Ultimate Minecart Race - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 31

Dipublikasikan tanggal 26 Mei 2023
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  • DJ wasn't wrong in his prediction of who would win: id-tv.org/tv/video-8nmqkAtZZlc.html

  • Alan single-handedly keeping alive an era of the internet that never should’ve left in the first place

    • ​@Life Is Cats not everyone knows the crew behind the animations, if they even knew they existed

    • ​@Displayname's Workshop thats a good point

    • @Displayname's Workshop well they shouldn’t assume that Alan just makes all of these by himself. Did you even see the previous short?

    • @ELAGIOSO are you like his alt for something bc that’s not a good point at all

    • so true

  • I think this is the best and most clear display we've had so far of each stick figure's respective play styles. Green, being the best builder, is the only one to use blocks offensively (slime blocks), and prefers to fight with a fishing rod. Blue of course is a master of potions and almost always fights with a bow or crossbow. Red (my fave) has a strong connection with mobs and is the only one to uses spawn eggs as an advantage, plus prefers using a sword. TSC doesn't stand out in any particular field but he's decent at everything and uses the shield and fireworks a lot. And lastly there's Yellow who built the course using knowledge of redstone and coding. I also love how none of these traits appeared immediately. We do see hints of them from the very first Animator vs. Minecraft, but it's amazing how we got to see each character figuring out their expertise. Like we saw Blue trying to figure out how a brewing stand works, or yellow first learning how to operate a command block. Their developments are awesome.

    • TSC firework flight also mimics TCO's own perfered flight technique, both using hand jets and moving in very similar ways

    • TSC is basically a jack of all trades

    • For me the TSC is the best in "PvP"

    • ​@D73Wchance or coincidence?

    • i feel like TSC is a pvp kinda guy

  • I love how Alan gave all the stick figures something different they excel at instead of just giving all the cool abilities and powers to TSC. So many shows on TV give the main character broken abilities and tools and ignore the other characters.

    • This was why I didn't like the competition episode when Green somehow magically built a robot better than Yellow, personally. Redstone is Yellow's thing!

    • ​@DJFlare84 I read on the Wiki that green is actually the most intelligent one though

    • Green a dj, yellow a professor, blue a drugs, and red a pets

    • @JT Teopeand TSC is like main character

    • That robot didn't run on redstone, it ran on animation magic

  • Ahh finally. An episode where nothing truly awful happens. Just a race between the characters.🙂

  • I like the subtle nod that TSC is much more comfortable flying than everyone else, and basically defaults to it whenever he needs speed. Must be a nod to TCO. Edit: TSC is Orange, and it stands for The Second Coming. TCO is The Chosen One. TCO can fly by lighting his arms on fire and using the flames for propulsion. In the brief moment TSC had access to his powers, he flew similarly. Unfortunately for him, he passed out and forgot he had powers, and nobody but TCO saw him use his powers. In this video, TSC uses TNT knockback and Fireworks the most out of everyone, even using the fireworks similarly to how TCO flies. He doesn't even bother using them in a crossbow to attack, instead preferring to throw them... kinda like how TCO throws his fireballs! Just... brilliant.

    • Who's TCO? I haven't watched enough of Alan's animations to know who that is 😅

    • @Geo: Gamer, Artist, Vlogger The Chosen One, and TSC is The Second Coming

    • @Geo: Gamer, Artist, VloggerTSC is the Orange one

    • True

  • I like how TSC finds a way to turn a weakness into an advantage most of the time. Like how he used a TNT to launch himself in the water and how he used the chicken as a way for flight, rather than a slowing method like red intended to. Also It's hilarious how they copy eachothers' ideas when they see how it benefits their rivals, lmao

  • Can we just appreciate that blue basically ran almost half of the entire track

  • I like these episodes. No lore, no villain, just the boys having fun Edit: I know how cringey this is but this blew up

  • The animation is amazing. Having a near constant fight scene in 4 different environments and increasingly creative ways. This is amazing

  • Alan Becker is the only person who can make living on a computer desktop seem fun.

  • You just gotta love the fact that Blue's answer for everything is eating/drinking something

    • He is like Kirby?

    • Ah yes, the cook of the group

    • When life gives you lemons, eat them because food

    • Drugs is the true answer to life

  • With Alan Becker, you know it's always going to be a masterpiece of an episode or a short.

