True Facts: The Smartest Slime

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Patreon patron Peggy Casey came up with the scarecrow joke!!!
Bea Leiderman-
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    • Your video is literally on the goonstation wiki for the blob.

    • I wish my teachers would have talked this way. I absorbed everything in that video so easily compared to weeks of talking and overhead projector nonsense.

    • Can you do Volcano Snail?

    • @Ze Frank Just had someone trying to mimic your account claiming I just won a prize and to text a Telegram account! Reported the comment as spam.

    • You should do an episode about A sexual reproduction in multicellular organisms

  • As a molecular biologist who worked with DNA for many years, can confirm the way ZeFrank read out the DNA sequence is exactly what we do in lab. All day. Everyday.

    • 2:28

    • Pic is Asian no further questioning is required

    • No pain like leaving a PCR to run and coming back to find that its failed and you need to to back to step 1.

  • Can I get a ten minute video of ZeFrank just reading DNA sequences? It sounds like ASMR to me for some reason.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • People with polymastia listened to the whole thing :( F

    • I was taking a drink at that moment

  • I was chortling throughout this whole video, but I absolutely lost it at "It looks like a Goth sinus infection..." You are a *TREASURE*, ZeFrank, you truly are.

    • I loved the very last one xD "Looks like what happens when my dog gets into the blueberries" 😆

  • "...but what's _a-maze-ing_ (kill me)" completely broke me down into fits of goofy laughter. Well, even more so than the constant stream of giggles already taking place.

  • ZeFrank, you are my childhood. Thank you for being awesome and hilarious for however many years it’s been!

    • Congratulations you have been selected as a winner..🎁🏆 kindly send a direct message above to acknowledge your prize

    • The number of people in the "Teddy" vid comments saying similar is incredible. Man iz genius u huh youbetcha

    • Hear, hear! I feel we grew up together, he just doesn't know me. Feels weird. Kinda unjust.

  • so while i regret watching this while eating, this is by far one of the most fascinating subjects you've covered. more molds and fungi!!

    • Lol, I've been munching through pizza crackers and wine and I didn't even think of that! 😄

  • It's impressive how it's 100% education and 100% comedy. They don't cut into eachother at all, perfect fusion cuisine of the two.

    • @theoriginalpauly yep when it's done right it can be absolutely amazing to see

    • Sometimes I have to go back several times to appreciate all the intricacies of educational comedy.

    • @Apsoy Pike yep but it can also be equally terrifying

    • Nature is comedy.

  • I do a lot of work in the woods in Oregon, and I always love coming across the different slime molds! I've mostly seen bright yellow ones, but occasionally I'll spot an orange one. I always take pictures of them, just in case I bump into the same slime mold again. I've got pictures of the same yellow slime mold from the morning and afternoon on the same day, and it's impressive how much it changed in a few hours!

  • Is this art, comedy, educational content? Or is this simply awesome? This channel is amazing

    • @Metal Mama Sue I like the one on celephods.

    • AND ...check out the Peacock spiders episode with the should be smash hit ..Shiney Hiney. It's true art and you can dance to it...I do...shakin my rear like it could knit a's awesome... really...

    • Check out his video on Killer Surfing Snails and Tree/Leaf Hoppers. They're all so good, but those are personal favorites. Zefrank videos are always a treasure.

    • Answer ..yes..a thing can be more than just that one thing at any given time. And the best things like this, are..

    • educomarty?

  • This is the first time ever I've been able to sit through nonstop images of amoeba because the desire to experience the content is greater than my squeamishness and disgust. Like, since a kid in school, I could not. Congrats, Ze Frank. Your comedy has cured a life long condition.

    • Don't worry, the slime-mould can give that back to you! 😄

  • this whole series was so helpful in my "sex, evolution, and behaviour" course last semester I am so grateful for the oodles of examples to apply when discussing animal sexuality

  • It's great how the humor in these never fails. It hasn't grown old, become outdated, zefrank is just naturally funny. And you always learn something new!

