VIVIZ (비비지) - 'Untie' Performance Video

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VIVIZ (비비지) - 'Untie' Performance Video
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  • All ladies have captivating presence on the screen. Lighting & direction is top-notch. Song is soft and music apt. Dance is awesome! All put together, you created magic. This music video is a winner!


  • I know they are awesome (been a fan since Gfriend) but this made my jaw drop. Keep it coming BPM! Thank you for taking care of our girls!

  • I never had interest in Viviz but this is SO GOOD omfg, the song,their voices, stage presence, choreography, the video, the lyrics... It's all perfect

  • Can we appreciate how meaningful the lyrics are (something not about love/heartbreak) and how the AMAZING choreo accentuates the lyrics??? This song deserves way more hype and recognition!!! 😭

    • Yeahh i just read the translation and its so meaningful. Its scares me how its relate too much with our current generation

  • omg....this is one of the best song this year....keep it up viviz....UMJI😍

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! THAT WAS 10/10 NO DEBATE. THE FIT , THE CHOREO , THE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ON POINT , THE ANGLES , THE LIGHTING, THE BACKUP DANCERS. Oh my god , Props to everyone who worked on this and make this performance video happens

  • WHY WASNT THIS THEIR TITLE!!! its my favourite song from them to date! we need more of this from VIVIZ

    • title track was just as good! just different vibes

    • I think both songs are good and manaic is more suitable for general publicl

    • i think this song is not very good when it comes to live performance. if you compare both songs' performances you will see Untie lacks something

    • I think viviz would’ve gone very viral for newer fans if this was the title. Maniac is a cool pop song, but not sure it will make people invest in seeing more of them

    • @@gyusfaiiryofshampoo i disagree. maniac got a looot of buzz on social media bwith non fans before they released this choreo video which frankly distracted fans from the title track. not a bad thing, shows they can produce a range of good music and performances

  • Untie is a cool song. The visuals are insane, especially Eunha with light pink hair.

  • 근데 새삼 비비지 대단한 것 같음... 기존 여자친구의 주력인던 파워청순 이미지를 과감히 벗어던지고 자신들만의 컨셉과 색깔을 구축해나감.그리고 여친 메보인 유주의 부재를 매 컴백마다 그들만의 목소리로 노래가 아쉽지 않게 채워가는 게 눈에 보임.심지어 신비는 말할 것도 없고 은하랑 엄지의 춤선도 매 컴백마다 월등하게 성장함.... ㄷㄷ... 실력되고 인성 논란 없고 이번에는 곡까지 잘뽑으니 응원을 안할수가 없는 그룹임.얼마나 더 성장하고 얼마나 더 대중들에게 그들만의 매력을 보여줄지 앞으로가 굉장히 기대됨.

  • I'm absoluty smitten with the three of them. Coming from GFriends and seeing them grow into a mature group, i'm so glad they decided to debut and continue to make music.

  • Great song and performance ❤

  • Almost 1M without ads just pure organic growth!!! So proud of MY GIRLS VIVIZ.

  • VIVIZ's duality of having a song like Red Sun and Untie, and they BOTH are masterpieces..... thank you BPM!!!

    • Ikr the variety of Viviz Concepts ✨, now I wish they would have filmed a Red Sun Mv

  • this is not only a banger of a song, but also a cinematic masterpiece. I have rewatched this too many times to count at this point. I am just so in love with everything about this!! 😳❤

  • can't help but replay this song over and over again!! Everything is so perfect

  • Every day listening to this work of art. 비비지 The Best. It's early but I can't wait for their next song . Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽🇰🇷

  • How the hell this did not get more likes, litteraly their best work and comeback AND top b-side of the year ❤

  • VIVIZ debuts in BPM seriously the best decision ever. They can explore more genre that they wanna do

  • What… omg this is FIRE!!! I haven’t seen or heard something like that in a long while!!! The outfits, choreography, formations, hair flips, their facial expressions and gestures?!?! 😍😍😍 great song too!!! I’m glad I saw it!!!

  • Love their comeback this time. One time hearing is enough to get me hooked! With eunha’s rap, she slays every genre. 🎉

  • eunha looks so pretty with this hairstyle and hair color

  • Love love love! Finally another great banger for Viviz!

  • Why do they always choose the most difficult choreography and make it look like it’s easy? VIVIZ! You’re phenomenal

  • this is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i got goosebumps all my body. VIVIZ nailed it lets go girls

  • После распада подружек, вам девочки было трудно, но с каждым камбеком вы расцветаете!!!!❤️❤️❤️красавицы, пластичные, синхронность на высшем уровне!!! Надеюсь вы получите в следующем году награды которые заслуживаете, новых песен!!!

  • Ea muy buena esta canción ❤ espero que ellas sean más reconocidas

  • Can’t believe there are English subtitles now! Thank you so much Kany for telling bpm even though it isn’t your job to do so. Wish bpm would add subtitles to maniac and their music videos too though…

    • it was her who did it??