  • I love how the second Yellow tries to do something nice by letting them all win, they immediately turn all their frustrations onto him. It’s amazing how much personality you convey through these stick figures.

    • "you all win!" "THIS IS BULLSHIT"

    • @MACandcheese One of them : REDO !!!

    • @-ARKO- *yellow getting bombarded with trophies

    • No way! Is that Dedede from the hit 1992 game, Animation Vs A Pink Marshmallow I promise I’m normally more creative than this

    • The truest reaction I've ever seen.

  • back to good ol minecraft fun! honestly amazing to see after an epic storyline like the one last season. the team did amazing with the animation on this one. top notch choreography, not to mention the music and set design. so many moving parts it's hard to focus on just one aspect lol

  • Lets appreciate how much hard work & energy Alan putts into his videos Thank you alan❤

    • yeah but never the team??

  • Hey, Mr. Becker! I have watched much (if not all) of your published animations, and I just wanted to say that I greatly admire your work, particularly your ability to put personality and even emotions into faceless, featureless, 2D stick figures; it's just amazing, frankly! Keep up the good work; I look forward to seeing future completed projects!

  • It's starts off with the normal days and now with lore. Now this is a start of another one. Its gonna turn into something amazing soon. I can feel it

    • am i the only one who likes AvM lore episodes?

    • Season 3 started like a simple thing,and ended with an amazing piece of lore

  • i like the detail of how involved Yellow has gotten with these. in the first coaster, he just sorta built it and let it run, but here he's more active with how the track runs and making sure it's smooth for the rest of the crew to race in. good stuff.

  • We need an increasingly more complex and detailed rollercoaster episode for every season

    • And note blocks too lol

    • Or other challenges like pvp battles or a cooking contest

    • ​@The Mining Crafterus having only two is a crime

    • I’m predicting that the next rollercoaster ep will have them going to another dimensions/computers

    • 2 bits! 4 bits! 6 bits! 8 bits! 10 bits! … 5,978,786 BITS.

  • I love how competitive they always are so funny 🤣 and how their solutions and battle tacits reflect their hobbies and how much time and understanding they put into them

  • This team is literally the best animators ever This team really needs more attention

  • You've developed these stick figures so well, I'm convinced you could make a movie out of them

  • We need to take a moment and appreciate the work of this guy, always great

  • Reminds me of the wacky races. Each of them use everything and they all play by their strengths. Blue's skill with potions, Red's use in animals, Green's use of unique blocks and Orange's sheer tenacity made this an incredible race

  • I like how even when Yellow went the extra mile to give them all gold podiums and trophies, they were so aggressively competitive that they just tossed them aside and were like "NO, I WON! ONLY ME!" A pretty refreshing twist on the "Everyone wins because we had fun" trope.

    • Just like in the Building Contests.

    • and also they tied at the frame which is funny

    • It’s like money if we have a lot then it’s worth less

    • And Got Injured And Hurt

    • Ya XD

  • Alan is the most worthy human being to be invited to the Oscars until 2025

  • Minecraft + animation ? The two best things that I love. Absolutely loved it.

  • 2:22 I love how the fishing rod is basically their spider web

  • I'm very proud of myself because I've been watching Alan's stickers animations for so long that I can identify every personality on them. I would easily be a friend of them xD. Congratulations Alan Becker for such a awesome job! 👏🏼

  • Red:Unexpected moves that mostly involve animals. Green:Skilled show-off moves that usually involve a fishing rod somehow. TSC:Smart moves that usually involve either being in the air or just genuinely having the upper hand. Blue: *drugs*