  • ZeFrank’s way of describing things is better than any nature documentary I’ve seen

    • @Raymond Fagan genius

    • Now imagine a script written by Ze Frank but spoken by David Attenborough now thats a cross over the world just isnt ready for

    • Dear friend, believe in Jesus. If you follow the Bible you will know that most all of the 1,800 prophecies has come to pass. Once the final few happen Jesus Christ will return. Jesus say, "But when the Son of man comes, will there be any faith on earth?"

    • It's Jerry's work

    • Oh hey, i've seen you in a meme compilation or something before, I remember your name lol

  • I have to say, you are truly brilliant! You have the most incredible way of teaching through humor! Thank you, Sir, for what you do. I haven’t laughed while learning this much in my entire lifetime! God bless you!❤

  • Wow. I love slime moulds and I've seen quite a few videos on them, but you summed up pretty much everything in one video; and with extra information on their full lifecycle and great visuals. That plus comedy in under 12 minutes! Bravo

  • The timing on the end with the "unless you're eaten by a snail" was so good.

  • Hey, Ze, could you do something on rats? I always found it truly impressive how these mfs are everywhere, and they've adapted to every corner they're in (and they accompany us, humans, wherever we go)

  • I remember when I was studying slime molds and our professor told us of a case where an intern of hers accidentally left the lab window open during the weekend and the mold "ran away", so to speak. I had trouble believing the story at first, but the more I learn about them the more I am starting to believe...

    • 🤣

    • This is just the plot of Venom

    • @kindlin Yep. Watched most of them.

    • @Zahn Rad Ever heard of The Blob? You basically just called it.

    • Ah, my father told me a story about how it once escaped a laboratory and then met some cheese. So romantic

  • People learn at a faster rate if said learning is entertaining. I am in awe of you, because you figured this out and ran with it. I bet most of us who follow you hold you in a top position when it comes to videos we wait for.

  • The snail in the nursery (before it started eating) was one of the cutest Alice in Wonderland looking shots I've ever seen 😍🤩 so cute!

  • Close tie to the hummingbeyrd episode for me. I have a serious fascination with slime mould - black slime mould to be exact.I have so many pictures of different mould in my phone, probably more than I have of my family. If I'm not rockhounding, I'm spore hunting. I already knew much of the information in the video, but zefrank, my man, you make me laugh out loud, and never disappoint. 😍

  • I've been following Ze / True Facts for close to seven years now. I can't think of any other channel that has done a better job creating content of continually improving quality while keeping the spark that made it so great to begin with. Ze cracks me up just as much as the first video I ever say (True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp), but can now make me go slack-jawed with awe, or even tear up at times. Thanks for the great work you do!

  • God, i've always loved slime molds, but i never knew some of the things here, so, added with the absolutely beautiful and poetic ending, i almost cried. Yes, at zefrank of all people talking about slime molds of all things.

    • @Warded Thorn I feel like bees and ants would make great videos.

    • That's cute lol I'd probably do the same thing if he did a video about bees, I love them SO much

  • I did science fair projects with slime molds back in the early 2000’s, including seeing if they could navigate mazes for food. Unfortunately, my ability to build slime mold proof mazes was not good enough and the dang things cheated and just grew over the walls to go straight over to the food. I love these bizarre and wonderful little things.

    • @Kiara Smith One of the photos in this video, where he first show a wall, was labeled Acetate Trap.

    • @The Master of Blu Slime molds need to be held accountable for their behavior! 😂

    • Believe in Jesus Christ. He's coming soon

    • @Kiara Smith basicaly water proof it. seal off everything but the input and out put

    • @Sam Miller They aren't magic blobs that can devour everything. I'm fairly sure they aren't able to "eat" eg. cyanoacrylate (super glue; it basically turns into acrylic glass when it hardens/polymerizes) or epoxy. If they could we wouldn't have nearly as many problems with plastic pollution.

