Unbox Therapy's Plagiarism Deconstructed & Interview with Pitaka's CEO

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  • Thanks to James Zheng, Pitaka's CEO for his time. ________________________________________ FRONT PAGE TECH's video: ''Content Cop: UNBOX THERAPY - the TRUTH about Lew's new phone cases'' id-tv.org/tv/video-3HiN6smwEUI.html ________________________________________ Official Statement on the Unbox Therapy Phone Case www.ipitaka.com/blogs/news/statement-on-the-unbox-therapy-phone-case-yes-it-is-a-copycat ________________________________________ HonorTheCall's series on Unbox Therapy: id-tv.org/tv/video-SyEUseWuQT8.html id-tv.org/tv/video-QGXnqU1a2us.html id-tv.org/tv/video-rKlXAXdXgrk.html id-tv.org/tv/video-mVR5Z6cAltg.html ________________________________________ Unbox Therapy Case-gate: It’s Worse Than You Know! id-tv.org/tv/video--BkV3k58YBs.html ________________________________________ Pitaka's Facebook video featuring Unbox Therapy: facebook.com/ipitaka/videos/vb.878817642156859/1823502717688342/?type=2&theater Pitaka's website: www.ipitaka.com/ Journal Post's article mirroring Unbox's deleted video and description: www.journalposts.com/3-cool-gadgets-under-50/ Phone cases on Alibaba; www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2019-special-carbon-fiber-phone-case_62351878173.html?spm=a2700.searchrts.0.0.782074d1UNm56C ________________________________________ Still Waiting for Unbox Therapy's Amazing Google Stadia Gameplay Footage id-tv.org/tv/video-5sMbzQ3IT4g.html _______________________________________ Unbox Therapy's Later Case promo: id-tv.org/tv/video-s0wKAHQI8XU.html

    • Lew has apologized and clarified and I hope you can see this (solely talking about the phone case portion) id-tv.org/tv/video-nFNrk6r0UsY.html

    • The twitter and youtube giveaway is the same.

    • I love reading the comments of the people buying memeologys crap😂😂🤣🤣

    • how much Pitaka paid you to make this video hahahahaha

    • I have never seen someone be so angry but so nice

  • the phone case which he designed and ordered and payed for the machine to make a case for the google pixle 4 which he also ordered and payed for over a 1000 cases for the pixle 4 this case had nothing to do with the other cases what so ever #unboxtherapy @unboxtherapy and if you do your research he was in full communications with Pitaka the CEO over this , so why you got it in for unbox therapy

  • #Memelogy

  • Haha why so salty, Memology? Ridding to Unbox Therapy’s success? C’mon! Grow up dude.

  • People like this are pathetic. I'm just happy doing this as a hobby and not for followers and views.

  • They build new fake phones and scamming people.

  • If he wasnt from China or India (or any other shithole that literally has an entire economy based off of scamming the west), I would care, but alas.

  • Lol what a hater

  • This guy is like an internet warlord. Amazing what people can get away with on here.

  • I usually would agree with the phone case thing but Chinese people knock off our products all the time so it doesn't really matter to me.

  • I never watched UnboxTherapy because I could tell even from the thumbnail and the titles of the videos that something was always off about that channel.

  • never liked that Lew guy. His jogger mannerisms are cringe af

  • Lew thinks he’s a nword rapper.

  • and oh, it is in fact a trademark

  • welp, kevlar is in fact a fabric. As an optic fiber technician i can assure you that kevlar is a yellow strings of fabric, wich are very resistant to pull force, and can be layered to create armor. Also they are used instead of steel in fiber optic cables to create a reliable pull resistance in such cables with a benefit of them bein lightweight. It is important in FO cables because they are quite fragile.

  • Unbox therapy is terrible for this. But it's delightfully ironic that the shoe is on the other foot for once on stealing IP.

  • You should never trust a guy with a name Lew Later

  • I still dont understand why companies keep bribing these so called influencers(worst word since safe spaces) and why do people keep subscribing to everything and everyone?? I almost never subscribe UNLESS it's superb content

  • 😂😂😂I don't like that channel and I'm glad he's being shown for the douche that he is.

  • Who the hell buys that many Iphones?

  • What religion is UT?

  • Im just unsubscribe and block the channel. No more seeing their recommend videos

  • Thank you for exposing this pos.

  • That’s messed up even if it’s China and they jack things too, what a total piece of sht lew is.


  • You know, you're right, I should totally get the Pitaka OnePlus 7T Pro case instead. Oh wait..

  • I'm not representing them, but my otterbox has saved my phones over the years more times than I can count. This guy is an absolute *clown* His channel is trash, and he sucks.

