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  • My theory: Haruto is a good ghost and there is a bad ghost disturbing Jae, so Haruto is giving Jae a special type of tea every night so he won't be disturbed by the bad ghost. What are your thoughts?

  • Haruto's eyes speaks thousands of emotions. If he wants to pursue acting and be an actor, he can be one. Another plus is that the camera loves him, in every angle, Haruto looks amazingly good.

  • No wonder Haruto isn't afraid when they watch a ghost movie, that's his friend, Haruto is a good ghost

  • For non-fans, after watching the web drama. Please check their songs. You'll see how talented they are. In short, Stan them!

  • The guy named So Junghwan is really good. I thought treasure is just a singing group but this guy's acting is really on point. I think I might stan

  • Okay I'm not even a Treasure fan but I'm hooked on this web Drama! It's so interesting! And considering they're not actors the members' acting is so good!


  • Haruto is definitely not the evil ghost, he just wants to be with his friends. I bet he’s even trying to protect them.

  • I badly need to memorize their names lol and I'm so close to stanning this group

  • "once you entered this fandom, there's no turning back"

  • Junghwan is such a born actor,his expression is a killer

  • Let's appreciate Haruto, his acting is on point, not exaggerating to portray his character as a ghost.

  • I'm so excited for EP.3!

  • jeongwoo singing love scenario - really an iKONIC

  • I don't know how many times I had to rewind the argument between Junghwan and Doyoung. It's so good .

  • Did you notice that Doyoung is also great in acting, like hus expression always got me❤️

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  • Junghwan's acting skill is excellent. So natural. I won't be suprise if one day he'll be one of the main cast of a kdrama. Cauz he should be. Btw, all of them did a great job.

  • Thanks for this DRAMA that made me get to know this wonderful band

  • Junghwan and Doyoung’s acting skills are so good