Venezuela: Maduro denounces 'coup plotters and traitors'

Dipublikasikan tanggal 2 Mei 2019
The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, has said 'the time to fight has come', in a televised address surrounded by his military high command. Maduro gave the warning following clashes in the past two days after the opposition attempted a military insurrection
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Venezuela: Maduro thanks military and denounces 'senseless coup-mongers and traitors' ►
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  • Venezuela: Maduro thanks military and denounces 'senseless coup-mongers and traitors' ►

  • Nuevo payazoo

  • War is coming. Freedom vs socialism, the war is only just the beginning. People of the world, we must support Guaido at all costs!

    • @Marc Bell No. Some Venezuelans wanted to back Guaido. This should not be failed.

    • +Yuriel Astillero No real Venezuelan wanted Guido. The Washington backed coup failed. Norway is mediating peace talks now.

  • Support maduro

  • maduro hoy e soñado con tigo jijijiji que bueno eres!! ya tienes el chico que trabaja en el corte ingles de gerona? y a ver si te explico a ti y donald trum !! trump y tu tenéis códigos o sabia colectiva sois ya parte del mismo ! en fisico, en manera de ser, trump tiene codigos de kim jon ulcito, mios ,tuyos y del principe de aravia saudi

  • It's not that difficult to wack someone Speaking from first hand experience, at 1,200 meters its easy...

  • Stay strong Venezuala, everyone sees right through the plot to take your resources and we won't stand for it.

  • If u get the hell out from the president..There will be no violence..Maduro

  • I support Maduro, mainstream media twist the story do your research guys... it was a american backed coup- all for oil, I haven't got time to debate with low level minded people lol

  • Stand with Venezuela

  • The whole world is looking at the CIA with hope and is waiting for a coup in this unfortunate country. But the CIA have forgotten how to conduct real dangerous operations. Even a drone with an explosive can’t reach the target. The CIA is very inefficient in the last few years.

  • As an American I denounce any threats to my country and would hope you're met with holes that swallow your country.

  • How’s the revolution going comrade?

  • How many deaths would there be if a civil war erupted here....... What does that mean ??? As if people are already not dying of hunger !

  • Guardian journo's wet dream

  • Does it take THAT many body guards just for that murderer to go on a stroll?

  • A coup is a car with two doors and a trunk.

  • ¿Cómo es la visión de vivir "correcto"?

  • Notice that all of the soldiers are unarmed.

  • Venezuela defend your oil, gold and freedom!

  • So, he'll burn it to the ground before he gives up.

  • BTW: I hope Guaido is not making his decisions based on the empty promises of Trump and his fellow wind-bags seriously. They will never step foot in that country... and are definitely not "behind you" or "with you", etc., etc.

  • America has invented a world where the liberal press encourages in its readers a taste for 'collateral murder'.

  • Two F-22's right at that moment, problem solved... moving on.

  • Not our problem. Let the Venezuelan people hash it out.

    • Let’s focus on our crumbling infrastructure, I say. 👍🏻

  • Looks like Saddam with a baseball cap!!

  • Patriotism should go to Nation of people, not for Bureaucracy leader.

  • Maduro,a revolutionary

  • Pendejos no loci den que Russia esta con Madura un mal paso y se va ala verge USA

  • He sounds like a smart man

  • Assange rots in a British jail as an American political prison while bloody Gina and her henchmen butcher Venezuela.

  • you are the president of Venezuela

  • This is what the dems want in the end this is what socialism always leads to

    • @Zap Rowsdower It's always something else, Venezuela was already going down, even before the first sanctions

    • Ted Comet but is it? Guess US sanctions are irrelevant. Stay blind my friend.

  • This is all self made.


  • I SAY 3 minutes


  • Sound the drums of war

  • Maduro knows the democrats?

  • That's a lot of Cuban standing around him

  • Shutup and give us your oil

  • Trump said he would help the opposition without question if they asked... but they havent... why? Guaido is also in Maduros pocket. Maduro is smart enough to hire someone to pretend to be opposition, then weed out his enemies. Yall are too slow to keep up.

    • @troll jones If thats the case why didnt we bomb this little rally of theirs? Not a single active boot yet? They are a one-winged fly compared to The US

    • *Guaido is also in Maduros pocket* If that is the case then Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Mike Pence and Donald Trump are also in Maduro's pocket since Guaido is the puppet of the United States.