    • @@lapampam7561 yeah she relayed our request for subtitles to bpm and then they put some

    • @@catrina1589 bless her, she helps the girls in so many ways

    • @@lapampam7561 yeah, she’s the best things that’s ever happened to viviz ;-; so happy she’s working with them

  • They are so breathtakingly talented,I love them, NaV keep streaming Untie!! ♥️♥️✨✨

  • Their crazy stage❤. They show a variety of music. Ballad, dance, cutie song, innocence, bop, and intense charisma... This is a performance that shows that we can do it too. They are amazing in their rainbow variety. May their efforts shine...🎉

  • Their visual, vocal, & dance effects they have are so favorable & pleasant that they made a positive impact on my mind & body. They are giving the absolute best of the best on this MV without doubt. Many thanks to them for this MV,,,,,(11/20/23)


  • Hot hot hot!!!!! Good job babies!!!! Keep higher!!!!!!!!

  • I really like seeing VIVIZ develop and try new concepts like this. They really are my cool girls!!

  • People dont talk about the final "smile" move more. Sinb is such a killer dancer her execution is insane.

  • The camerawork, the choreography, their visuals, the meaning of the song (about how social media influences people to be unauthentic)…etc. This comeback is outstanding and it makes me proud to stan VIVIZ.

  • This is crazy!! The choreo and everything looks so cool and especially how this was filmed. What an amazong song🔥♥️

  • THEY FINALLY ADDED ENG SUBS 🎉🎉🎉. The lyrics are so good too. This b-side is something else. Still waiting for Kpop fans to make this song go viral because UNTIE slaps. Hard.

  • the lyrics of that song is on fire

  • " Umji the most attractive female idol " . UNTIE should won BEST PERFORMANCE on MAMA , SHHH!TT

    • just imagine if they perform in MAMA 😩

    • as 3 비비지 YESSS I really hope we can see them again after a long time💜ㅠ^ㅠ I trust them≠♥ They're going to smash it!! They're better than Mama ofc & They performed as GFRIEND and won awards even in their absence , There were collaborations under their names🤜🏻 We got more from OT6 on MAMA & viviz must be nominated and receive awards, they deserve something big Yeah↼⁠_

    • Agree

  • just realized this song was talkign about social media and the addiction people have for self validation but the act itself never shows the whole you. but its also posisble to untie yourself from the expectations people have of you and value your life outside of social media.

  • i have no words omfg that was excellent 😭 the choreo, the synchronization, the fluidity of all three of them like my viviz girls NEVER disappoint.


  • this mv deserves 100M views actually

  • this is honestly the serve of the year they slayed so hard i may never recover

  • Just like sinb said, eunha really did improve 💘🥂

  • ooooh le clip, les visuelle et la chanson son incoyable 😍🤩

  • A big praise to Eunha. She has never been confident in dancing but she nails it this time with her pals. ViViZ surprise all of us this time. Keep going strong , gals

  • I'm not even their fan but I can't stop watching it. It's so beautiful. All of them are beautiful. I feel I'm in love

  • I Love XG my favorite group but this song and performenc is the best so far 🔥🔥🔥 . Love it❤

  • wow, I loved Maniac and decided to check this out as well, I'm so happy i made that decision, daymn

  • Eunha has unlocked another concept. Cute+Sassy Rapper. She owns it!.

  • Let's go for 100k likes and 2M views ♥️💜💙 keep on streaming Na.V

  • Just can't choose who kill this concept. They bring this performance into the next level. I'm so speechless. Now it's our duty as Na.V, Buddy, and even individual stans to enjoy and spread this outstanding video

  • I had watched GFRIEND since debut. They had done different concept before but this concept literally make me shock the most. They slay so hard! The lyrics even have amazing deeper meaning too! After I saw VIVIZ, I think their dance color really shine the most: Eunha: Innocent + cute vibe Sinb: Cool + charismatic vibe Umji: Swag + sexy vibe I reely like BPM for giving them beautiful clothes and pretty make up that suits them. They all work so hard to lose weight, I really want to know their workout routine especially Umji. I wish they make a special video about their workout routine. All the best VIVIZ! All the best Sowon! All the best Yerin! All the best Yuju! All the best GFRIEND! 😊

  • Going to say I like a lot of groups but didn't really notice Viviz...and I got into K-POP after G-Friend was a thing....then along comes a song that makes you totally do a triple take....this absolutely knocks it out of the park. Viviz went from the shadows to center stage for me.

    • This is a beautiful comment. Thank you!

    • Buddie since 2015. This by far is the best Viviz song, ..i agree with the ladies this should have been the title track with the comeback promo. Just wait, I believe a Gfriend reunion will be revealed with time, with a mind blowing never before done double full length album deriving from MAGO. For now, all 6 are creating a new journey by pursuing their passions, and we are witness to this. We are blessed for witnessing this Gfriend journey.

