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Easter Eggs are out there!
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  • Up is the best animation of all time!

  • Kevin was a girl??? Wow thats new

  • I've seen this video on my SMART TV's ID-tv today.

  • But lotso was seen in the girls room and the luxo ball when Carl's house flew past it and Russell had a luxo pin

  • This will always be my all time favorite Pixar movie

  • “No CG animals were harmed.” Hehe 😛😄

  • Make up 2

  • Kevin is five birds in one. (I checked)

  • This is one of my Grandmothers favorite animated movies.

  • Yes. I can finally tell my friend that the dog in UP is named 'Dug' and not 'Doug'

  • CGI filming takes real life objects higher and bigger than before

  • I just rewatched up. I cried like a baby!!! I forgot how amazing this movie Is!

  • up by movie favorite in coco

  • Charles Brewer Canarias inspire the figure of Charles Muntz

  • 100 likes for a Michael Jackson movie

  • If you make a Cars 4 can you plese put charters from cars 1 2 3

  • I love it all of it

  • I'm going to flim a music video about cars

  • When will the short films from Pixar will be made to movies

  • Please do a Did You Know about A Bug's Life!

  • I want Pixar to make Brave 2.

  • I love Up

  • Can you please do a toy story 4 trailer we have no detail please do this!!!! Plzzzzzz!!!!!

  • hmmm i see

  • *this movie is very un proportional.*

  • _Wow!_So_Interesting_Facts!_

  • Great Work Disney ❤️ b

  • Cool!

  • Hola felicidades y Saludos desde San Luis Potosí, México

  • Carl and Ellie's scene are so amazing yet so heartbreaking with an outstanding soundtrack.

  • I mean a bug's life 2 the adventures of fearless pals

  • I want a bug's life 2 the adventures of the fearless

  • I love Up. The originality, telling a story through an old man's perspective, it's really inspiring. Keep at it Disney and Pixar ❤

  • What about a bug's life 2 please

  • The first 15 minutes of "Up" is some of the most emotional story ever put to a screen...

    • Rodrigo Silva life passes by so quickly, make the best of each day you have

  • Can I have the Good Dinosaur, with the early drafts showing more dinosaurs

  • Best Pixar film ever!

    • Jacob 31363 torn on best ever since really fond of Wall-E, Toy Story 3 but i really ❤Up

  • Disney Pixar 👏💝😍

  • Did you know? The first ten minutes of the film were painstakingly designed and crafted to cause as much soul-crushing pain as possible!

  • Hey Disney•Pixar, I am obsessed with your easter eggs & fun facts videos. Please upload more of them!

  • My favorite movie, say thanks to the creators!

  • Thumbs-Up #119 I am, Friday 2 Mar 2018! 😆 As much as a person that is not associated with a film - producing studio can love that studio, I love Pixar! I am SO looking forward to The Incredibles part 2! Too bad, to me, that they did not name it The Incredibles, Chapter 2. The next film of John Wick is Chapter 2. I am just SO looking forward to a film full of smiling and laughter. . . . . . .Elestigirl drives a quick agile motorcycle! Cheers!

    • whiteribbonman1 i agree. Also was happy that Coco won Oscar last night. Visually stunning with good story

  • 4 seconds a week! wow. Crazy how much work goes into the making of these films!

    • I also think it's 4 minutes. That makes it a 6-month production which seems more accurate.

    • @0:07 Four seconds a week, 96-minute movie, makes 1,440 weeks or *27 years* to make the film. That can't be right. Do they mean four _minutes_ a week? Or four seconds per animator per week? What?

  • How did I miss the pizza planet truck? I feel like a phoney pixar fan now.

  • Wanted to highly recommend 2 Disneyland youtubers I stumbled upon 😊Eric Ramirez Gaming 101 and Alex the Historian 😊both pure and joyful souls with the ideals Walt built the parks on😊enjoy them

  • Dug is my favourite character in up 😀

  • This channel should have more subscribers

  • Cool 💖💖💖

  • 0:52 Dug: Squirrel

  • And the ball in the girl's room where the house passes by?

  • I love you Pixar Your like the valve of movies

  • First.

  • Up is one of my all time favorite movies but it’s also so sad 😰😰😭

    • Cody Whitlock Nearly Every video I watch you are in the comment section of that video!

    • The Gaming ID-tvr Not the Best really, what do u mean

    • WTH I see you everywhere!

  • God I love how Pete Docter shoutouts to my hometown, YOU ROCK PETE, KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!! ^.^

  • Nice,Keep Up The Work :D

  • Disney Pixar kids 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