TWICE "SET ME FREE" Performance Video

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TWICE "SET ME FREE" Performance Video


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  • Mina and Dahyun are obviously the swans of this era , they shined so much

  • I love the way Mina, Sana and Tzuyu dance omg

    • @melo haha just came. To read comments😂😅😅😂

    • @Mohammadha why are u here then💀

    • @Judy Sukkarieh i didn't watched yet that's it

    • @Judy Sukkarieh haha no😂😂lol

  • 2:42 is definitely my fav part, Mina, Sana, and Tzuyu stole the spotlight for me

    • exactly I kept repeating that part cause it was pretty special (Tzuyu's voice is so refreshing and the dance moves looks fun) ^^

    • Facts they hit that beat hard with those moves

  • Mina, tzuyu and jeongyeon only sang two lines but they shine so much. Also mina is so hot in white suit!! Pls let mina wore suit more

    • Remember TTT Tdoong Ent, Mina always looks gorgeous with suits

    • 207 likes and 0 comments? let’s fix that

  • The fact that Mina and Dahyun are wearing white shows how this is their era 🔥🔥🔥

  • TWICE outfits really nice but there's MINARI caught my attention she's like a proffesional model/CEO in her attire wearing white suit.A visual indeed.Can't take off my eyes with her.🐧💓

  • *Mina as the Final Center hits different. Her outfit, face, gracefulness fits this concept so well*

  • Minas ending is gorgeous omgg she better get an ending fairy this era

  • Damn my eyes goes to Mina.. Her Stage presence is no joke.. That white suit gorgeous

  • Mina has two line but she shines so much!!! Love this song so much!! It's addictive!!!! They're so beautiful!!

  • ミナの踊り綺麗すぎて何回も巻き戻して見ちゃう🥺💞 衣装も似合いすぎてる!!!

  • Queens Great performance👏👏 Mina.. Mina.. Mina.. absolutely stunning🔥♥️ Jihyo,Jeongyeon,Dahyun ,Tzuyu👌🔥

  • Mina has only two lines. But shes really something in this performance video 😍🔥🔥 goosebumpssss

    • @ALIFF ONCExSONE They got more than 3 lines

    • As an OG Once, I really stopped counting their lines 😆

    • That's what i thought!!

    • most of them got 2 lines only.. only Jihyo, Nayeon and Sana get 3 lines..


  • center mina is everythingg we needed


    • @Eric Viñas yes, I am sad too but a lot of people are talking about jihyo! Dont worry they got the recognition they deserve

    • @MizuSpymiko no offense bro! I felling sad no body talking about Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Jihyo or Jeongyeon their doing great like the others. Sorry! I know we all have different opinions.

    • @MizuSpymiko 👍

    • @Eric Viñas ok your opinion!

    • Sorry but i think Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu

  • Mina's Isolation is crazyyyyy. K-netz praised her a lot this era.

  • ミナのアイソレ綺麗すぎて何回もリピートしちゃう 0:17

  • TWICE's "READY TO BE" has now surpassed 20 MILLION on-demand streams in the US ! 🇺🇸

  • The step Mina does at 0:22 is the most satisfying to watch. It's my favourite from the whole song. She really has something in her dancing which makes the simplest steps iconic just like her step in 'Cry for me' as well.

  • Mina has innocent slaying eyes. Penetrating to ur heart!

  • Credit to whoever created their choreography/synchronicity training and styled their outfits.

  • Can't take off my eyes to Mina's visual and stage presence.The one who dress in white suit.She's getting hot every dance steps.Omg she's a goddess👀

  • TWICE's "READY TO BE" debuts at #1 on this week's Circle Album Chart! This is their 11th album to achieve this milestone

  • No matter how much those haters hate on twice but twice have fans and people who love them beyond your cheap comments... So proud of twice Love you ❣️

  • Mina's stage presence is crazy. I couldn't stop looking at her even in positions where she's all the way at the back

    • She's shinning!

    • Ok

    • Now I can actually answer to you @symm nkyp, I just couldn't get over how ridiculous that first comment is lol. Mina's stage presence is so fascinating. So many people say her stage presence is bad because of her lack of expressions etc. but I don't think that's true. Her stage presence is very subtle but still powerful, in my opinion. Her performance style is very sophisticated and radiates this "ice queen" energy which is exactly what makes her so captivating, if you're into that sort of performance of course since not everyone is (but I certainly am). Some people find her boring to watch and I understand it if you're, for example, into a very expressive performance style that is more in your face or whatever performance style that is very different from hers. I have several different styles I like and I, of course, have my opinion on who has the best stage presence but I really love Mina's even if it's very different from that member. I could watch her for hours and in this era especially she is absolutely breathtaking. Like, she is always but in this era even more so.

