We Ordered the ENTIRE Menu at McDonalds!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 10 Jan 2020
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  • A compliant jar in 2020. You guys must be rich by now.

  • The sister is annoying!

  • Little do they know that complaint jar is going to need to be huge for the year they are about to have lol 😂

  • “ i don’t know if I like McDonald’s “ Eats like 3 sandwiches and having ice cream😂

  • Where I’m from they limited the whole menu 6 months ago due to COVID. But it’s understandable.

  • Dream goals.

  • That time that 2020 was going to be lit. Boy were we wrong

  • This video caused COVID-19

  • Don't worry Morgan, my mom also was too afraid to teach me how to drive 🤣

  • Austin calling Ryland “Ryan” was throwing me off so bad 😂

  • Anyone here 10 months in, when all hell broke loose and we were quarantined for 7 months... well, we made it this far 😂😂

  • 6 months later😂

  • Im with Rylands mum on the fish

  • This is an amazing way to do an "order everything off a menu" theme, because you get to share all the food and not feel guilty. Looks like a lot of fun :D

  • McDonalds ice cream truly makes everything on the menu taste better

  • The Crossbow

  • Austin is literally looks like if Ryland was straight!

  • Why do Americans call burgers sandwiches😐😐😑😑😑

    • We call them Burgers and sandwiches

  • This is literally how corona virus spread. From this video

  • You should be a cheer leader go a day

  • I wish I could do a video with you

  • Fish fillet is one of the most popular item on the UK menu ... partly to the fact that we have a large percentage of Muslims and McDonald’s isn’t halal 😅

  • Is anyone else's favourite fish fillet or just me lol

  • I hope you called ahead out of RESPECT. And do you know you just ate an entire Human? Yahuah Baruk you! Quit being so jezabelish. Shalum

  • My dad did the red light trick to me too when I was little I believed it for years lmao

  • It’s been better than that it’s been very safe trip to Toronto

  • “hold on to your wieners” the greatest line ever said tbh

  • “Okay Ted Bundy” I love Morgan

  • Beautiful fun loving family bless u all

  • I bet they hated you

  • I miss life before COVID back when we didn’t worry about sharing

  • OMG Ryland I love your wallpaper on your phone

  • Mannnnn life before COVID-19 with the family was soooo different!lol Double dipping and all!😂😂😂

  • I loveee y’all family!!! Every time I watch y’all, I’m cracking up!!!

  • You guys are very hated

  • Mom: The fish was lit ( repeats ×1000) Ps: My pescatarian a** has to agree with her

  • RyLaNDdD! what happened to Shane...? .,. P.S..... I forgot what I was going to say but KEEP BEING U

  • Complaint jar everytime someone complains in 2020 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If only they new what was coming up ahead

  • no wonder why fries are not good it's not english nor mom is not english its mum. thumbs down. i am australian by the way.

  • Ironic Ryland said germs are gonna be shared ,, two Months later ,, Covid lockdown lol

  • Little did they know 2020 would be a great yr

  • wso

  • morgan should put the onion ring in resin

  • Morgan is my favorite lol

  • This kinda awkward since the plague happened right AFTER they shared all their germs with each other 😛

  • Why do they call him Ryan?

  • We are not happy Ryland

  • The first day of a new decade Then every month something terrible is happening and the Simpsons predicted every single second It’s now August and the world has nearly ended

  • Lol at *let me check my McDonald’s app* 🤣

  • Too bad 2020 is cancelled like Shane 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😣🥺 i love ALL of you guys ❤️❤️💖❤️❤️

    • Im so sorry 😐 i love you Ryland and Morgan 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 you guys make my days soooo much better !!

  • 14:33 what was the story!!!

  • First Liza and David broke up then Joey Graceffa and his boyfriend broke up I will literally die if Shane and him break up.😂

  • I want to hear mama spill more dirt!!!!

  • Morgan!!! I’m from Cali and I would literally be your best friend 😇😭🤙🏽

  • I just like having you all in the same place .. okay ted Bundy 😂😂

  • The siblings on cam is literally goals! 💜👍👌👏💯

  • Hello fellow coloradian.

  • Omg ryland and Austin sound so alike

  • I'm watching it while its 11 11

  • Who else is watching this during quarantine ??

  • When he said first day of 2020......

  • Literally the moat sexiest guy in the world. Shane is so lucky

  • I 💗Colorado is where some of my family was from I love Colorado Springs

  • 11:11 doesn’t work 😤 I keep asking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend and it’s not working 😤

  • 7:41 LMAOOOO

  • 13:00 me in quarantine: ._.

  • Okay so cash app me $londynM0410

  • Happiness is a warm puppy...on the way to breakfast. 💕

  • We’re Shane

  • Omg $75 for everything on the menu? I calculated it here and it was well over $100 WTH

  • looking back at this now after all the chaos and drama that has happen in the past few months 👁👄👁✨ edit: we were never ready for what 2020 had for us 🧎‍♂️🏌️

  • My favorite fries: #1: McDonalds #2: BurgerVille #3: Wendy’s #4: Burger King

  • Omg Im with Morgan! California is toxic, you and shane should move to Colorado and then make an onlyfans and patreon and just live ur best lifes

  • Duddddd the fillet o’ fish is so fukkin good. I order it every time we go to McDonald’s

  • I love all of them but these challenges have the environmentalist in me dying.

  • Ryland:it's 2020 were up and thriving it's a new decade Little did he know

  • Little did he know only a couple months later...

  • When yo girl tell you she don’t know what she wants to eat

  • Remember when 2020 started and we all thought it was going to be a good year, and then everything happened

  • Ryland your family is so cute :)

  • Morgan is my favorite lol

  • The truest thing I have ever seen is the fact that the ice cream machine is broken

  • Austin is LITERALLY a straight version of ryland😂 No hate btw!❤

  • Why does this video has 2.k dislikes!!!

  • Little did they know at the time that they'd be in quarantine like 2 months later... Well neither did I 😂

  • morgan: i'm having a quarter life crisis this shit got me lmao

  • no one: austin: "ryan"

  • but 2020 is shit AF

  • you can’t say mcdonald’s has the best fries til you’ve tried whataburger (it’s in texas and barely is some other states) fries. all my texans can vouch.

  • Okay, one more comment.... I just wanted to say how much I love this family. It gives me hope that there are still normal families out there, plus they’re so fun!!! The room is always filled with so much laughter and love.

  • And I literally left a comment on a different video the other night saying I felt like Morgan felt this exact way about California and felt like she wanted to move back to Colorado. This was just validation! I knew it!!

  • I seriously love the relationship Morgan, Ryland, and Austin has. You can tell how much they love eachother💕

  • I don't like McDonald's chicken nuggets :\

  • this is the cutest video ever. I wanna watch more videos like this one. this was super sweet :)

  • "you can't suck?" 9:15 "Hey man, that's gross!" I am dead.

  • He said let’s start the new year fresh! LITTLE DID HE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!😂

  • Dream come true?

  • Damn we had no idea what we had in store

  • So many misspellings! Holy shit, HIRE ME to spell check your captions next time, please!