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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to TRY NOT TO GET ANXIETY CHALLENGE (IMPOSSIBLE)



  • I watched your video while I have strep throa

  • My anxiety level: **in heaven** *dead* ❗ ◀: me NOOOOOOOO ❌ IT'S HARDER THEN GRAPHITE☣ MY ANXIETY IS HARDER ☢ I HAVE ANXIETY ⚠ IS HE NEVER GONNA STOP? 💥 HELP ME 🔴 STOP THIS MADNESS 🟧 umm is someone watching me? 🟨 im starting to get scared 🟩 im just gonna go play roblox 🟪 hello im asking what's wrong HERE 🟦 rlly what;s wrong.. 🟦 what's wrong about this? ⬛ ... ◻ .. ▪

  • this is how meny people in the pool 987855578

  • You should do a laugh u lose on a sub reddit called crappy off brands

  • Me 0 out of 1000

  • It's a panther

  • I cant even climb the playground lader its 2ft

  • wow

  • Mission Impossible In real life

  • I have a fear of heights and crowds and the ocean

  • I felt like i was going to die

  • {\____/} (♡●♡) (V V) _________ U U

  • I love your vids :3

  • I love you

  • Azzy wheredo you live?

  • Y do u have the same thumbnail as Lazerbeam

  • I hate hights

  • I have anxiety as like bad but like it will not pass it’s my characteristic and it sucks this did not help but I watched it because I love her

  • Azzyland: I will get you a gym membership if you want *the next day* Man:Can I have my membership now!?!

  • Anyone 2020 and wit is anxianty

  • 3:06 omg that Jaguar is. So cute

  • 6:51 azzy claps hand bcs person can park boat easy

  • um... i have seen a video of someone bunjee jumping and where is is rope and harness because usually its attached to the feet

  • omg

  • The guy holding on to the wedges is on glass

  • What is exiaty

  • What is anxiety

  • At the beginning... Okay my anxiety is okay At the end... Why did my Anxiety skyrocket so much

  • spiderman be like

  • That challenge was super duper easy and I'm only nine years old

  • 5:00 The person filming could've been a tornado watcher

  • I’m trying to yawn but I can’t saddly

  • Vroegikginnaarwikollikbenlolan7❄️☃️🥐🌈🍗🥥😘🍍🍒🍉🍎🌊🌬🍌🌥🥰😍😋😛🥳😭😢😎😜😝😘🌫

  • I can't watch this like whyyyy would they do that

  • Dragon ball what do you know about dragon ball

  • 789


  • Nop nop NOP

  • I did just as bad as you

  • Nooo ANXIETY like I don't feel thing

  • Did you say dragon ball I love dragon ball I really stop the video when you said it and I am on my moms account

  • I love how The Jaguar was upside down it looked so cute!!!🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️

  • I was ok with some of them, but the shark got me!!! And I usually love sharks, but I DONT want to swim with one!

  • I love you

  • Away I love ur videos but ... The second last video is editing

  • Me: *falls down the stairs at school* Me : what the- I how did I didn't hurt my head *thinks* wait what am I a super human

  • I failed at 0:04 oops

  • It was making me bite my headphone wire ;-;

  • Not even shivered for a sec

  • plz chak out moonlight its my chanle I have 2 suds

  • i dont have anxiety

  • 3:10 that’s a panther not a jaguar ( I think)

  • Roses are red violets are blue I hope the people jumping will not be dead

  • Why.why

  • I got anxious by my iPad having 1% 😂😂😂

  • I thought that meh anxiety was worst at school, well I was far of from the truth

  • OEF OEF OEF My anxiety level used to be almost nothing now it's full on oh my😅😱😲😓

  • But........ I already have anxiety........

  • 🍕🍟🍟🍔🌭🦴🥞🥖🥔🥝🍒🍑

  • What does anxiety mean