    • @Genshin... Your point? OP didn't say Mina was the best, they just complimented her. So you can't compliment anyone else but "the best" anymore? Which means we probably shouldn't compliment anyone since we all have different opinions about who is the best in whatever category. I s2g you people come here just looking for someone to fight with and chose the most idiotic reasons. Just imagine you write your own comment, let's say "Sana looks amazing, she's gorgeous!" and I jump into your comment like "Uhhhhh what no, Jihyo was the most gorgeous". OP's comment had NOTHING to do with Sana. Sana wasn't mentioned, no one claimed someone was better than her and no one even claimed someone was the best implying that they were better than Sana. If you so desperately want to fight with someone then please at least try to come up with a reason that someone over the age of 8 would use.

    • @Genshin... this was about Mina not sana let the girl shine for once the person never said anything about sana

  • A Mina nesse conjuntinho branco ficou uma lindeza

  • Mina's outfit just so 🔥🔥🔥

  • a Mina tá tão linda com essa roupa!! Todas estão aliás

  • finally everyone are talking about mina!! she's my bias, she need more recognition!

  • LOVE Mina’s outfit Stands out in the group 🤩

  • Twice es el grupo femenino más completo de la industria, el mejor de todos!!

    • Agree their performance is perfect

    • SNSD tambien era asi, antes de Jessica ser expulsa del grupo.

    • por algo JYPE es la 3 mejor empresa del k-pop, por eso twice reinas

    • A estas chicas solo le falta la popularidad porque si hablamos del resto, lo tienen todo. No importa cuánto pase, su música siempre será buena.

  • 지효님 옆으로 돌아볼 때 카메라 잡힌거 진짜 존멋....ㅠ 무대를 씹어드심ㅠㅠ 손목 앙하는 안무도 진짜 너무 잘 살림.......사랑해요

  • 누가 지원할 것인가 TWICE.마지막 숨을 거두기 위해 그들은 손을 든다 ❤❤Who will support Twice to the last breath raise their hands ❤❤

  • Mina is so attractive in this performance video 💗

  • 퍼포먼스영상은 카메라 연출이 한 몫 했네요 👍👍👍👍 hot를 시작으로 수많은 아이돌을 봐왔던 세대지만 덕질같은거 할 줄 모르고 ê·¸ 흔한 앨범 한 장 사본 적 없을 정도로 kpop에 관심이 없었는데 트와이스를 처음으로 팬가입도 해보고 콘서트 예매도 해보고,, 데뷔때부터 지금까지 그냥 계속 보고싶고, 오래오래 롱런해줬으면 하는 마음이 든다요ㅠㅠ..

  • 待ってツウィのビジュが良すぎる

  • This performance is so stunning!!! Mina's suit makes her more beautiful. She is very attractive!!

  • Wow Mina is improving a lot

  • Mina's beauty and grace! I cannot stop myself from gasping everytime she's on the screen (> o

  • Don't stop streaming. We have to get a higher SNS score for twice. Fighting Onces!

  • Mina y dubu son los cisnes de esta era, deslumbraron mucho 🔥😨

  • Mina is literally the center of attention, she slayed hard


    • Elas São Todas Minhas Tbm Viu Bb, É do Grupo Twece 2 Dois Duas Vezes.🏆🇧🇷❤️🎵🎶🎵

  • 衣装もカメラの動きや角度も素晴らしい。繰り返し見たくなる。 ダヒョンかっこいい……こんなにかっこいいダヒョン初めて。

  • Set Me Free 안무는 KPOP 역대 최고인듯...This choreo is ranked top of top in KPOP history

  • Literally Mina slaying in that suit, this era belongs to her! I just love how she stands out here even with a few lines

  • sana’s really been shining with this choreography too, i love that so much for her

  • Mina caught my eyes ❤

  • 好喜歡Mina跳舞的姿態和柔軟度,好吸引人 志效的眼神很屌 娜連身材好棒 桃子就是神台級的舞神

    • @Na ahriyou saw that too I though I was trippin

    • omg the translator💀

    • Mono rap衝出來那段好猛

  • 안무동영상은 이게 최고네요^^


  • Twice's Set Me Free is my favorite song by far, love the choreography, the ladies of Twice look beautiful, including the outfits the stylists pick are beautiful. I am praying Twice to enter in the billboard hot 100 charts. Including the English version of Set Me Free

  • This is one of the most intricate and dense choreos that Twice has ever done. There's plenty of super fine details to look out for. Really superb job by Twice.

  • The clothing, dance and back beat of the song kinda gives me Chungha "Dream of You" vibes. I'm digging it.

  • 언제나 그렇듯 완벽한 컨셉, 완벽한 리듬, 곡의 노력이 컸으니 분명 아주 좋은 앨범이 될 것이다. 춤은 아름다웠다. 멋진 노래

  • sangat menantikan penampilan kalian di mcd besok dan buat once jangan lupa ikut live voting yaa jam 16:00 WIB di web.

