Using SEGREGATION to beat high scores in Mini Motorways!

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Fixing gridlocked traffic by splitting up colours in Mini Motorways will help you get high scores in Mini Motorways! From the makers of Mini Metro comes Mini Motorways! A highway engineering puzzle game and in this video I, a highway designer of 10 years, see if my real life engineering skills help me become better at the Mini Motorways puzzle game by segregating different colours to fix bad traffic!

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About Mini Motorways:
Have you ever been stuck in traffic and wished you could do something to fix it?

In Mini Motorways, the city’s traffic problems are in your hands.

From the makers of Mini Metro, Mini Motorways is a game about drawing the roads that drive a growing city. Build a road network, one road at a time, to create a bustling metropolis. Redesign your city to keep the traffic flowing, and carefully manage upgrades to meet the changing demands. How long can you keep the cities of the world moving?

Key Features
- Draw roads in dynamic cities that grow and change - every game is unique!
- Explore stunning maps inspired by cities all around the world.
- Choose from a variety of upgrades to meet the demands of your ever-expanding road network: highways, roundabouts, and more!
- Select different colour palettes on every map including colourblind and night modes.
- Relax to a responsive soundtrack from Disasterpeace that grows along with your city.
- Unlock new maps and achievements as you achieve mastery
- Export GIFs of your city layouts to share with your friends.
- Compete against other players in Daily and Weekly Challenges.


  • Have you tried mapping roads to try and control building spawns? Not sure if it would work but would be interesting to try.

  • Being colorblind, this would be an interesting game for me to play and see how well I can do lmao

  • I see the giraffe with the pink speedos :)

  • I saw the giraffe too.

  • Damn you bout to get canceled just by the title

  • Wait this game is literally segregation You cant go to other coloured buildings

  • Finding my city in here made me laugh so hard.

  • that thumbnail was my gut instinct - rather than do the straightforward thing, I shall keep looping my roads around shops if it means the colours don't mix

  • Sus title

  • This drives me crazy

  • Segregation works!

  • Glad I found the episode where he came up with "old ham"

  • Taupe.

  • "If we make it a bit neater" Proceeds to drawing the roads the exact same way they were before.

  • The most racist game ever.

  • Slapped sub, great videos!

  • Engendering segregation

  • The future of the past is now

  • gotta keep them separated

  • Your coloured houses are separate, but equal!

  • Can’t unsee the giraffe 🤯

  • What in the name of Apartheid is this

  • Mini metro is pretty good too

  • 6:08 Where's that 'Wow‼' sound effect from?

  • Don’t tilt the frame like that bro plz

  • ah yes segregation by color, the classic

  • Bro?

  • Don’t say the lord’s name in vain

  • Wow came across this channel at random, love the content. Sub

  • But isn't Tokyo a foreign word?

  • Do you ever play Cities Skylines? It may not be completely realistic but on the computer version you can get a lot of mods off steam to make it very realistic.

  • The best title I have ever seen in a youtube video

  • 18:16 18:21 "Did I change anything?" Yes. But no. Lmao

  • it just ruins my smug face every time this guy says "Ham"

  • How i can google sound on 11:50 ?

  • pretty sure you are exurb1a

  • *Me wanting to be a civil engineer:* is this my future?

  • the game is racist, in rea life, red go to red, blue go to blue

  • Is there any similar game like this for android?

  • Now try factorio

  • Yo racist? Yo racist?

  • Given that he's a professional in real life, this gives me much more appreciation to road design

  • 11:16 imagine having a motorway straight in front of your front door

  • I got to say roundabouts are not necessarely superior to crossroads with traffic lights, in my city there was a big roundabout with contant jams and it was replaced with crossroads with lights and jams have 100% been solved

  • Can't you just pause, delete everything, and then build again knowing where everything is?

  • As Daniel Tosh would ask...Is It Racist?

  • Anyone else hear how this guy sounds exactly like exurb1a ???

  • I am student Electronic Engineering. Really don't know why I got this in my recommendation, but I'll take it thats for sure.

  • Him: Because I'm British and I can't pronounce foreign words Me: OK say America!

  • Good lord a highway exit right in the middle of a parking lot... how unrealistic

  • lol I love how it looks totally messed up, guess that's what happen in the real world when there is no central planning and things just organically sprout up all over the places

  • Hmmmmm

  • Wow, i think segregation should be used in all aspects of society.

  • Wow, I am now pro segregation!


  • "Pete Tong?" Tell me your from London without telling me your from London.

  • As someone who drives a nearly-23-meter vehicle for work, roundabouts are the single worst thing to happen to the American highway system.

  • If you like roundabouts, then you would love the Australian Capital Territory, basically a city/state of roundabouts.

  • Roundabouts are trash. Live in America with the idiot drivers here and you'll sour on them or possibly be dead in a week.

  • Could be improved with apartheid.

  • 2:22 Making Gravelly hill a big roundabout would massively inconvenience those on the M6 at 70 mph. But a hamburger may work there.

  • 0:38 England to their imperial colonized cities

  • Ham Colored

  • One person not able to get their toilet paper in time Mayor: SHUT THE CITY DOWN!!!!!!

  • When the Civil Engineer interacts with the Asian community 10:44

  • God tier title. Catch a few eyes with that lmao.

  • Apartheid on a new level

  • Hell yeah! Segregation! Wait

  • Ugh when u wouldnt connect the bottom 4 houses with a motorway to the dark blue across the house

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  • This is literally what I try to do but it never works because the game screws it up

  • "Using SEGREGATION to beat high scores" its just sounds wrong, it makes me think of South Africa.

  • Roundabouts are the absolute worst idea in therms of average speed tuel efficiency, emissions (isnt that the carbon footprint reduction is a priority?). Properly timed traffic lights would do a much better job.


  • Wait do the cars go to any random shop of their colour or do they pick a different store each time

  • My dad is also a civil engineer he has 25 years experience

  • I think you’re finally ready to play Satisfactory ;)

  • The roundabout made you lose that one cause traffic kept piling up and no one could get through plus it made cars stop when they normally wouldn’t

  • This looks worst then the most complex road system in the world ( which i dont know which city has it )

  • youtube algorithm brought me here and now i have the game on my wishlist XD

  • Its pronounced Daar (soft D, followed by long A) Es (S like hiss) Salaam (pronounced how its spelled) I agree about roundabouts completely. Wish American roads would use them more frequently rather than traffic lights.

  • Unintentionally based AF. Good stuff, king.

  • Ive never bought a game so fast. Thanks hahaha. Congrats to the creators of this game

  • Never seen that game neither you before, great video !

  • using WHAT?🤨

  • The US government:

  • It is really weird to find a game in which you cheer for color segregation. "No Blue! You got extra bathrooms on the other side of town!"

  • This is basically racism

  • sorry, but giraffes aren't real

  • CARnage

  • This is 100% both the most and least racist video I've ever seen

  • This looks fun

  • "using SEGREGATION to beat high scores" very poor choice of words

  • European always tempted to get more roundabouts 😅

  • It drove me bonkers how you didn’t connect the single purple house to the yellow/purple supermarkets 🥲

  • “If you don’t know if you’re for Trump or me then you ain’t black” -the most popular president ever.

  • you can build bridges however you want, it's just roads on water


  • This would be a good mobile game

  • For the two bridges, you can just go around the island to just use one bridge.

    • This was uploaded 2 months ago my guy lol