  • The reason why I loved this competition episode the most out of the other contests is because we actually see everyone's greatest strengths here all put together. TSC's resourcefulness and natural ability to create new mechanics (catapult from TNT plus shield) or use solutions from a hindrance (using the chicken trap to get ahead in the air) Green's absolute ego made him wild with a mixture of parkour, going on the offence and doing whatever can be done to slow down the others. A lot of his moves were skill based. Blue kept things at a distance. Being the more patient one of the group, the way he used mainly long distance attacks and waited out to attack multiple of his friends at once (i.e the first TNT thrown) was just epic (plus I think he was laughing after that was thrown). Then when that didn't work, he used drugs. And finally, this made me happy the most. We got to see Red being smart here. He was literally the first out of the group to keep finding ways to get a lil faster. And that chicken trap was *chef's kiss* Usually Red acts like the childish one of the group, tantrum and playfulness alike. But here, we saw what happens when a child gets pushed too far and yearns to win. Like when he was pelting Blue with snowballs, like come on. Plus we got some of his animal knowledge to help too. Even all of their tantrums at the end reflected their behaviour. Red, being the childish one, threw his trophy first and near Yellow while comparing himself to the rest of the group on how he's better. Green, having an ego to match his cool skills, threw his away the most powerfully with a whole "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" SC is in complete disbelief since his competitiveness matches Green and the fighting nature from being a second version of The Chosen One is made apparent. Then Blue, as he's the most patient and empathetic, is the last to throw his away as he's trying to process what Yellow just said despite all his "efforts" (drugs) to stay ahead

    • Only Alan Becker and his team can make an episode that literally makes me write a long ass essay despite me being on holidays. 😭

    • This much info can be driven out of *Stick Figures* That's how you know you've created a masterpiece.

    • go outside

    • @Cliff Worsfold How did you know there's a fun fair? :0

    • ah yes, *DRUGS*

  • Their competitiveness stems back to AVA 4. They were born in competition. Personality only seemed to start developing later as they found out what they liked (mostly via minecraft)

  • A good way of telling a good series never ended.

  • 言葉を一切使わずにキャラクター達の感情をここまで豊かに表現できるのは天才…音楽も、ストーリーに没入感を与えるように作成されているし… アランとその他製作に携わっている方々の頭どうなってん…?

  • I love the interaction between all of them, they really feel like brothers. Always trying to one-up each other and compete in some way, but at the same time, genuinely care for each other and will always be ready to fight side by side together. I can't believe im getting so emotional over stick figures

  • Another masterpiece, Alan. Beautiful work!

  • I love the transformation of this relationship. They all started out as courteous friends who care about each other's well beings to being bitter rivalry brothers. So wholesome.

    • Only in competitive situations tho


    • I guess not

    • Not really, they are still good friends that care about each other's well beings. They are hypercompetitive, however.

    • I guess it’s like a Mario and Luigi situation. Mario and Luigi are brothers and they care about each other a lot. But when it comes to competitive games, Mario and Luigi are rivals, fighting each other in order to win. The fact they’re brothers no longer matters when they’re competing. The same thing happens here. The stickmen are still good friends and care about each other, but this is a race, the only thing that matters to them is winning

  • I have seen this so many times and each time I pick more and more little details that just make everything so much better! I have no idea how you manage to make such good content. Great work Alan

  • I can HEAR what they all say at the end, that's just shows how talented Alan animation work is

  • Alan becker, a guy who keeps his guy alive. not always the main character but wonderful.

  • So nice to know that the minecraft shorts are back since season 3

  • A masterpiece of a series that never uttered one word.

  • Usually a short like this wouldn’t have music, but I’m so glad it was here to enhance it so much. Also, I’m glad that the “everyone’s a winner” solution was still met with annoyance by everyone.

    • “Yellow has recognized everyone’s victory.” “Nobody liked that.”

    • no participation trophies today

    • Scott Buckley did an amazing job

    • If everyone won, then no one did 🤷‍♂️

    • @Houssem Berregba exactly

  • A long time ago, people used stick figures so they could focus on everything else... But man, Alan takes that to another level Also, you can practically hear them yell at each other with the way their gestures bring them to life, it's awesome o7

  • The fact that this race was more entertaining and interesting then 101% of anime fights was just pure gold it was also really funny I was hoping red would win but still very good

  • I like that Yellow was being genuine when saying they all tied and it wasn't some sort of ass pull. But everyone is STILL unhappy about it and even if they could have seen the finished they'd probably still argue about it.

  • This entire race can be summed up in a pvp battle Orange - the guy that came prepared; thought of every possible outcome Green - weapon expertise; has every weapon at their disposal Blue - local drug dealer; many, many, MANY drugs to aid Red - the summoner; has 500 companions on their side. Edit: fixed Blue's person.

