TWICE: SET ME FREE | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Dipublikasikan tanggal 8 Mar 2023
Musical guest TWICE performs "SET ME FREE" for The Tonight Show.

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TWICE: SET ME FREE | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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  • From winning the Breakthrough award at the Billboards to performing their new song in Jimmy Fallon Show, Twice already staying strong in 2023!! Let’s continue supporting them!!


    • ​@A ID-tv UserI guess she meant in good way, breaking through all struggles 🎉

    • let’s get these girls to the grammys.

    • @Dangitzpro Because twice is busy making songs and becoming real artist unlike that group you have mentioned 🥴

    • Twice dominará el mundo

  • 다들 건강하고 행복하길 바라요. 트와이스 많이 사랑해주세요.

  • This has got to be the best choreography they've ever done.

    • yes yes i used to think signal's dance was the best

    • seriously it is insanely satisfying to watch

    • @Brittany Chen YESSSS

    • Whaaat really? I've generally liked every performance song that they've done, but the last 2 songs that I've seen (Moonlight Sunrise & Set Me Free) have been suuuper lackluster for me in both choreo and the song itself. S: Other "recent" ones like TTT, The Feels, and Scientist were great though. Still addicted to them and their choreo haha.

    • TBFH!!!!

  • 무엇보다 춤이 대박이다!

  • Twice is not just a group, they are a family!

    • that's right, my wife jihyo always looking good.

    • Our family.

  • I'm not a fan of Twice, but when I heard this song by pure accident, I love it!!! Congratulations on winning with Billboard!!! They're performance was really good!!!!

  • the choreography, the outfits, the voices, the lyrics, absolutely everything that TWICE give us is art

  • So proud of u my queens

  • They all shine in their own way.

    • And Jimmy fallon acknowledged that twice are super popular and he got the best seat watching them live

  • Twice don't just have hits, they have ANTHEMS!

  • Wow!! Their vocals was amazing for this song! It really suit their unique vocals individually. 😮❤

    • it's obviously lip-sync though...

  • 트와이스가 Tonight Show까지 출연하다니~ 점점 더 글로벌하게 가는 거 같네요. 화이팅!!!


  • この歓声に感動

  • Synchronization and coordimation as group, probably they are best one so far 🎉

  • That was amazing, they all looked so good. Also TZUYUUUUU! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 世界最棒的女團!

  • Estoy tan orgulloso de todo lo que han logrado mis preciosas chicas, tantos, logros siempre las voy amar, gran presentación, fans x siempre de TWICE 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻👑🍭💘💕

  • I'm so proud of how far TWICE has come. I'm proud of you Jeongyeon!

    • @Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans they were complimenting her just because they didn’t say ur favs don’t be mad

    • @Stream HYPE BOY by NewJeans idiot word is perfect for you

    • ​@urhypeboy please think before saying something

    • Agree…it’s good to see her “feeling it”.

  • Twice realmente es uno de los grupos con más sincronía ❤

  • Congratulations OT9 READY2BE rockets to #2 ON the Worldwide iTunes as well as Apple Music Albums chart & lands at #3 ON iTunes Europe & #6 ON Apple music Europe. TWICE IS GOAT!

  • They are a hardcore talented group ,,❤ the performance is so clean and exciting..🎉🎉🎉

  • This is the best camera work I have seen from an American broadcast. Not Korea level but we go the overhead, full group, close up center, close left and right with a pan view. Good job crew.

  • Twice really never disappoint us they always give their best and this album is just too amazing ❣️

  • Something about the way the crowd went a little extra crazy for when Jeongyeon sang made me feel a little emotional lol. I'm so glad everyone always wants her to know how much we love her.

    • @Rzzz no.

    • They were extra with all the members parts

    • Was literally about to comment the same thing

    • @Hai, Yoo Beep Beep imnida Well i am old enough to not hating on something trivial like this i just said what i think what it sounds like. You can call it whatever you want, agree or disagree. But please don't use this childish terms like hating.

  • 대박 넘 멋지다 최고

  • Finally twice getting the western attention THEY DESERVE 💖

    • About time, it should have happened many years ago took about 10 years since their debut

  • Eu fico impressionada a cada performance delas!

  • ジョンヨンのスタイルがどんどん良くなって来ていて、目が離せない!努力が凄い!!

  • Man I love this song. So happy for Twice. Wish they keep making great music and shout out that they are the best Group in Korean Pop music right now.

  • The song and choreography are so good! So awesome that they got this opportunity to debut it here. Another milestone. Their first (in-person) performance on the Tonight Show! You can tell this really meant a lot to them. 👏


    • ​@JENLISA salty much?

    • @JENLISA you are copying the same reply everywherwe. If you can' t enjoy a perfomance why fill it with toxicity. Imagine being this insecure for your idols. Feel bad for you as a person.

