*wears AirPods Max once*

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if u ain't tryna (airpods) Max out, you better back out.
s/o to @Jonathan Morrison for the cameo and AirPods Max hook up !
check his page for for tech reviews! Like this one!
Shot by @Ryan The Leader
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if ur still reading that, go comment "cat probably got Soulja Pods"


  • doing shows (SOCIALLY DISTANCED) in phoenix, AZ this weekend! bit.ly/2LMa01Q

    • You stole that mcchickens joke from m2thak

    • 1:35 is the funniest

    • Don't forget about the Air Pods Max Pro-PROS. They are the same as the Air Pods Max but with no case (it is built into the Air Pods Max Pro-PROS) AND it has the apple wheels built into the earmuff. It is called the PROS because of the "Premium Rolling Ossolation System," which delivered stunning sound on the go. (You can play music while the Air Pods Max Pro-PROS is rolling around your counter.) The Apple Air Pods Max Pro-PRO can be yours for only $3500.

    • They changed it 2 years ago so think

    • I subscribed you definitely made me laugh 😂

  • This future of advertising is here

  • "I feel like daft punk". Too soon Trevor, too soon...

  • that daft punk foreshadow

  • 20:10

  • In this when he said his dad broke last one it said one call to Dad later when he got his airpod Pros

  • 1:01. RIP Daft Punk

  • That cat prolly got Soulja pods

  • 3:49 me watching this video with airpods gen1 on💀

  • 1:00

  • they gotta call them pods still because if they didn't it would shatter the illusion

  • That daft punk joke didn’t age well..

  • Shit Trevor...wrong timing with the Daft Punk!!!!

  • Not daft punk 😔

  • I’m definitely subscribing you’re hilarious 🤣💯

  • The episode should have been called f***ing pilot to dumbazz

  • It's like an office chair, point to $1500 Herman Miller

  • The music tho lmfao

  • Dad gone lol

  • "back of an office depo chair" bruv I spit my drink because of you hahahahaha

  • Wait they made AirPod Max?

  • Cat probably got Soulja Pods

  • Cat prolly got soulja pods

  • I don’t have a Kia Soul

  • Is he not male Gina Linetti?

  • Did anyone else notice Alexa instead of Siri lol

  • Ok no joke the "photo shoot" at 0:41 is sick

  • lol my dad legit works at Ralph's. Nice video Trevor, love your content!

  • Airpod max mfrs when they realise they have wires inside of them 😔🔫

  • U made my Alex play weird stuff man

  • I’m done LMAO


  • At that point it’s just wireless headphones

  • There's a difference between Airpods and AirPads.

  • I love how you think its over and he just keeps going lmao

  • Cats like: what are u doing in my house with my clothes and my headphones

  • where is the "one quick call to daddy later?"

  • Once a man said “sir we should do research to see if the people like it!” The other man said “they don’t know what they want! they will buy what ever the fuck I’ll give them!” -Steve jobs.

  • "It's not whole food" had me dying 😂

  • Why do they look so generic?

  • Me when I realize I have 28 missing assignments due: 1:38

  • cat be like: THE F**K YOU SAID TO ME YOU LITTLE SH**

  • You know Apple fucked up that even Trevor Wallace kinda struggles to sell them to us Broke MFers...

  • AirPods came out in 2016

  • Fun fact: he accually had to buy these terrible headphones. F in the chat

  • *sponsored by apple*

  • When you called your alexa, my alexa played by broke af playlist.

  • Anyone with these headphones are they really worth the price😂😂

  • In with the pods, out with the poor

  • Trevor what ever happened to Flight 36-Dumbass?

  • if anyone ever actually buys those and walks out in public you deserve to be bullied

  • "cats are like Samsungs, you don't need them" *processes to get bodied*

  • the max are trash

  • 1:34 hit different

  • Cat : leave me out of this thinly disguised commercial.

  • Dad gone) 😂😂😂

  • Omg when he said, “Alexa, play sex playlist.” My Alexa turned on and said, “Sex playlist,” and started playing The Weeknd’s “Earned it.” It was at 4 in the morning, almost gave me a heart attack 😭😭😭

  • ngl it looks like rage airpod maxes look like beats

  • he really did have $13 in his bank account before he bought the headphones

  • How the hell are you getting all of them?

  • 4:30 nooo my alexa went to off

  • 1:15 broo self roast


  • 550$? Here in my country they cost 730$🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 1:30

  • Apple can make Bluetooth speakers and just call them “AirPods ultra”.


  • Bro got me crying Rn

  • 1:15 wait

  • That cat is a star 🤩🤩🌟🌟

  • Cat describe my feeling

  • I was like, I kinda need new headphones, then I heard the price and I was like fuck no

  • "You can't change perfection." ~Trevor Wallace

  • cat probably got Soulja Pods

  • i shouldnt have looked up how much they cost...apple really can get away with everything, some moron will buy that shit.

  • Looks like comtacs ear protection

  • The waggish crown interstingly disarm because gladiolus retrospectively punch apud a fluffy rain. noisy, funny submarine

  • BB before bluetooth 😄

  • I died when he said “Hamsters can drive?!?” 😂

  • That at was on sm9ke

  • Is Trevor a pilot now?

  • Everyone agrees these things are hideous. So if you buy them, you are a pretentious ###

  • Airpods Quantum: Overpriced Speakers

  • If apple had this as a commercial, they actually would get way more sales

  • Me just bought the pros and Max’s 😔🤜🏽🤛🏽

  • He got my Alexa talking!!! Ahhhhh 😨

  • cat probably got Soulja Pods

  • 500 what bro apple and its followers need to chill.

  • This is totally a tax write off

  • Pretty gay if u ask me


  • Wearing the Max on top of the pros

  • *Cats are like Androids, we don’t need them* - Catpunch /Runs away

  • In Australia that shit is 900$

  • Apple always so far ahead of the game. Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones? Genius . How do they come up with this stuff?

  • What the fuck is an airpod max?

  • The moment the cat attacked you 😂😂😂

  • "my father brokes :(, can't relate :D" hahaha got me so hard

  • I respect you, one Trevor to another

  • trevor was that “oh fuck” genuine or scripted