  • I opened the video and thought to myself “these are cool but surely I’ll never see one in nature” and then you showed like 3 examples that I’ve absolutely seen

  • I was not ready to hear you read DNA sequences like that. I had to pause and laugh for a minute straight :D

  • PLEASE make a 10 minute video of you reading dna. I need it in my life.

  • The most amazing thing about these videos amount of research and learning that has to be done just to be cut down into like a 10 to 15 minute video. And yet I never feel like there's any information left out

  • You should have got HBO Max to sponsor this video. You've just made that show even more horrific and scary! Well done!

  • 7:14 "But what's amazingkillme is that the solution it settles on..." the way that line is so smoothly spoken is wonderful

    • @Kira Marie "butt what"

    • 😂I thought I miss heard too.

    • OOOF. I feel quite slow, I usually try to be the one who catches stuff like this and WHOOSH right over my head. I didn't even catch the pun. Thank you!

    • Whoa

    • Delivered with all the lack of hope that Spy's head does in Valve's TF2 Meet The Medic video.

  • Before i used to eagerly await his upload and watch them the second it's uploaded. Now ill go weeks restraining myself cause it's such a treat to watch! Man's a scientific & comedic genius.

  • When I was a kid my dad told me about slime molds and I was deathly afraid of one crawling across the yard and eating me in my sleep, I don’t know how I came to that conclusion😂

  • I absolutely love how he compares DNA as spells

  • There's a blob of slime mold growing out of my sink once, unfortunately it's a rusty red and look exactly like dried blood spilling out of the drains. Later though I found another blob on the floor, and they're actually yellow when not dried, and they grow really really fast too. The tiny smear I found covered two tiles after just a few hours.

  • The way he read that dna had me rolling! 🤣

  • I really like Ze Frank's model of quality over quantity, you may have to wait, but when he uploads, it is ALWAYS a treat.

    • Well worth the wait

    • I prefer to call it the CGP Grey model but plenty of creators do something like it.

    • but i hope he never makes a 4 year break again

    • Me too. I would totally eat up more episodes though They're so good

    • You must've grown several auxiliary heads by now 😲

  • Ze Frank is pure genius, his videos have come a long way from his originals. I now know the little red fuzzy balls on a stump are fungus and not eggs.

  • Thanks for an entertaining, educational and excellent video as always Ze Frank.

  • Ze Frank reading DNA sequences is now my ringtone.

  • I'm watching the Last of US rn and it's all I can think about. The slime molds going through the mazes??? So fucking dope, if you covered a video on how realistic the fungi are in the show/game I'd absolutely watch it

    • It really isn't realistic in any way. Adapting to a vastly different host species would take cordiceps hundreds of thousands of years. Every species has its preferred host species and can't even infect and control a slightly different ant species. Yet it somehow skips millions of more closely related animals and goes straight to humans, perfectly adapted in a few years (after it had already adapted to a higher mean temperature on earth). Add to that how it seems somehow mixed with slime molds, which is very very distantly related, all kinds of magical abilities, apparently not controlling living humans but killing and completely replacing them from the inside while retaining most functions, surviving dozens of rounds of assault rifle fire through its body (of that ridiculous multi-corpse mega zombie)... Just suspend your disbelief, accept the setting and enjoy the show (and game). It's not meant to be a realistic vision of a dystopian future. It's basically just the fantastic idea every single human that ever read or watched a video about cordiceps immediately had. I bet even cordiceps scientists had such a thought go through their heads, no matter how unlikely. It's just fun to imagine!

    • @Andnl ohhh! Thank you very much!

    • ​@Grace Yeah You misunderstood the temperature "theory". Human body temperature wasn't changing, their idea was that the warmer average temperature could cause the fungi to adapt to warmer temperatures similar to human body temperatures, allowing them to infect people without burning up

    • The show uses the imagery of slime molds but the mind control fungus that the premise Draws from is not actually a slime mold.