  • Bless the Hyun's Dojo crew, as goated as always

  • The way they display different skills and show how competitive they are really is refreshing Edited:Holy moly the likes I guess we had the exact same feeling which really makes my day

  • How is this better than the stuff Disney makes these days? My god these videos r actual master pieces

  • Me encantan estos vídeos, pero me encanta las cuando zellen los reacciona, verlos sin escuchar su voz es raro

  • It's incredible that they kept the Command Block staff as it is a very useful power and there is no longer any threat that would want possession of it.

  • i like how they all got progressively more angry when yellow just made everyone winners

  • This is what minecarts should’ve been. They had so much potential for cool stuff, and then they killed it. Glad your saying “ fine, I’ll do it myself”

  • Leashing players to a chicken as a means to *slow them down* is honestly quite genius, I know everyone here did really well but I think Red stood out the most. Amazing work as always

    • He did

    • To be honest whenever there was similar technics like using a shovel at the start or using the boat during rhe ice part, red was the first to take initiative

    • ​@TEK(The Emerald King) exactly, Red was the most creative, stood out the most imo

    • ​@HoIingly Your right blue took drugs! But D A M N green was smart, too! He used the trident, aka, the useless item, and used it to his advantage! Red was smart using a shovel! He also used snowballs for some reason, but green did 209 iq move when he used the fishing rod! Edit: Oh wow I finally got likes on an Alan Becker video :)

    • ​@Renee MazurkiewiczThe snowball trick was the only one that made no sense to me. When you think about it, it just gave Red uncecessary drag, and the snowballs that were hitting Blue almost definitely didn't compensate.

  • so glad the animation vs Minecraft is still continuing kinda thought that Ep 30 was the end

  • Надеюсь, что в новом сезоне будет такой же крутой и интересный сюжет ❤❤❤

  • I wonder what we'll get next.. what a crazy series

  • I prefer this to 97.4% of action movies out there. Such a blast!

  • I was watching Alan about 2 years and finally I’m back with he’s amazing episodes!

  • You can tell that the animators are absolutely having fun while animating this episode

    • Animator*

    • Alan has a team of animators.

    • @Comment Central *Animators

    • @Comment Central You have so not been paying attention. It's these things called "credits." While this episode may lack them due to a sponsorship/plug, if you stayed to the end of previous videos you'd know.

    • Yeah, the ammount of clever use of mechanics, taking the time to know the stickman and use their traits to make solutions to be faster. It's just amazing

  • As the resident Minecraft nerd, I can conclude that this is based on somewhere from Java Edition 1.18 to Java Edition 1.19.2 The commands make it Java Edition, the lush caves mean it’s 1.18+, and the potion glint means it’s before 1.19.3.


  • That was so intense. In the end I was out of breath just watching the race, they all had such unique styles of racing and they all fit perfectly.

  • So yellow kept the command staff. Wonder if that'll show up in the coming AVA. Could be useful

  • Just imagine seeing these guys in actual minecraft doing this 🤔

  • The fact that he managed to show them using all their knowledge of Minecraft they gathered over the years in this race video is incredible.

    • indeed

    • Yes😊

    • and it was a perfect tie

    • it’s kinda symbolic, because even though they all have different skills, they have the same amount of knowledge

    • Ikr?

  • By slowing things down frame by frame, TSC has gotten 1st place though the placement of Red Blue and green will require more analysis

  • The animation is just getting better and better

  • How can this funny ID-tv show be better than anything marvel has put out in the past like 10 years

  • The music in this is SO GOOD! It compliments the action so well!!

  • This episode is the definition of, "Work Smarter, not Herder."

  • In a way, I was really hoping Red would come out on Top here. You can see just how aggressive he is in this race (despite not fighting the most. That goes between TSC and Green) that his straight forward competitive side really flourishes. He is arguably the first to think of every minute way to gain just that extra little bit of speed. He is the "Work harder, not smarter" arguable variant of the group. This has caused him so many losses in the past. From the pedaling with the Minecarts -to actively trying to swim in the water - using the rowboat on ice - and slowing the others down with chicken spawning eggs. And of course using his animals. His skills rarely get to flourish and put him ahead of the others in many of their competitions. It always seems like he tries the hardest yet his fruits never truly pay off. Despite it all just being for fun between them. In a way I kind of hope he gets a real golden moment to shine where he gets his payoff in the future for all this hard work. I am not expecting anything super grand - but a nice definitive solid win he can claim as his own between them.