  • Chinese complaining about copying their products

  • I began wondering about the man when he reviewed the Keurig Kold drink machine, and was waxing so ecstatically that it could make Coca-Cola, I feared I would be hit through my screen with an errant blast of his jism. Then he promoted a "water from air" cooler/dispenser (a gussied-up dehumidifier debunked by Thunderf00t), and that did it for my viewing. He just gets stuff and oohs-and-aahs over it all.

  • Unbox is obviously a douchebag, but I'm not getting to worried about a Chinese guy griping about theft of intellectual property.

  • I knew he was peddling "China Crap" as soon as those cases launched. It's actually pretty common in ecommerce. You source cases from China with or without design specifications, create a brand, and put them up. Lew used his prominence on ID-tv to sell shitty, overpriced cases with fake claims. Does it make him a bad person? Not necessarily. Did his credibility take a huge hit? Most definitely.

  • China crying about plagiarism? Really? Chinese whole economy is build on knock off's and rip offs of other's product. Shut up!

  • Kevlar is a material...…. mostly used for body armor

  • 4 Years ago Jeesus Christ. Why are people so obsessed with others ? smh

  • dude your like a fucking artist, as much detective work as you put into this shit you could be solving crimes like the truth about the frogs turning gay

  • INVESTIGATOR!? maaaaannnn, i HOPE SOMEBODY PAYING YOU. cause you do mo' footwork than Nike!!

  • well is working , he has over 5 millon subscribers and you 185 ,learn something

  • Why all this hate to unbox therapy. Anyone of you would do that/done that someway or another specially if you are into ecommerce business. You just find a better deal online for the same product then you offer it at your marketing channel (website or vlog or social media). Lew didn’t manufacture the cover, he found a white label product on some Chinese website. He did something like “drop shipping”. Isn’t finding better deals what trade is all about? Maybe Pitaka took their case design from the same source “alibaba”. Maybe. What if Lew has never made a review on his channel for this case. Would you also be pissed that he re marketed a white label product?

  • OMG he 'copied' a phone case! Let me guess... when he did EXACTLY WHAT ANY OTHER CASE MAKER DOES to put a case out, to make his different he should have put the camera cutout on the wrong side and not left a hole for the power button .... Give me a break! EVERY other phone case is practically exactly the same because it is designed to fit the SAME PHONE! Also who doesn't know by now that everyone just source things from China and then alter it some and have companies make their own version of it thru alibaba? ! Everyone does this! It's not illegal. Its not even remotely scandalous. Companies doing business in shenzen all know that IP is shared there! These ID-tv 'scandals' are so silly!

  • Eh. Who cares. Is someone legally obligated to give away free IPhones? I doubt it.

  • Bruh, yet you got it wrong

  • whats the point of fucking phone case that is so thin

  • Lew is made in China

  • When I was in highschool I would watch some UT because he showed a lot of pretty cool headphones. Being a musician I was really interested in that. I stopped watching pretty quick though because A) Most of his videos even a few years ago were about phones, and B) Lew says literally the same things about every single product he looks at. "Ah, wow. That's cool. That's nice". He doesn't review anything. He just brown noses everything in hopes that it will bring him sponsors and views.

  • I remember he showed off that he ordered a new Tesla the one that looks like armor car but he never showed it lol

  • is his accent as fake as his content? he keeps trying to remember he's from New York but actually might be from downtown Boston

  • I feel like I'm being scammed just by watching this video

  • Kind of funny and ironic how a chinese company is having a sook about somebody else copying and knocking off one of their products/intellectual property

  • crazy

  • First massive fake giveaway, then promoted a scam site (blackpods) which is still up on his channel today. Now he copied a case, what next 😅

  • Dont mess with dupont they'll poison your water

  • Lol. A china company complaining a westerner ripped off their design. But he only manages to do that by getting another china company to make it for him. What a joke .

  • This guy is just dirty. I've never heard of him until now but damn, what a dirty, dirty dog.

  • I don't think any of you people know what Alibaba is lol

  • Oh ffs the pitaka guy barely speak English where do you think he makes his cases China off and sells them for triple the price both of them are clever business people the idiots are the people buying this dumb ass cases for 40+ dollars in China everyone copies everything and then the Chinese guy is crying that he got copied and rebranded is he serious come on man.

  • He's always been a douche, what did anyone expect??

  • yooo if theres a carbon fiber design case for a iPhone how far different can it be? you cant move a power button anywhere else … stop complaining

  • There is no drama like ID-tv drama. Screw that guy.

  • very good video man! Good information.