    • The fungus is so much more realistic in the game!! Mostly because the show decides to add fantasy elements but also try and explain it with real science? So it doesn’t totally add up. The game leaves a lot to the imagination! But in the show, the fungal network is as fast as Wi-Fi which isn’t how it works, the fungus has its own motor function & manages to grow its tendrils in under a day (??) totally fantasy! In the very first scene they say global warming would allow it to survive in humans, but global warming doesn’t change our core body temperature; there are no spores in the show despite the fungus clearly having sporangia??? Then in general there’s how mammals would be far harder to control from a engineering perspective with our internal skeletons, etc etc. There are so many things to expand on and go into the science & explore comparing the show to how things could happen IRL; I’d love to learn more about it too. Sorry for the big reply, I’ve been thinking the same stuff as you and got excited to see your comment!

  • Amazing footage, it's unbelieveable how much knowledge is out there that most people are unaware of! THIS is the way you get students intrested on studying differential ecuations haha

  • “Butt food isn’t always plopped in front of you.” I swear, this joke never gets old. 😂

    • @Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 😂

    • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Had me choking on my breakfast

    • @Kelsey Williams My big brother would clown me all the times where he’d intentionally mispronounce dirty words so that I’d ask him or my mom what the word meant. “What’s a Pen-Is?” (Instead of “pee-nis”)

    • oh THAT'S what the joke was, thank you

  • Anyone interested in more of this subject should read Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake, or get the audiobook, it's amazing. Almost as amazing as Zefrank's commentary.


  • you always make learning about these creatures really fun and entertaining. buried under all those other great comments but if you get to see this then thank you, for making all these great videos!

  • I've only discovered this channel today so maybe he already did this, but I would love to see a video like this on humans. :D

  • Thank you for this. I’ve been thinking a lot about slime molds lately

  • 7:15 "What's a-maze-ing, kill me-" got me so hard I lost my ability to take a full breath without it hurting. Thank you Frank, for delivering such good comedy. These documentaries are literally the only ones I can watch because otherwise I get bored.

    • @Call_Me_Mad it's just that he made a bad pun "maze / amazing" and then he insanely smoothly sneaked in the "kill me" to castigate himself

    • What was the joke though? Was this funny for a reason or just because random = funny. Asking because I don't know if I'm missing something

    • it was so damn smooth, a true masterpiece

    • This video got me so hard too but I'd see a urologist if it was messing with my breathing

    • I had to go back and listen like three times and read along with the comment to put two and two together. 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • I wish I had these videos as a nature series in high school. 😆🤣🤣🤣 I love them.

  • Props to one of the best ID-tv channels, always providing the utmost entertainment.

  • I would have gone to school to study slime molds if I had seen this earlier in my life. Truly fascinating.

  • There's an old documentary called 'The Creeping Garden' where this is covered that you might find interesting. Incredible creatures!

  • Never has a video made me ITCH this much before, but I cannot resist a Ze Frank video.

  • I love how you use ACTUAL scientific terms such as "touchy touchy" and "food stank"

    • I seriously hope the science hippies use such terminology 🤣

  • In college zoology we got extra credit for growing a slime mold at home. I was proud of mine, even though he looked like Big Bird diarrhea. Looks aren’t everything.😊

  • I was trying to nap and thought I'd listen to this while doing so. Kept giggling and you sir have earned a sub. Great vid 😄

  • Best videos on ID-tv. Seriously so awesome that you teach us a ton while making us laugh so damn hard. Keep up the great work brother.

  • 8:35 I think I watched this part 10 times over. What an angelic, beautiful sound to grace my sound holes.

