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Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Agu 2019
Did you know that Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in the world, is made up of hundreds of different ethnic groups? Previously, we’ve covered the ideal beauty standards that exist for females in various Asian countries in the past and in this video, you are going to find out what’s considered attractive in Indonesia. You see, many Indonesian women wear what is known as hijab, so the question is, how do the hijabs influence the beauty standard in Indonesia? We hit the streets of Jakarta to find out.
The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Indonesian population.
Special thanks to our Asian Boss in Jakarta, Indonesia.
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  • Indonesia itu luas cuk... Gak cuman ada di Jakarta doank... Isi video gak sesuai sama judul... Payah banget nih video..

  • Talking about "Indonesia", you guys don't understand that we've Polynesia and Melanesia too in east Indonesia.

  • Indonesian girls are not attractive.

  • Politically corect indonesian : demand Asian Boss to interview indonesia from various background and avoid religious related issue Asian Boss : Hit religious related issue because it sells view more

  • Pewawancara tolol

  • Hijab is terrorist outfit

  • I love it! I can’t wait until I visit Indonesia!

  • every Indonesian girls are beautiful❤❤❤😍😍💕

  • For those of you who are asking to interview Indonesia without the involvement of religion, keep in mind this country is the most Muslim-populated country in the world, so a lot of the rules and standards are based of Islam and most of people's opinions are heading towards the religion, unlike America, where everything is about being "politically correct" and a lot of hatred towards differing groups to the point that you can't say anything.

  • Asking people if they ever wonder about what's inside womens hijab is pretty weird, seriously tho..you don't ask such question here in indonesia, and why should be curious about what's inside someones hijab??, I know theyre just covering their hair and their body

  • MashaAllah I am a Maranao ( People of the Lake) and I found most of the word they use are exactly the same with our native Maranao words like "Badan" means body to us, "Bnar" means True to us, "Manis or Manisa" is means beautiful to us, "Mata" is eyes, "Tindeg" means the way he stand, gieto to us that.. I'm dying.. Could it be that Maranaos are akin to Indonesians 😢 Philippines history says our ancestors are partly Malays from Indonesia and Malaysian Brunei, and Arabs they came to the Philippines through Ice Bridge. Now I know why the National Language Tagalog are mixed Arab Malay Spanish..

  • 1:28 Ini mukanya mirip kayak Coli Pardede.

  • Anjir :) kulit putih semua bangcat :)))))))))))))))))

  • Ive ben experienced something weird when I went to Vietnam. I am Indonesian. I passed by a man who clean a floor and no others way to use. So I said "excuse me Sir, and smile of course". And he looked at me like I did something weird.

  • this interview is so confusing, it went all over the place. the title and the intro dont match, it leads to the roller coaster content itself. prolly what u want to deliver is, what is considered pretty in indonesia when girls are mostly covered? or something like that.

  • Asian boss : what is ideal beauty standard in Indonesia? Also Asian boss : what do you think about hijab? What do u think abt full covered hijab? How important to take care your hair? Confusing

  • Indonesia consists of many people from different ethnicities and religions. I hope one day Asian Boss will interview not only muslims group but also people of different groups, so viewers can have general view of Indonesian.

  • in indonesia. good sense of humor = handsome .

  • Indonesian beauty standard is ridiculous. Cuma orang ga berpendidikan, kurang gaul dan kampungan yg mikir cantik itu harus putih.

  • It's suprising that Indonesia has the most muslims in the world considering that Saudi Arabia exists.


  • actually your beautiful standard won't be too high, if you don't listen to other people's words💜🙂

  • The girl with red hijab is so pretty. Most of them are, but for me that girl I find more attractive.

  • Ini pertanyaan ny kurang jelas, untuk perempuan atau laki laki? Pertanyaanny jg agak melenceng, bagus sih.. Bahas hijab sebagai kecantikkan/daya tarik, tp gk enak aj nntnny karna ga rapih. Mnrtku sih gtu

  • the brothel of eastasia. age 12 can work So going to east asia group of boy for travel. is Trash. Get away from you. it s diguisting monster.

