W. A. Mozart - Rondo alla Turca (Turkish March), solo classical guitar

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In Mozart's time, the Ottoman Empire still ruled Turkey (Anatolia). Their military bands, called Janissary bands, were quite popular, even in Europe. Mozart borrowed from their sound and rhythm to produce this work, which became one of the big hits of Mozart's day. Its popularity has rarely waned since then. The final movement of the sonata, Rondo Alla Turca, captures the military bands' brassy sound. In its whirling feel, it can evoke another aspect of Turkish culture which has captivated Westerners--the whirling motion of the Sufi dervishes as they perform their ancient ritual of peace and wholeness, though the Rondo whirls at light speed, in contrast to the gentle movement of the Mevlevi.
Arranged and performed by Emre Sabuncuoglu. Copyright © 2012 Los Angeles Guitar Academy Publishing. All rights reserved.
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  • I dont want to be that guy who corrects everything but, Ottoman Empire didnt rule Turkey. Turkey is a new country found after ottoman empire collapsed, but its actually continuation of ottoman empire. So we can say ottoman empire change its regime and became republic of turkey. Another point is Ottoman military band was called "Mehter Band" They were not related so called whirling dervishes (Mevlevi culture) They were more like Bektasi instead of mevlevi. Amazing performance bby the way :) Love...

    • @Los Angeles Guitar Academy WOW a video uploaded 8 years ago and still get very sincere and fast respond from uploader. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate.

    • Hi Gokmen, thanks for your comment! I believe our copywriter is aware of the difference and she has only meant it geographically - as in 'Anatolia', but we'll add a note for clarification.

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