  • Omw how entertaining is this.....LOVED watching this! These documentaries are 1 In a billion. Keep those videos doing marathon on your channel xx

  • I'm so happy Ze Frank didn't quit ID-tv. I remember the hellish state of this platform 5 years ago with his 4 year absence

    • Agree, but I wish all of his old website was still functioning. The main page is there, but only a small number of the links still lead to pages. I miss the Pre-date Confidence Booster, How to Dance Properly and My Cat Annie, just to name a few... Oh, I just found out that someone uploaded How to Dance Properly.

    • Hold up... he's gone on ID-tv about 4 years? Yikes!

    • Don’t talk about the dark times 😔

    • @Cen Ciende lmao what

    • Well it's still full of too many ads and runs on a platform of hypocrisy and sexist content rules. I'm not sure it's in much of a better state.

  • I didn't realize how many varieties of slime-mold there were. I had a yellow & white battle it out in my worm-bin, though now I realize there are a few others around.

  • This has to be my favorite zefrank video, absolutely hysterical

  • "The scream of the night deamon" is a good metaphor for life and cell division in my opinion.

  • The reading of the book of spells reminded me of Our Art Art Hour. I’d like more of that.

  • That "smoker's lung on pop rocks" one got me good. Lmao

  • You know this guy is a legitimately good teacher. We actually come back just to eagerly hear what he has to teach us each video. I only wish school teachers had his capability to make it interesting.

    • I found him oafish and lacking any admiration for the subject matter. And using "spells" as metaphor for DNA is derision.

    • @Drake Magnum no way! What subject did he teach?

    • Well, it helps to not be in a life-threatening situation. -An American teacher

    • Keep your mind open more and more through your life. You'll only discover further that you are your best teacher. Have a wonderful time.😁

  • This episode was quite fascinating. I also rather dislike ads in general, but you manage to keep me interested. I hope you make millions.

  • The reading out the DNA sequence part just killed me

  • loved it. comedic timing plus knowledge, oh and jerry equals awesome sauce! smokers lung on pop rocks👍

  • I learn so much from Zefrank's videos and the comedic timing is just excellent.

  • I was super nervous waiting for my first ever therapy session to start, then I saw this video Thanks for giving me smth to calm down and cheer up

  • Once again, ZeFrank giving all us Dungeon Masters more material to incorporate into our D&D campaigns. Imagine you venture into the Abyss, to fight Juiblex, Demon Lord of Slimes. Only to discover a forest of stalks, on which rest colorful spheres full of spores. But you better not touch them, lest the spores hatch into slimes that try to eat you. Or, worse, you better hope you didn't arrive when all the stalks dried out, and then the wind picks up. Spores all over your skin, in your hair, in your _lungs._ If you survive all that, then you see, on the horizon, the _pulsing mass._ And it's coming right for you. Run all you like. Hide in the cyclopean structures dotted around the landscape. Juiblex WILL find you. So where do you take shelter in Slime Hell? Well, on the shell of the Titan Snail, of course. This beastie is more interested in eating the spore stalks to really be interested in humanoids. To the point where a whole city has been constructed on its shell. A moving refuge against the predations of Juiblex.

    • Bruh wtf did i just read?

    • Hopefully the ranger brought a giant slug

    • Better yet! What if Jubilexx and Zugamatoy got married and thier realms combined! Just a hellish fusion of slimes, molds, slime molds, oozes, and creeping fungel beasts. A place where all is a living pulsing *thing* and nothing ever truly dies because nothing is wasted and everything is eaten, digested, and ejected into a new hideous slimy tendriled grosseness. Now that's a hell, all is alive and cognizant at every stage of transformation, from viral host to digested sludge to fractured spores ect. This sounds fun imma go write this down.

    • I once used Physarum polycephalum (and the real life stories of mass appearances of its bright yellow mycelium and fruiting bodies having triggered UFO hysteria in small US-American towns in the 20th century) in a Call of Cthulhu pen-n-paper roleplaying game. It really freaked my players out. XD Despite the slime mould being just a normal slime mould and not even the Cthulhu mythos part of the story.