    • its good that im not the only who note that red always think first how go faster and the rest copy him

    • i totally thought red won

    • red was the only one actually trying to get to the finish line while the others were just trying to get each other behind them

    • You're right. And he was the first one who tried to attack The Dark Lord when he beat TSC, but he knew (i guess) that they don't stand a chance.

    • it kinda looks like red did win. if you slow it down frame by frame, you see that red was touching the line before the other three.

  • This is so high quality! Loved every minute.

  • if he made this into a game, i would play it because this was amazing

  • The most FANTASTIC race I have ever had the pleasure to watch...congratulations on such a fine movie!!!!

  • The fact they stopped using minecarts by the end makes it even funnier

  • love how blue, like any good racer, chose to make his strategy drug abuse

  • It’s really cool to watch the four of them use different aspects of Minecraft to keep up with each other, like Red’s knowledge of mobs, or Green’s red stone and overall knowledge of obscure mechanics (such as fishing rod minecarts). It’s great to watch each one use their skills, either if against each other or togeather.

    • Blue: …….. ROCKETS AND DRUGS!

    • Blue: i like plants The things he used the plants for: Hi i make you go faster

    • Red... That's animal CRUELTY!!! Let's make 'em PAY.

    • Green's red stone? I'm pretty sure it was yellow.

    • @DANIEL LAI ZEKE Moe Yeah yellow is redstone/technical stuff of the like. Green has music as part of their stuff so I guess they do have redstone knowledge as well.

  • The fact that you can hear the fact that its the same sound design team that worked on animation vs maths is amazing

  • I can't belive how invested I am in these stick figures, I love how you gave them all different skills and interests

  • i am so happy AvM is back i love this animations so much!! i am a huge fan of your work alan! i thought you wouldn't make more animations after episode 30!

  • there needs to be a version of this with commentary like one of those racing tv channels

  • On the one hand, this was complete pandemonium. On the other hand, Alan had to map all of this out... Is this video order or chaos?! I genuinely can't tell!! And I love it!!

  • I love how now that they have the staff, Yellow's potential for engineering knows no bounds

    • Second comeing win I see

    • @Pakistan facilities Management How does this even correlate to the comment? Anyways I think he’ll be able to make very neat stuff with the King’s staff. Maybe automatons like the one from Build Battle

    • yo someone should make a command block staff mod for minecraft just imagine what it can do

    • i know unless story possibilities so cool

    • @solitdurtleit would be possible but it wouldn’t give the same effect (the commands would take too long)

  • Keep up the good work, Alan Becker❤

  • I’ve watched this so many times, but it’s still so exiting.

  • the ending really is "it's not enough for me to succeed, others must fail"

  • I wonder what Alan's emotions is when watching this epic scene.

  • there should be an episode where Alan walks in and sees wtf the sticks get up to while he’s gone-

  • Not only is the animation fantastic, but the techniques and range or preparation shown from each speaks volumes about their personality

    • not only that, but the entire set is fucking amazing

    • ​@Mainwho is this "Amazing" person?

    • Yeah you can see how green is attached to his fishing rod 😂

    • ​@ZBread he said entire set

    • @Kairos Yeah, Entire Set... Is doing Amazing?

  • I love how all of the stickmen had very creative ideas and whenever they were fighting they were still careful to each other and arent mad

  • this concept would make a sick game, tbh

  • Keep it up, these animations are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • Now that I think about it, Yellow is just Lakitu. He flies around, gives directions, indicates when the race starts, and he even has glasses in the Faces short.

  • Yellow will definitely enjoy Factorio. A lot of programmable interacting machines, conveyor belts, enormous rail systems, and even rocket science!

    • He would also enjoy Satisfactory; which is a First Person version of Factorio!

    • 'gasp' animation vs factorio. That could be a lot of fun.

  • The fact that their inventory always appears when they select a new item is absolutely stunning

  • I'm speechless. Alan. Your creativity and vision is unparallel.

  • Im really looking forward for slimeblock and redstone robot wars! I bet the animation is going to be top tier ;)