  • TWICE IS LIFE Congratulations OT9 R2B rockets to #2 ON the Worldwide iTunes as well as Apple Music Albums chart & lands at #3 ON iTunes Europe & #6 ON Apple music Europe

  • 最近のカムバは可愛い系が多かったからこんなかっこいい曲待ってた❤ ミナは大和撫子って言葉がピッタリだなぁ✨美しすぎ🦢✨

  • TWICE debuts its career-high ranking of No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard's main albums chart. TWICE is now the 1st female K-pop artist in history to land three albums in the top 3 of the Billboard 200, as well as the first to chart four albums in the top 10 including TASTE OF LOVE. Top 3 on billboard albums chart: Formula of Love #3 Between 1&2 #3 READY2BE #2 Congratulations to our Queens!

  • TWICE’s “READY TO BE” debuts at #72 on this week’s Italian Album Chart. It becomes their first entry on the chart. 🇮🇹TWICE's "READY TO BE" debuts at #8 on this week's German Offizielle Top 100 Albums chart. It's their first entry

  • TWICEのダンスが揃っているのは、9人の心が揃っているからなんだろうなと思います。みんな本当に綺麗で格好いいです。 TWICE's performance is perfect. TWICE are highest team. Love TWICE❤

  • 매일 우리트와 ë³´ê³  힐링합니다 ~ 🥰 우리 트와이스 최고 ~👍👍❤❤❤

  • TWICE’s “READY TO BE” (145K) is the biggest female debut album in pure sales in the US since Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” (1.140M).TWICE’s “READY TO BE” debuts at #2 on this week’s Billboard 200 with 153K units sold (145,500 pure sales). They broke the all-time record for the biggest single-week sales by a Korean female act in the United States

  • We have a gr8 chance of winning 1st on music bank tomorrow. Please watch the Mv and other related content and stream on Spotify as hard as you can. We can do it, Fighting!

  • LAS AMO son tan hermosas y talentosas 💗


  • Los visuales de Twice estan a otro nivel, simplemente Twice esta a otro nivel las amo😍🍭♡♡♡♡

  • ももりんのダンス最高!

  • READY TO BE album is amazing Love each track so much

  • Pretty girl, after pretty girl, after another pretty girl. A constant visual attack

  • ジョンヨン姉さん、もっと美しくなったけど、無理しないでね!!進化し続けるTWICE大好き❤

  • Mina这套服装真的爱了!子瑜也很美!

  • Quién apoyará a TWICE para siempre? 👇✨💫🍭

    • Me❤

    • YOOO 😍

    • +1 ❤ TWICE 子瑜一定要持續精進

    • @フリスクチャンネル ???😮

    • Me

  • Essa versão ficou melhor que o clipe.

  • TWICEの衣装さんはみんなに似合う服よくわかってるよなぁ


  • Los oufits son tan elegantes!

  • 衣装が最高

  • 白一色のミナちゃんほんっっっとに気品に溢れて素敵 着こなしが素晴らしい

    • こんな気品溢れた着こなしができるのはすごいです。そしてミナのアイソレがうますぎてびっくりです。

  • They all look stunning

  • tzuyu is so beautiful that I can't breathe omg

  • ジヒョが口カプッてした時確かに私の胸がトゥンク…って高鳴ったんだけど…これが恋…? そしてミナ、白スーツもろタイプすぎて…!かっこいいし透明感ありすぎてもう見えない

  • Look how much they’ve grown…. They’re not “girls” anymore. They def are more confident “women” now. Beautiful as always

  • 可愛い過ぎ♡

  • 넘 멋있으!!❤❤❤

    • Stream

  • SLAYED as per usual 🎉❤


  • OMG chaeyoung's hair is just amazing😻😳🤧&MINA🥺♥️

  • Mina only sang 2 lines but she slayed the performance 🔥

  • #49 trending in the UK. Queens

  • 推しのミナがセンター奥にいること多いし白の衣装で目立つしで最高!

  • Las perfectas dos veces

  • TWICE ) have surpassed One Direction in ID-tv views, becoming the 43rd most watched artist on the platform.

  • يجننوا توايس


  • El mundo podrá decir lo que quiera, pero para mi ellas son el grupo perfecto y siempre las apoyaré 💜 OT9

  • 안무영상 퀄러티 대박이네

  • love this

  • This isnt my favourite song from them, but the girls are shinning this era so much I cant stop watching them. And going down the list I cant even pick one or two that looked especially great, as most combacks have a few stand outs. All of them look so amazing with shinny eyes its a joy to watch them.

  • love it, the line distribution is also so balanced.