  • Umji is SOMETHING ELSE!!! I feel like her aura shines the brightest this era

  • Sooo Good that I can't help watching it again & again!!! Without question, this is the best MV Viviz has ever created!!! Enjoying, admiring, & appreciating them to the core at the comfort of my home. My heartfelt thanks to them all,,,,(11/20/23}

  • Sinb's Like Mirage it Twinkles is always amazing to hear

  • I KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD IF THIS DOES NOT GO VIRAL!! like plzz if other groups were to do this it would blow up overnight 😭

  • OH MY GAWD..... this video and choreo Slaps, and the ladies are looking fine as diamonds!! Just WOW!

  • Just occurred to me while watching both Untie and Dreamcatcher's OOTD on repeat that these 2 songs really go together style and lyrics wise.

    • OOTD's supermarket scene reminds me to pull up

    • @@chachaling yes, that too

    • they have versus in album name too

  • I have to admit this song has the one of the greatest opening. The first 1 minute or so is shockingly amazing.

  • Thank you, that was ICONIC ✨❤️‍🔥 the end. ViVIZ, I really love this comeback, move forward !!!!!!

  • Love Eunha's "every single day"

  • The different textures in their vocals really works for this kind of track. Also UMJI KILLED IT!!! 😍😍😍

  • This song is so addictive and the choreography is so good too, Viviz are just so talented.

  • GREAT lyrics! Great performance too!

  • Damn I can’t get this song out if my head, it’s good! SOTY definitely

  • Their promo is done but I hope we all can enjoy this album for the longest time possible ^^

  • SinB OWNED this! Why is she so good?!?!

  • I'm so glad they took our girls' opinion on the Untie and decided to even add a separate Performance video for Untie because the song HONESTLY deserves its own MV like just look at them in this😭❤

  • Love songs with some type of depth yet the song is joyful !! nice gem.

  • I LOVE THEM so much so happy to see them continue to THRIVE and kill it

  • Ух, как завораживают! Участницы VIVIZ очень эффектные, и голос у каждой такой чувственный, и двигаются грациозно, но при этом чётко. Они просто лучшие в своём деле.

  • Thank you Kany for voice our subtitles to BPM now we have Eng Subs, waiting for more improvement next comeback

  • The song is 🔥 and the video is 🥵

    • Definitely but with steady streams from the fandom we can reach 5 Million and 10 Million respectively ^-^

  • La canción y la coreografía son increíbles. Definitivamente es una de las mejores canciones y coreografias de K-pop de este mes.

  • Please Please Please VOTE FOR VIVIZ FOR THE AAA AWARDS if they STAY in the top 10 they CAN PERFORM on the awards show please share this with other Navi

  • Omg i like this concept so muchhhhhh❤the girls suit it well and everything just nice wuwuwu

  • This sound reallllllly works for them


    • please! as an NYC buddy I never got the chance ;-;

    • @@Dollrin._. hope BPM or member or staff read this comment buddy, this album its so good for US promotion I think

    • I need to see the pop your ondong live lmao!

    • Agree

    • Support. ❤

  • the choreo is crazily good dammit

  • THIS is so refreshing! We’re needing more of this type of concept in kpop!!!!! VIVIZ HWAITING!

    • By viviz only . Gfriend next life

    • ​@@vivictoriouzgfriend next life when you become an alien 😂

  • 음악 안무 의상 헤메코 어느 하나 빠지는 게 없네요, 역대급이다 진짜

  • I’m still shocked of eunha’s rap, She really can do anything

  • These are the realest lyrics I've heard in years about what it's really like being an idol

  • Reinas 😍😍🥰💖

  • OH MY BAD. I must have been dead asleep under a rock when this banger dropped because how the hell did I miss this until now?

    • its never too late...


    • There is a saying in Korea, 'The latest time is often the earliest.'"

    • relatable

    • YES! I was thinking the same. I discovered this today. It's such a banger.

  • Aaa!! Viviz keren bangettt. Suka banget mereka benar-benar mempesona, cocok sama konsep apa aja

  • Love SinB's Real Me, Umji's I'm so curious and Eunha's Every single day

  • THIS IS AMAZING ! I didn't even knew that band tbh XD what a bop 🎶🎶

  • This is what experienced idols can do, insane work this song is amazing and their performances, wow 🤯

  • Wonderful visuals, this is the viviz ❤

  • Omg, English subtitles 😭 Finally BPM you hear us! Thank you

  • The choreographer needs to get a lot of money for this. It was captivating, flawless, sexy. It’s perfect in my book. I followed them since Gfriend glass bead era, they usually cute and pure type, I still cannot believe how much they’ve grown 😭 so proud of the girls! Keep it up Viviz!

  • Love this song 💞 So happy they finally added the English lyrics too

  • Eunha is my everything.

  • oh they snapped with this 1000%

  • 再次完成完美作品!新風格新美感,充滿活力和女性的柔美魅力,大成功❤️❤️❤️