  • We’re going to spread “democracy” down there like Iraq Syria and Libya? Then be shocked when more people show up at the border.

  • Coup financed and armed by the American government.

  • Looks like War time ! Next ?

  • There’s something about Maduro that I like.

  • If he’s bringing up loyalty then they have none.

  • Dam it.😁

  • Sadam Maduro...LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Another screw up thanks to the USA.

    • WhatTheyDontTellYou your mom screwed up on her abortion.. Still got that hanger around your neck?

  • Dead Man Walking...

  • Devil in the speech ...his fate will be like Saddam & gadafi....where there are oil wells US Russia poke their nose...

    • sanju b don't forget Cheena.. ....they have a LOT of mouths to feed

  • He smells like Stalingrad

  • the guardian supporting their comerades

    • Anyone notice that there is a distinct lack of opinion articles from the Guardian on the Venezuelan crisis and that no articles on the subject are open for comments?

  • When an economy heavily relies on the export of oil, America is going to realize that and slowly destabilize the country with sanctions, so it can take over. America can't afford medicare for all, or public schooling, but it has a ton of bombs that need to be used.

  • He's willing to have his armies and people do the fighting against a foreign nation as long as it takes for his "resistance". Dictator.

  • Thats SOCIALISM for you kids.

  • This has dictator plastered all over.

  • It will last around 10 minutes.

    • With People like you 5 minutes, Those People are not cowards...

    • Caesar Really,,,that Long ?

  • This is what the Democrats will do to America if in power.

    • @Captain America everyone that I know has guns. And we're all democrats. So you are so wrong on the gun issue . But keep believing that lie.


  • Ja ja durarían 24 horas... aprieten ese culo!!!

  • Trump has already killed 40,00 through its sanctions regime and yet this paper continues to support what it laughingly calls the 'uprising'.

  • This will be Vietnam 2 for Americunts. DEATH TO AMERICA!!!

    • Alex Uzunovic U crazy 😂😂we’d bomb these fools til there was nothing left

  • Maduro is a fat Socialist, clinging to power, desperately trying keep his life of luxury on the backs of his impoverished citizenry who fill their stomachs with dog food. Moral of the story; don't vote for Socialists!

  • Nothing says more 'I am a peaceful democratic president' than having an entire military corp marching behind you.

    • @bittercottoncandy You very well know Maduro is no threat to the region and USA is, was and always has been due to the greed of a small percent of super rich capitalists.

    • The question is whether Maduro had threatened to invade? I gave you the answer.

    • @bittercottoncandy You didn't look into the history did you? In 1850, after decades of arguing over the boundary line separating Venezuela from its colonized neighbor, both sides agreed not to occupy the disputed territory under further determinations could be made. But as the demand for gold and other natural resources grew in the region, the British again tried to claim the territory declaring the Schomburgk Line the frontier of British Guiana, in clear violation of the previous accord with Venezuela.

    • @Marc Bell Guyana.

  • america needs to leave this countries alone. I hope Russia steps in and china !

  • How long a war in Venezuela would last? I'd say 1 hour!

    • Not even that long.

    • Even if Venezuela fell in under a year they would likely be resistance after the fact which could mean more Terrorist attacks, a Socialist uprising and other States of unrest due to what the Occupied Government would be like.

    • chimpy 726 Great I Love the smell of Napalm in the morning.. Smells like,,,,,,,, VICTORY

    • The real criminals are the USA that are trying to steal Venezuelans oil

  • Means a war is coming up


    • @Crown Royal After that comment don't pretend like you're a guy who wants peace in the future. I guess you love American democracy, the only word that if you stand behind it you are more than welcome to do everything to everyone...

    • Boris Bosnjak more like Maduro dies.. 💀💀

    • Boris Bosnjak haha haha haha hahahaha haha 😂 😂.. A real troll,,, finally!!

  • What does he want ?! I hope this doesnt mean war

  • Putin seems determined to put nuclear missiles in Venezuela so he can start World War 3 and wipe humanity out.

    • *What ?.* The US is the one that is fond of starting wars not Venezuela.

    • @Ruben Saliasi What ?.

  • The suffering of the Venezuelan people continues...