  • This must be what's tasty in Busan

  • 12:12 delicious what sauce?😂 🤣

  • what a mouth-watering video


  • 12:11 Wait, what kind of sauce was that?

  • Mikey! McDonalds or 7-11 reviews like the other asian countries!!

  • 7:00 fire nation sushi

  • Man you definitely come up with the greatest food combos!

  • You look like jackie chan😅

  • I want to visit but I don’t want to eat dog meat or swine meat

  • wow he can eat

  • mike knows what’s tasty in busan

  • "RIDICULOUS / RIDICULOUSLY " 😂 Ohh the Taste so good, but the Smell's so Baddd 😂 I'm Getting trapped in this vid.. Hahaaa

  • tteokbokki who? i only know doboki (btw ik he's not Korean so obv his pronunciation isn't gonna be perfect it's just a joke)

  • Jacky chan is that you? 😂

  • Thanks for all your food videos Mike!

  • I want to go just for the aunties

  • What the market name?

  • My trip to Asia (Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong) opened my eyes about how fck good the food is out there. It pisses me off when I go out to eat here in my city or in general (Europe). How the standard is low and fck expensive.

  • wow who wouldve known they sold traditional korean street food in the streets of korea