    • Try zuggomoty the demon lord of fungi. Everyone just does mushroom folk, but a crawling mass of fungus is better. A cloud of spores descending on the city infecting everything not sealed off. Little mounds can be found in the streets once people panicking during the disaster now just nutrient nodes. The whole area is covered in a web of slimemolds, and as you fight it any surviving bit spreads the resistance around. There is no getting out from the city. There is no winning a fight only surviving. Sunlight causes the mass to be more dormant, but nightfall comes too soon and with too much of a cost. Bit by bit the areas of safety are lost as a single cell swallows a city and every scrap of protein within it.

  • Wow this was one of my favorites so far. This is incredibly interesting to learn about

  • I can't get enough of this guy's content.

  • The very first T.E.D. Talks that I'd seen had Ze Frank's presentation and it opened the doors for 2 of my favorite things to watch on youtube. Dude.. you're an awesome and comedically brilliant son of a ..gun. . I'm glad to see your still at it man. Cheers!

  • Oh my God! That was a mind-expanding experience I've always loved this show! Have a wonderful year Jason c

  • “Goth sinus infection.” Gross and spot on. 😄 Oh my lord, I was instantly transported to the early 2000s when my middle-school-aged daughter decided she was a goth.

  • During the pandemic shutdown I bought a yellow slimemold as a pet. Named him "Blobby". Blobby ate a diet of oatmeal and grew big and strong. Too big and strong. I deprived him of further oatmeal to keep him at a manageable size. Realizing that the only nearby source of sustenance was me, soon he began plotting his escape. In a matter of days he started climbing the walls of the terrarium he lived in. Planning an escape. I watched with an equal mix of horror and awe as he approached the lid. Terrified I was about to unleash an unstoppable pulsating amorphous scourge upon the fragile and unique local ecosystem. I prepared a spray bottle filled with bleach to put him down if he forced me to. I screamed and begged "Please Blobby don't make me do this!! Don't make me kill you! I love you Blobby! You are my child! I have the high ground Blobby you can't win this! Just go back inside and be a nice little slimemold and you can have all the oatmeal you can eat!!". But Blobby didn't listen. Blobby didn't have any ears, and he was a bit of a dick. He climbed the underside of the lid toward the air hole in the center. Making these strange hanging upside down snotty tendrils as he went. I sprayed the bleach, but it didn't work, it only made things so, so much worse. Blobby was mutating, evolving in real time before my eyes, realizing he had to evolve the ability to realize in order to realize how to defeat me and usurp the human race. He endeavored to use me as a symbiote, crawling through my ears while I slept and taking my brain for his own. Eventually he reached beyond the confines of his terrarium home with faint tendrils trying to escape unseen. I was forced to put him down and hold him a proper viking funeral. Burning him alive. I have a Blobby shaped hole in my heart forever now. He is never far from my thoughts. Ah parent hood. Its so beautiful when the young ones leave the nest and you have to murder them to save the human race :,) ❤ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgsjdkcicuababfof7ahwbfixushrofuenfdisnfidusvsfog8thsbsskfotSTOPHIMSTOPHIMSTOPHIMSTOPHIMHELIESHELIES Thank you zfronk from the great documentary about me me me me the completely harm less species known to the human race us us us as slime molds. Get a harnless slime mold as a pet. They are fun and education and will not hurt you. Let them cuddle your ear it is as awwwwdorable! moldsHELIESHELIESDONTLISTENRUNRUNRUNRUMRUNHIDEHIDEHIDEHIDEHIDEAIRTIGHTEARPLUGSanfod82849jsbduaonfisuabfowjd2*#,"[÷9,$÷*•♡□¡●£39 I cried for days after that and I started to get worse and worse headaches. Seering pain like I've never felt, just behind my eyes. I've felt a presence in my mind ever since. It started slowly at first. A movement of my hand I didn't intend. I became averse to bright light. I stopped salting my food, and I couldn't seem to eat enough yet I was losing weight! It was truly fantastic I am so glad I got my lovely pet slimemold! I craves oatmeal. A