Visti Larsen on How exactly Venus affects relationships - Part 1 (Don't Miss)

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    • Dear Bhabhajeet ji, Please invite Shri Vishti to talk about curses and Rahu...

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  • Everytime I see shri achyutadasa tradition seems highest of all jyotish traditions bcoz they are all giving philosophical and logical interpretation to jyotish which most astrologers won't do..great exotic astrology...🙏🙏🙏Take a bow to visit larsen ji..Om gurave namaha..

  • Have been in awe of Visti for 13 years. Thank you so much for bringing him on.

  • Visti is amazing! I’ve found a new teacher. A lot of knowledge.

  • I had been looking for Visti’s videos and finally found it. Thank you Bhabajeet. Now I know why is it tough for me to find a spouse!! My 7th lord is in 2nd house 😐

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  • This was really a beautiful video, so much of clarity. Thanks to the respected guest and Bhabajeet.

  • Great session.. chief! Many gratitudinous thanks to you both. Eagerly looking forward to the sequels. I have one query though: In all humility, I wish to point out that the birth data of Lord Shri Krishna Avatar, used by Mr. Larsen, seems erroneous. I have tried getting this chart on JHora using the birth details displayed at 35:03 of this video, with Traditional Lahiri Ayanamsa; but I see a chart showing a 14 Ge 21 Lagna (Ardra 3P), with the Moon in 7H (Sag) in Poorvashadha 2P. While being initiated as Jyotish students, we've always been taught that Lord Shri Krishna was born under Taurus Lagna, with an exalted Rohini Moon therein. Despite using many other Ayanamsas, I still could not get the chart displayed by Mr. Larsen at 35:03 of this video. FYKI, the birth details of the Lord have been given by Shi PVR Narasimha Rao -- as June 23, -3227, --23:50-- Hrs, Mathura (77E41, 27N30), India -- displays a chart that is EXACTLY like Mr. Larsen's, and which is indeed the correct chart. Now, my question is, how can TWO DIFFERENT DATES used by Mr. Larsen & PVR ji, respectively, come up with EXACTLY SIMILAR charts?? Is it that Mr. Larsen uses some other secret technique, or Ayanamsa, of his parampara..?? Kindly check with Mr. Larsen and advise. Many thanks, once again. Namaste..! God bless..! PS: I request you, Bhabhajeet, as also other Jyotish students reading this, to try and create the Lord's chart using the said birth details shown by Mr. Larsen at 35:03 of this video. Does it show the classical/scriptural chart with a Taurus Lagna and an exalted Rohini Moon therein?? The answer is NO! Now try using the aforestated birth details, as postulated by PVR ji. Pronto! Hence QED.

    • Many grateful thanks. God bless..!

    • Many thanks, Mr. Larsen. As advised, tried the Julian calendar setting too on Jhora. Yet, could not get the exact chart that you have displayed. However, by using PVR ji's aforestated birth details of Lord Krishna Avatar, I get a similar chart as yours, even with Gregorian calendar setting. Please clarify the anomaly. Will only be grateful. Namaste!

    • Thanks for the info Atul Ji, we could see the teaching rather than the details of ayanamshas, bcz the charts of Ram and Krishna are very difficult to know exactly. I leave this topic here itself as the purpose is to discuss venus. Namaste.

  • What to expect from a Sanjay ji student? Simply brilliant!!!! Cole freedom too is a genius

  • I was born and raised in Odisha in a small town known as Rourkela. We had one of the best astrologers I ever came across- Pandit Sarangi Sharma. He was the headmaster of the school inside the NIT campus. His predictions are still true. I cannot tell you how accurate and learned he was. He left us for his heavenly abode. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Wonderful. What a treat. Enjoyed this thoroughly and looking forward to Part II

  • Amazing session. Wating for part 2.

  • Thanks Visti to share your secrets in this simple way.

  • Thanks for the video, With this logic, i was studying a chart and i could see it working Scorpio Asc ( even sign ) Aries becomes the 7th house(Jaya Bhava). 7th lord venus placed in 8th house the spouse MAY have bad health and Mars placed in cancer which i suppose happiness is also in trouble God bless them :(

  • Thank u bhabajeet for getting visti over here.listening both of u is enlightening but for me venus is like a puzzle..I'm having leo lagan, debilitated venus is vergottama at same time it is atamkarka,sitting in lagna in d9..and in d1 it is with Jupiter and this really bad??

  • Visti is voice of god...

