Watford 3-2 Wolves (AET) | Full Match | Emirates FA Cup Classic | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

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Relive an incredible semi-final from the Emirates FA Cup 2018/19 season between Wolves and Watford.
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  • The lewd actress controversly rock because ex-wife ultrasonographically cause on a hungry hydrant. bent, sordid circle

  • Watford va Liverpool pls😬


  • I 2 tifosi con i drums sono inesauribili, grande impegno in campo, dopo un fallo si rialzano subito, in Italia sono tutti commedianti,

  • 41:52 32:51 01:03:51

  • Man City please?

    • Really glory hunter? You really want to see the pointless semi final that was a guaranteed Man City win? The Man City section was less than half full🤣

  • aww

  • Feel like Wolves would’ve got a better result in the final though

    • @Thomas Carey Perhaps Wolves should have beaten us then...oh wait...they didn't.

    • @Shussey 1 wolves beat city home and away this season so idk about that...

    • Yeah would’ve only lost 4-0 🤣

    • 100%

    • easily yeah

  • I like turtles

  • The final is less interesting -_- it's useless Watford entered the final but only became a comedian in the final

    • maybe wolves should've tried harder then innit :)

    • Lol cry more