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  • Lannan is 5'4

  • Lazar bum got 1 million in 1 month

  • You got 10 million subs sounds gay

  • 0:45 he mustve been so happy cuz he was touchin that play button all over. (the fingerprints)

  • Random man:this is a family show Lazer beam:oh shit

  • gg diamond button

  • Ive been here since 1 mil and I love ur vids

  • *Gets 10 MIL subs Gets really happy Shows off diamond play button* *Viewer realizes it has enough finger prints to cover the earth two times over :/* But good job mate, you did good You accomplished good good things

  • Where is th September one

  • I’m surprised you did it

  • Memes🥐🍗

  • Lol

  • great job lazarbeam

  • Will has artogryposis Multiplex Congenita

  • Ok

  • This is how much cringeworthy faces 👇

  • U kod the dog a he

  • U made me look uo gilf

  • To grow clothes for kids in Africa, don’t you need to have water?

  • Rozlind

  • Actually laserbeam deserves 100,10,1444,0000000,26666,345,100,299,2222222,111111,101 subscribes

  • That interview moment😂😂 This is a family show, ah shit

  • 0:00-0:03 that’s when lazar beam gets demonetizes for 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years

  • I played my part * Subscribes on like 20 accounts

  • If tanna is biscuit's mom and lannan is her dad?????

  • I looked up golf

  • Shing shing shing lol mongraal

  • your siitl salaty mate

  • Month review

  • Lazarbeam: I can’t stick this I’m renting! Me: ...

  • Hi im trying to do the hundred thousand sub challenge any subs would be appreciated first sub gets shout out just comment after subbing

  • Pause at 8:02 And look at jojo

  • Crickey buggar

  • Damn Vultures

  • Sub to me 😬

  • This is a family Show mate oh shit had me dying

  • Man I was subbed at 300k subs congrats man

  • every like this gets is how much more likely i will go to area 51

  • bruh

  • 👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • U look same as old sorry do not have me

  • 3:25 now i’m crying 😕

  • Good job

  • This video was uploaded on my birthday yeeyee

  • What if i told u i got 3 ads

  • I'm going to like this video because the dog was in it

  • I bought Lazarbeam merch the other day an I use code Lazar yeyeyey

  • Lacklan tennis racket is actually a bug zapper btw

  • Wait Lazarbeam has friends I thought he was all alone

  • lannon has friends?

  • Yeah you have more than 10 million and I have a channel with 12 subscribers

  • how would you use hydro clothes in Africa if they are also having water shortages?

  • The joke is because Australians were convicts. Convicts stole... just like lazarbum.

  • I have that bug sworer

  • When v-bucks are free 0:02

  • My play button just joking

  • Use Code Fresh now or I will ban you

  • 3:00 code Lazar

  • Lazar beam if you see this you should try madden again at least for the lamppost

  • The piggy bank got demonized