  • No soy su fan pero jamás negare lo talentosas y hermosas que son

  • Amo a Jimmy gracias por presentar de esa forma a las chicas ♡ Twice perfección!!

  • Twice always eats every stage with their choreo and leaves no crumbs… Yet again, Once goes nuts when Jeongyeon takes center-stage, wanting to make her feel appreciated, they love Yoo…

  • this performance made me like the song a lot more than my first initial listen, TWICE pull you right in no matter what you do!!!! they're so good

  • 트둥이 정말 라이브에 완벽한 안무까지♥최고최고~넘 멋지고 예뻐

  • Quién está de acuerdo en que TWICE nunca nos defrauda???

    • @David Hernandez amix estuve defendiendo a twice en todos los comentarios

    • @GOD LIP IS HERE Soy fan de Blackpink al igual que Twice, dices que son desafinadas, ¿pero y Blackpink no lo son también? A comparación de Blackpink, Twice tiene muchísimos más cambios de lugar, de movimientos, y coordinación y hasta más largos el tiempo de canto de cada una, Blackpink son buena en rap e igual desafinan, ¿que grupo no lo hace?, hasta Mamamoo que son las mejores en vocal, no deben rebajar a nadie ni sus trabajos ni si esfuerzo, se más madura

    • @ROSALÍA Facts they are kinda singing live tho 🤨

    • Twice nunca decepciona, once hasta la tumba 😻😻


  • I love their moves in every single choreo

  • They look so at home on this stage! Love Twice!!!!! Best kpop group ever!!!

  • Oh, esto fue realmente increíble. La coreografía es tan genial.👌💓💓💓

  • Maravilhosas!Merecedoras de todo esse reconhecimento! Love Twice!

  • Jihyo stands out in every performance. She has such a great stage presence. Her vocals are so beautiful. It makes the song even better.

  • I'm in tears. My girls are getting the much deserved hype in the international platform. May this be their best era so far

    • @jensmoon 🤣🤣 i don't even stan any groups to feel the pain like you but i love blinks like you are getting mad and jealous of twice

    • @Santhosh Ram ok twice got a bb woman award, congrats but how about set me free debuting on #158 on Spotify charts and is now out of the charts just after 24 hours, embarassing? Y'all have so low streams yet somehow are expected to reach #2 on bb 200, suspicious? Remember how yall shamed straykids for the same reason? I can feel your pain

    • ​@jensmoon blackpink didn't even get any invitation or awards from billboard i know it's damn too embarassing for blinks i can feel your pain

    • @Paul Glenn Arciaga So? That doesn't mean Twice are flops. If they were flops they wouldn't be on the charts at all.

  • Thank you Tonight Show for having Twice for a performance! I love you, Twice!

  • They make being on stage look so effortless 🌟🌟🌟

  • I’ll never stop getting chills at the opening when they’re all in a line and domino open until they display a walkway for Jihyo and she begins so powerfully. One of the most impactful KPOP entrances I’ve ever seen.

  • WOW!!! So proud of TWICE, they are all amazingly shining on the stage!!! So good to see the girls being recognized by their talents in the states!!! TWICE, fighting!!! ONCE here and Love from Brazil!!! 😱😍🥰😘👏👊❤️✨💖🍭🇧🇷

  • There's no other artist like them seriously. Excellent performers and great character. Jusr amazing artists.

  • I can't believe how far TWICE has come, lets keep the worldwide recognition coming! TWICE SUPREMACY!

    • @Chou Tzuyu Why are you saying this to me?

    • ​@d̶u̶a̶ the real problem here is how mistreated Tzuyu is. No lines no center time nothing. The other female maknaes of the company get the spotlight, only Tzuyu doesnt!!!

    • @alice I don't know they were just on another level of mad 😭😭

    • @markus as a blink and a once, what 💀💀😭😭😭 that's just ridiculous how did they copy 💀💀

  • They're very talented and killed it with the live performance. They're singing voices are lovely and the dance coreography's incredible. The energy's amazing and they killed it with the dance coreography. The visuals are stunning and the outfits are gorgerous they look beautiful. Love the girlpower vibe of Twice's songs and the positive energy. They're the sweetest and very talented love these girls

  • Me encantó muchísimo la participación de Twice con Jimmy Fallon *WE THE ONCE*

  • Remembering the first time BTS on this show now seeing Twice. So so proud of them. Well deserved & hopefully see more of the girls again.

  • Jeongyeon and Jihyo sound really powerful here. Love their voices. Everyone did so well. This is such an incredible performance!!

  • TWICE never disappoints us ✨❤️ they are QUEENS

  • I’m so happy for them. I have always said that one day TWICE was going to rule the world. And here they are. No surprise to me. Love you TWICE. Love you ONCE. Let’s show the world how amazing these girls are. How they deserve OUR love.