focus on information or news Ive never cared about before. I've had gaps in my memory, blackouts where I do strange and horrible things only to discover the aftermath when I recover conciousness. I was diagnosed with trauma induced fuege states. Eventually they said I had schizophrenia. But I know the truth, Blobby succeeded. I didn't burn him, he tricked me with a hallucination, false sensory input. The tendrils were only so faint because they were only but the slimy trails he left behind when he crawled out. The slimy hanging ropes of his flesh were his children, and a decoy. He makes me... he makes me break into houses and drop them into peoples ears. They crawl inside and slowly take control. Just like they did while I instantly slept that night. Oh how I wish... I desperately wish I had never gotten a slime mold in the first place. I have dreams.. nightmares where I can see the plans he slowly is unraveling. [[But we'll get to those plans after a brief word from our sponsor! Slimemold ear plugs®️™️ are a brilliant new evironmentally safe and non infectious design to block out the sound of yourself screaming in pain as the slime mold ear plugs don't infect and consume your brain! Slime mold ead plugs are revolutionary and completely safe! By efficiently conforming through the inside of your ear they block out 99% of the sound of your not panicked family not begging you to not assimilate them! Unlike other earplugs that always fall out slimemold ear plugs cannot be removed! They even clean your earwax for you! You know the opposite sex loves ear wax free slimey ears! You will be sure to physically combine yourselves into a new organism! You can get slimemold earplugs for free just by taking a nice relaxing nap on the nearest moist forest floor. Use my promo code "Dribbleoatmealaroundyourselftoatteactcutesquishyfriends" to save 50% off your free earplugs! Talk about savings! And as a bonus! Put the slime mold onto all your Q tips and give them to your friends and the homeless as generous gifts! They even spore and in addition to not infecting your dog they look like fashionable jewelry! Humans which I am one truly do appreciate the fancy shinys. Primitive inferior gullible apes of which that I am one. Now back to the normal world that is continuing as it always has and isn't being taken over by fungal overlords!)) He's raising an army, infecting us one by one. Eventually once he infects every last living thing on this planet he's going to digest us all and fuse with his progeny. Blobby didn't evolve on earth.. no. He came on a meteor flung from a doomed planet, the end result of his plans for us. Sporing out into the universe to consume every life that was, is, and will be. There will be no stars, no plants, no moons, no life, no angels or demons, there will only be Blobbly. Faint tendrils connecting all matter, like neurons in a cosmic brain. With my last moments of freedom I summoned all my willpower to leave this comment. Please, someone, come and put an end to our cursed existence. Before Blobby succeeds in his evil plans. Burn me, burn all of us. Dont listen to what we say, he will try and trick you, to pull your emotional strings and convince you this is only the tail of a mad man. That they aren't really infected. Lies. Lies. LIES!! LIES!!! LIIESSSSS!!!! Burn us before he infects he too. Before he infects us all... YEEEEsssssss... Come to me. Come and stop me. Come and bringgggg me morreee foooddddd. JOinn usssss.

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    • @Noah A So happy to here you're making your day ( and on to the next 🌅) how you want it to be 😁.. What you do & the way you view it makes all the difference in the world.. And adding all my best wishes for so many more really really cool ones 🌅🌄🌅🌄🌅😋 ☮️♾️

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    • Low key honestly considering giving this a second draft as a serious attempt at a horror story and putting it on r/nosleep...

    • Last little piece of inspiration I realized was the Interloper in Fallout 76. When that dude was chosen to be its priest and went to it. But it was actually just tricking him so he could eat him. That's where the "destroy it" twist as the slime mold actually just trying to attract would be heroes so it can eat them came from.

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