  • Super! Lucky to have Visti with us. Visti Larsen is excellent! Have learned so much from him! AMAZING Chats in early 2002

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  • Hello Bhabajeet, thank you for a wonderful video. How do you think the results may change if the Jayadipe is in its own sign (mooltrikon) but conjunct with a malefic (Ketu, for instance)?

  • Please upload the other parts soon, if possible .... I cant wait to know more !

  • Dear Vistiji , this is amazing and especially the way you tease the viewers and keep them thinking . I think you did give away the clue to what is Jaya bhava , from your example !

  • Hi Bhabajeet.. Your videos are awesome and very enlightening. My Venus is Retrograde in Leo in conjuction with Mercury in 4th house. Can you please tell me at a very high level how will my Venus Mahadasha be which starts from Sep 2020. Currently in Ketu Dasha now.. Most my time spent in Spirituality....

    • Thank you Visti for recommending the Ucchista Ganapati Mantra. I will include it in my everyday mantra puja.

    • Vistiji can you make detailed video on how to choose remedies. Have you made detailed video on any of your webinars, if yes please let know or please make detailed video on this pleaseeeeeeee.

    • Also Bhabajeet.. I'm learning Vedic Astrology myself.. And I love it.. It makes so much sense and hells us to transform ourself to be the better version. I love all your videos and have learned a lot. I'm Pushayami Nakshatra and I enjoyed watching your recent video about this Nakshatra.. Thanks again !!

    • Thanks Bhabajeet for the reply.. I understand that the entire chart should be analyzed .. Bus was wondering in a very general manner with anyone having a planet Retrograde in Birth chart and how will the Dasha be regarding that Planet....

    • I have Rahu in my Asc Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio 7th house as well.. My Saturn is Exalted in Libra 6th house.. Mars Debilitated in Cancer 3rd house lord of 7th house.. So was wondering how will my Venus dasha be as I'm having some difficulties in domestic life now in last 3 years of Ketu dasha

  • Thanks for always posting such important posts. Please also guide us how to please all planets. Do we worship God's associated with them or do we worship the planetary mantras in horas.

    • Who is Lord of venus in hinduism?

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  • Laconic and precise.🤗Thanks Bhabhajeet ji for for inviting Vishti ji to your channel.🙏

  • I am speechless with this series. I went through some kind of awakening understanding this. Venus is for marriage so both men & women can use this 7th lord in D1 for marriage? In D9 chart, 7th house lord in 2nd house. What could that mean?

  • sir, I have one question about my venus which is in the 9th house(saggitarius) in my birth chart but it is in 12th house(Cancer) in my Navamsa.what does it indicate?

  • Namaste On every Shukravaar we must offer prayers to Shri Shukracharya facing South East as that is the direction associated with the Graha. We must support our spouse as Shukra signifies marriage and is strengthened by good conduct amongst partners. Thanks

  • One of your best guests. Have him often 😍

  • Hi Mr. Visti Larsen / Bhabajeet, just wanted to figure one particular thing (I saw your series on Navamsha a couple of days back...) that can we not analyse Venus from the Navamsha? Particularly those post 40-years and above and those gearing towards their IInd Innings?

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  • Excellent! Thank you very much is it possible to get a copy of his power point?

  • Wonderful video Sir! Venus exalted for Taurus ascendant! Ketu in the first house and Mars 2ND house! Sun moon and Mercury in tenth house , Saturn combust in 9th! How would be the career and married life Sir! Please predict! Thanks and regards 🙏

    • plz book a reading with him if you want specific predictions for your chart. Thank you :)

  • Beautifully Explained :)

  • Visti is clarity

  • Namaste Visti ji If seventh lord Venus placed in 8th house Gemini, with 5th &9th lords placed in 7th Taurus, Scorpio ascendant with Rahu in asc, Jupiter & moon, Ketu in 7th and asc lord in 11th Virgo, how will be the married life?

    • that is a full consultation in itself seeing 10-15 factors in total.

  • Thanks for bringing Shri visti Larsen at yr program d very knowledgeable person for astology

  • Thanks Sir for bringing Vistiji.

  • Venus(pushya)and mercury(ashlesha)in 4th house cancer aspected by mars(1st house bharini)and saturn(10th house shravana)

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  • If Mars is the 7th lord as well as the jayabhava lord for Taurus lagna, what does that indicate? Thank you!

    • Visti Larsen Makes perfect sense, thank you Sir!

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  • I am from odisha. Love to watch great tradition of Achyutanand in u tube

  • Bhabajeet, please start a new series with KP/Nadi astrology.

    • Sure, will do that with Bharath Ram Ji very soon.