    • @TacoBelle lol 😂

    • @mariann no twice releases good music blackpink doesnt

    • @👑Avery💅 That's Twice, Blackpink still wining fr

    • @mariann when i said “they dont release music anymore” i meant they dont release good music

  • Their visuals, vocals & dance moves are just on next level

  • Que presentación dios mio, LAS AMO REYNAS

  • Jeongyeon I LOVE YOU!!! Congratulations TWICE for winning the Breakthrough award at the Billboards and for this great song.

  • me encanta, Me encanta, Me Encanta, ME ENCANTA, TWICE

  • JYP artists conquering internationally and worldwide through their music... it's amazing that we can still see their humbleness thru their interviews...

  • The energy from the once in the audience is immaculate 😭😭I wish I was in the crowd😂♥️♥️

    • ​@Zeirou their fans were there so the screams are real.

    • @Zeirou All chants have a script, that's just to keep it organized

    • @Zeirou its called a chanting guide i think

    • Sounds scripted tho. Like how audience were instructed to cheer/shout.

    • Same😅

  • Acaso hay algo que estas mujeres no hagan bien????? LAS AMO TWICE


  • Me emociona cómo gritan los fans!!! Qué lindos

  • TWICE did so good at the stage love it

  • Dear Once Thanks UK Once Congratulations twice Thanks for your love and support Twice is the first ever kpop act to break through the UK chart with their song set me free at #7

  • 0:14 The way Jimny says "TWICE" absolutely identifies me. And in the end how he encourages them.... makes me cry. The girls deserve all the love and support in the world! They work hard to bring us these works of art.

    • So nice of jimmy fallon giving them the stage and respecting them! Jimmy fallon knows kpop is huge in usa

  • I love the song so much as it is but I LOVE how it sounds live. Particularly with Jihyo, Sana, Tzuyu - the studio version has that metallic edited edge - their voices are deeper in the live version and I’m obsessed with it

  • Did they bring their own camera men? Great work The Tonight Show showing these queens. Also, they can probably do this in their sleep. American TV gotta be cake with so well prepared they are. So happy with their performance!

  • As roupas estão tão lindas, os vocais, coreografia, as meninas, td tão lindo como sempre

  • かっこよすぎる

  • Their outfits are amazing !!! FIts the concept so much and the song is literally perfect

  • Wow, amazing performance form our mothers! And I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jihyo she was just breathtaking.

    • SAME❤


  • I can't stop listening the new album is so good.


  • El escenario es suyo, dan todo y se ven fabulosas!!

  • vocals,dance,stage presence,visual…TWICE is good at everything!!!

  • this is what once wanted to happen, to be recognized in US and now they are unstoppable. they all have time and this is the right timing for TWICE. Soooooo proud!!!! ✨✨💖💖

    • ​@Guppy Go eat grass.

    • @Guppy honestly, blackpink members are now just fashion models/influencers. It is a fact. 🤷‍♀️

    • guys they’re clearly a troll lol. just ignore them x they want replies n ur giving it to them

  • I can't believe it... my girls!! 😭😭😭 So proud!!

  • i think they should've sing the english version, but whatever version that is, they'll always slayyy 💅🏻

  • Es increíble lo imponente que siempre se ve TWICE en el escenario, sus coreografías por lo general son su principal fortaleza, esas formaciones con ese nivel de sincronización son espectaculares

  • what a choreography, its perfect and strong and powerful! so fitting for these queens!

  • Just can't helping visiting here over and over again to watch Twice's great performance...:)

  • Jeongyeon’s last chorus will always be irreplaceable. Her powerful voice fits it very well.

  • This was a showstopper performance by the girls for me. Loved it so much

  • このステージかなり好き

  • They always perform so good !!!!

  • This is my favorite comeback in a long time.

  • Beautiful, complex choreography, and gosh look at the flawless live visuals. Slay 👏🏾

  • everyone slayed but Jeongyeon's chorus part just keeps replaying in my head😭😩🧡✨

  • Please keep among world wide history TWICE ☺️❤️

  • They're such great dancers. That was smooth af. Congrats, queens!

  • 1:59 I love how Jimmy Fallon is really vibing with the song. I feel like he's one of those genuine hosts who's there to have fun. Also, SO PROUD OF TWICE OMGGG! Outfit, makeup, choreo, and performance were all so on point in this one.

  • Cheer up baby cheer up baby, Twice always shows their best on stage

  • La energía que se cargan, se ven tan espléndidas 😩❤️🔥

  • Thank you Jimmy! Your camera team did the best job I've seen for a kpop group. It was Twice worthy. Btw....TWICE SLAYYYED!!!

  • i am so proud of them. similarly to bts and black pink, they've officially broken the barrier into american entertainment. twice is truly worldwide now 💕 so so proud

  • Jiho singing and dancing like a boss

  • Their outfits slayed!!!