  • Your the scum bag for just coping some one of video

  • In his follow up he claims that they used carbon fiber straight from Dupont (Kevlar) but that's not the same thing as actually signing with them, right?

  • Lew is actually stupid if Pitaka sells it for $12 why go and buy it for $45? And no the fanboys will see the Pitaka feud and do their research to find out Pitaka is the cheapest option

  • File a lawsuit

  • Shut up, he's the best ID-tvr in tbe history of tech ID-tvrs

  • Well, this is a first. An American firm ripped off a Chinese manufacturer

  • What the hell happened to Honor the Call's channel?

  • A chinese company talking about copyright.. ok yeah they forgot to mention they steal tech all the time and re brand it

  • Most idiotic video i watched ever bruh

  • Oddly enough, his videos are the first to pop up when searching phone reviews on ID-tv. Hmmmm.... Wonder who he knows 😑

  • Looks like someone been hitting up the dumpsters outside of apple stores for about 3 months straight 😂😂😂

  • You could feel the emptiness in those boxes like the emptiness in his heart.

  • Zhang seems like a wholsome guys

  • i never knew ut are stupid done unsubscribe

  • The truck bed full of apple phones was a copycat of a Jerry right everything video. Whe. He reached 100K subs he vid a funny vid the year before where he was giving away apples, but it was real apples. He cant even come up with an original idea on his own

  • Jealous much?

  • A Chinese company crying about someone stealing their design... Did I wake up in a backwards reality?

    • I kind of want to buy one now out of principal.

    • @Cornelius Zwackelmann I think it more has to do with how China handles copyright infringement. They have no basis for moral outrage, when their own laws allow it. Now, I'm not saying it wasn't wrong, but it is technically and fully legal to do. It doesn't excuse the behavior in which it was done because if Unbox therapy had just pointed that out and was honest and said: "I really likes that phone case I did a review for so much, I decided to design my own, with different material and less features, to keep the price down" or something along those lines it probably would have been accepted more. Again, not defending it, it's just really hard to justify and defend a manufacturer in a country who's entire current economy is primarily based on stealing the intellectual property of others and turning around and selling it cheaper all the while, also being paid to manufacture the original.

    • Do you know if this company has stolen anything? Is it o.k. to steal from someone, because his fellow countrymen do it?

    • Have you been asleep for like 4 years?

    • thanks bro, was going to type this out, then saw yours. TOTALLY AGREE . Turn that Shainghai Shivers into Baizo Blues.

  • Where to buy iPhone boxes in bulk?

  • calls unbox therapy out for plagiarism 80% of the video isn't even yours

  • All i hear the whole video is a little boy crying... Very low to see this is how u need to get attention... Go get a job u bum

    • How is he crying? Hes calling someone out on lying and proving it with evidence

  • Who is here after the Escobar fold 2 debacle?

  • lewwwwwwwwwwww is screwwwwwwwwwwwwwwed

  • Please note this update from Lew directly id-tv.org/tv/video-nFNrk6r0UsY.html

  • first off. the phone cases, my father actually has a phone otter box JUST to make sure that he wont break it, The "bulkyness" is actually safer i get you on flimsyness but BULKYNESS????? no wonder you have 164 thousand people following this shitpile f a youtuber.

  • Notice how the chinese love copyright protection when it benefits them.

  • Can someone please explain to me why unboxing videos are popular? Why is watching somebody else open a fucking box with an electronic gadget inside considered entertainment? How much of a loser do you have to be to derive pleasure from that?

  • you mean a youtuber scammed people for views and likes? gee, color me shocked. and you guys wonder why youtubers arent taken seriously

  • This is not informed. This is biased petty and a act of jealousy 😂

  • Is many things but moral he is not

  • Phone cases are like helmets for phones. It is thicc to protect from falls. If it's thin it's just defeat the purpose. Smh Sorry for my English


  • Imagine buying IPhones

  • Isn't this the whole the same situation as the fine bros controversy again. Moar money

  • Leave the man alone he worked hard to get there mind you business

  • What a POS

  • Luv the video BUT, being in the custom car industry, you don't need a contract with Dupont to use Kevlar in a product. You can purchase Kevlar from fiberglass supply companies.

  • Sounds like sour grapes... dude you watching ID-tv for free...

  • Not surprised, most of what these youtubers put out are fake or its produced for the sole pupose to generate views, subs or likes. I don't support these internet panhandlers.

  • as ThungerF00t makes clear the mans just a paid shill....

  • I don’t like Lue .... he is a stupid guy that has nothing to do and he became famous for bending an iPhone....

  • Why are you so salty? Focus on you not others...