  • Sir please share views on debilitated venus in virgo sign or dushthana houses.Thanks

  • Yes. In rasi chart and 6th lord in 7th house in D9.

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  • Superb video bro and vistiji👌💐. 7L mars of Aries in Pisces ie 12th from 7th house. Do we apply the same in d9 to confirm and means health of spouse will be spoil?.

  • Hi...pls make video on marraige timing for each combination of ascendant + nakshtra...e.g. moon sign Aries with bharani nakshtra...

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  • I wonder if 7 lord 8 from also impacts as a makara grana since 7-2 are makara bhava? I imagine some makara can be reduced to death-like results vs final death . Also, what if a graha is 5 from 9 and 8 from 6? I imagine the loss of disease, debts, enemies is a good thing. :) I makes sense that this principal works for losing bad not just good.

  • commenting from puri, Odisha, being a krishnaatreya gotri , love this video

  • Would the Aries-Libra Odd even ascendant concept also apply to Navamsha or just the Lagna?

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  • Venus Mars (combust) Sun in Revati aspected by retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Saturn in Hasta. Person (my friend) is impulsive and lustful but believes in God. How to trigger a sathvik life via food and spirituality and help him? Been trying and advising for 3 years. Please suggest remedy. Very grateful. Namaste!

    • Visti Larsen Sir, he doesn't know his birth time. My guess is Aries lagna but I could be wrong.

  • Nice session.

  • I have three charts: 1. Ramana Maharshi, Virgo ascendant (even ascendant), seventh house will be Aries and mars in his chart is sitting in its own sign i.e. Aries and yes as far as I know he was unmarried. 2. Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Aquarius ascendant (odd ascendant), seventh house will be Libra and Venus in his chart is exalted and yes he was married. 3. Swami Vivekanada, Sagitarius Ascendant (odd ascendant), seventh house will be Libra and Venus was sitting in Capricorn. Yes in Saturn's sign which shows fixedness, break, stopage and for marital purpose I don't think it is great. And yes he was a natural celibate as far as I know. So, it worked in two chart.....gr8 video dhanywaad Bhabhajeet and Vristi.

    • Hi @Visti Larsen - Traditional Vedic Astrology You said: If the Lord of the jayabhava is in own or exaltation sign, the person is completely happy with woman ( or enjoys the happiness that woman seek). :) I am Libra Lagna. My 7th lord is exalted in 4th ( capricorn ). Although my 7th lord is exalted (+ Shukra is in my lagna.) I had terrible marriage. I was not happy at all. Now I am divorced and the happiest man on Planet. My ex wife is not strong. She is not health. There is no fortune, health in her life except two daughters. What do you say about it?

    • Thank you Vristi sir, I am using Jagannath Hora software in which virgo ascendant chart of Maharsi Ramama is given, but who knows it can be wrong. Thanks again for the info you have given.

    • Thanks a lot for the info :)

  • Venus gives relationships, 7H receives it and 7L enjoys it

  • Upload sir part 2

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  • Point to ponder: "Jayabhava" can be "bhava where Venus is placed !"

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  • Acc to Jaimini- "jaya"dheepa is the 6th lord jayabhava is the 6th house either from Aries or libra Depending on odd-even lagna .Any light on it visti ji ?

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  • 7th lord in 6th .. no marital bliss or physical relationship after marriage..even if your spouse is perfect in all other things....respect you..or even if you dominate your spouse .

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  • Can it be taken that Venus is spouse karak in male chart while mars can be considered so in female chart🙏

  • The worg Jaaya and kalatra in sanskriy is synnomous for patni - wife

  • Bro you got the plug👍

  • Difficulty understanding That point regarding Even signs Aries odd signs Libra for 7th house. Please clarify. Coz as we take 7th from each sign it will be different

    • He is saying if the ascendant is an odd sign, take Libra as another 7th house and thus Venus as lord of jayabhava. If the ascendant sign is an even sign, then take Aries and so Mars becomes lord of jayabhava.

  • Venus + ketu in Libra 8th house. What is the result. ?

  • how we have to see a retrograde benefice planet in 12th, 2, 5 house from venus. ? please share.

  • If the house lord badly placed that house is unavailable. Understood. what if the house lord is Retrograde or stationary. Whether venus is excluded from this principle as it is said it works well at least in 12 and 8th houses?

  • It's very nice sir but small doubt this is male horoscope only or for both???

  • In D9 Chart venus 7th house and aspects by mars and Jupiter and In d1 venus in 4th house conjunct with mercury and ketu and aspects by rahu