  • 1:20 *Enough. Let's get serious.*

  • Pada dasarnya semua wanita itu cantik. Kecantikan sejati itu berasal dari rasa syukur atas apa yang dimiliki. Bersyukur pada Allah yang sebaik2nya pencipta.

  • I think indonesian woman more love they self. They never try to changed what God given. No plastic surgary

  • what i find out that in Indonesia they are not set yet as beauty standard but they do always mention about what inside its more important ... my big question ... IS THAT TRUE ? we are so rarely be honest in interviews

  • I love how the female said in Indonesia people love women with model like figure, and then the male just said 'not too wide, not too skinny, just proportionally standard body type'.

  • The beautiful is from the Inside Love Indonesia



  • This is one of the reasons Im not confident with myself. But now, I dont care about their beauty standarts.

    • Tapi faktanya gada yg trll memikirkan Hal tsb sebenarnya mbak, kalo udah deket, nyaman, orangnya baik sopan itu yg paling dipilih...,

  • Even tho i am indonesian but i don’t really like asian beauty standard :)

  • I realized that the standard of beauty was different for each person and of course we can’t meet the standards for everyone. Then you just need to be beautiful in ur own way. Pretty isn't just about skin color, head size, eye size, body size, height and low or just physical looks. Lots of beautiful things if we look at it from a different side ㅠㅠ

  • In these 5 years I've seen so much change in Indonesian women fashion, don't know why there are a lot women wearing hijab and its numbers grow up rapidly than any decade before. Ten years ago or 20 years ago, it's so rare to see women wearing hijab at the big city. At that time wearing hijab woman was always associated with gadis kampung ( village girls ) or elder women. Even when I was in school, we always bullying them and calling them as "ninja".

  • Its not Indonesia but one campus somewhere Jakarta or around. Find some real public area and dont trapped in a single identity. Asian boss is always like deliver a single identity: Indonesia is Islam. Really opposed to Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

  • this is about wearing jilbab or about ideal standard beauty ?..... wearing hijab is very common in islam... cause their religion told them to wear hijab.... so you think islam all over the world wearing hijab cause they hidding something ???......... idi*t !!! attitude and character of the person is standard beauty of indonesia

  • Assalam ALaikoum Iam from Algeria all the beauty standard in this video I have All thanks for Allah exept hight 😃 But in my country its depends on european standard (blue eyes ,Green eyes ,tall ,red hair or golden ...) wish means I should change my place to get proposel

  • The interviewer and interviewees speak unstructured Indonesian Language, most foreigner who just learn Bahasa Indonesia will difficult to understand this. RIP Bahasa Indonesia :-(

  • There are three words how we (Indonesian men) describe on how standard beauty on women's body but seems kinda rude to say. Those three are "semok", "bohay", and "bahenol". Curvy.

  • Indonesian here

  • Why tf im reading the subtitles altough im indonesian :v

  • Why none of them say about actress Tara basro?? She is the real exotic skin of indonesian woman

  • If asian boss always curious about woman hijab standard beauty in indonesia... i really curious if asian boss ask the arabian people... also as i know arab is part of asia too (or maybe i wrong)

  • I am not indonesian ,i am filipino ... listening bahasa is like listening bisaya. 😊😊 Unya... Puti.... Niya.. Ito... Etc. Love from 🇵🇭

  • I'm happy to hear even though Indonesians are aware of the beauty standards exist in their country, they still emphasize that character and attitude is the more important thing for them. They just noticed that the beauty standards exist, but they are not obsessed with it nor bothered by it.

  • N.a ber

  • Asian boss: indonesia have diverse culture Also asian boss: talking about hijab

  • 0:54 rambut hitam lurus, mata belo, pesek. Maap. Suka cimoymontok bang?

  • close friends is not the same with MAHRAM they have diffrent meaning (7:00)

  • Asian boss please find the right person for your Indonesian reporter.

  • Ariel tatum cuk

  • Indonesian woman still original While most east asia most plastic surgary.

  • 1:40 Coki pardede is that you??

  • Laki2nya lebih suka yang sederhana, yang perempuan lebih suka model wkwk

  • if you really want to know about hijab just learn Islam, you'll find out all the answer

  • Mostly indonesian man really care about character than visual?

  • Yeaa