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Happy birthday to the member with the most beautiful and contagious laughter. Thank you for enduring it all to become a member of DAY6. Thank you, Jae.

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[추플리] 데이식스(DAY6)의 선미, 크러쉬 커버!:
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DAY6 "Congratulations" Stage @ the 1st mini album Showcase:
[&LIVE] DAY6 (데이식스) - Congratulations 버스킹 라이브 영상:
High-res transparent versions of DAY6 animal mascots:
Ending song (Beautiful Feeling by DAY6):


  • *All videos used are in the description!* A video while waiting for DAY6's YOUTH world tour concert in Bangkok. Happy birthday to our guitarist and vocalist, Park Jae Hyung! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/wonpilates Ask me questions: curiouscat.me/wonpilates

    • what was wonpil singing in 9:00

  • I just became a fan of Day6 like last week?? When the whole Jae live thing went viral, but ofc I didn't find out about the grp cus of that. I found them out through spotify and all their songs were so damn good (I literally couldn't find a bad song). This video was so funny and warm at the same time. Thank you for compiling this.

    • Honestly I feel a little sad that I didn't find out about them sooner. I totally missed the 2019 concert when they came to Singapore :( And now I dont even think they will have a live anytime soon with Sungjin & Young K in the army and Jae that is planning to leave next year. DUDE this is so sad.

  • Coming back to this again in oct of 2021 and I think I cried more this time then the first time I watched it. 😭

  • 2:14 what is episode full is?

    • you can find the link in the description: IDOL LEAGUE.

  • Sj:when his voice enters the song in the first verse, that's just finish. Super on point. We love you jae. Day6 is not complete without you. :)

  • he’s so precious ):

  • I really have some doubts wether you are wonpil or not?

  • im just missed him and came back here..

  • 10:01 Where can I find this video?

  • We love you little chicken!

  • he just laughs at everything ig-

  • Of you are in a bad mood(-sad-angry-annoyed etc.) This is recommended to watch^♡^ makes us fine once again

  • Where I can watch this? 4:15

    • From vlive. All the links are provided in the description.

  • Can someone tell me where is 4:00 from?

    • From vlive. All the links are given in the description.

  • Omagaid!! This vid really gets me!!! Missed day6 even more!!!

  • 8:04 this is so funny 🤣

  • 4:00 what was that sungjin 🤣🤣

  • The title should be : Wonpil makes Jae laugh for almost 13:07 straight (Ft. DAY6)

  • cutest hyung.

  • WONPILATES please make this series for all the members, i enjoyed it a lot.

  • 7. What Makes Jae laugh Wonpil forgetting the lyrics

  • ngl young k's speech at the end made me tear up

  • came here coz imy 😓

  • what song was the one playing in 8:06? please help a fellow (new) Myday heree thank u :>

    • Day6 - Talking To

  • Make him angry is also make him laugh

  • thankyou wonpilates-nim for making this video❤️ tho it's kinda a bit late watching this rn, but his laugh and happiness makes me to do so :'D i hope he'll be fine and happier bcs he deserve it!

  • How can he laugh while angry? I smack people when I'm angry 😂 he's too kind 🥺

  • i really miss him laugh so there i am

  • Youre the best wonpilates

  • i just realized i am smiling for 13 minutes straight 😂

  • Woah. Jae is like the psycho antagonist of a movie that would laugh instead of having scary face while mad. Mom I'm scared. Jk. I love how he reacts to being teased. 💚🤙

  • alternative title: wonpil making Jae laugh for 13 minutes

  • The end makes.me.cry

  • 8:58 This song has been repeating in my head for months, but I don't know the name, somebody tell me please!

    • Day6 - Somehow

  • 6:29 why does this exchange have the same vibe as “im delicious” 😂

  • does anyone know who the girl hosting radio? she seems familiar 6:00

    • of course, she is a jyp actress before this but at the moment I can't remember her name.

  • 2:46 stop it there and read the last one "Gay on"


  • What clip does this came from? 9:41

    • from here id-tv.org/tv/video-HLap3BVuYfo.html

  • I feel so nice after watching this video I just have no idea what to say 😅

  • this is beautiful

  • 9:00 whats the song name?

  • lol... 9:51


  • Wow background music of doreamon 😂

  • Only wonpil🤣

  • Just got bts's dinamite Samsung add! jamming out to it!

  • can someone like record jae's laugh and put it on spotify cause it really brightens up my day uwu

  • when youngk said dont cry hyung and jae said dont make me cry :((


    • Tom and Jerry

  • Song title 9:42?

    • Don't Forget by Crush. the clip is from here: id-tv.org/tv/video-HLap3BVuYfo.html

  • Have a eye in my tears '-'

  • if you guys want to JAE laugh first of all you need to be WONPIL

  • I bet Kim Seungnim knows the lyrics more than Day6 themselves......

  • Everytime the transition song changes to Beautiful Feeling I know it's about to get emotional

  • Thank you for blessing us with this angel's laughter

  • After 2 years and I remember this video

  • I am here again after 1 year because of Jae's birthday. #HappyJaeDay Show your love to our CHİCKEN LİTTLE💛🐥

  • where can I find the full video for 7:28? 😭😭❤️❤️

    • @2dayz thanku💙

    • maybe you can check the link in the description ^^

  • HELP ⚠️ 9:37 song?

    • Don't Forget by Crush. the clip is from here: id-tv.org/tv/video-HLap3BVuYfo.html

  • Did anyone notice the background music 😂😂 it's the one that used to play in doramon😂😂😂😂😂

  • rewatching this, and realizing even more that Jae (and the rest of the members as well) don't deserve all the "negativity" he's getting around from people who invalidates and doesn't appreciate all his efforts to reach out to the fans and promote day6 in all possible way even when he's actually still on hiatus and still healing. T_T but rather, all they do is "twist" and giving malice to his actions. seems like the boy gets targeted a lot with such kind of people, and his actions are often misunderstood. Jae's not perfect, that's for sure. He even often say that himself. Aren't we all tho? I just don't get where the hate towards him is coming from. It saddens me a lot. He'a an authentic very nice and warm-hearted person, and you can actually feel it, don't you? give them more love instead... please. T_T spead love and positivity...

  • It took me time to realise that Doraemon music was playing at the background and after I found out... I couldnt stop singing to it!

  • Omg I can’t even imagine myself in Jae’s shoe if I bought such expensive perfume but my friends bought similar scent with cheap value lmao

  • Jae is so precious he laughs even when he's angry 🥺 I like how sungjin is the one making him angry hahaha 😂

  • This video always puts a smile on my face

  • The ending made me shed actual tears, I’m so emo for them 😭😭

  • What is the song title in 9:38

    • Don't Forget by Crush. the clip is from here: id-tv.org/tv/video-HLap3BVuYfo.html

  • Video name: things that make Jae laugh. Me: Cried after watching

  • I have been trying to figure out what song the first song that Wonpil messes up! Please let me know!! I have been looking for weeks

  • Okay, im gonna make it 500 comments JAE SO PRECIOUS, YES HE IS

  • *Jae cinta bgt w ma u gtw lagi dh*

  • What show at 8:58?

    • all the links are in the description. this one: id-tv.org/tv/video-d_BmIBdxMLc.html

    • @les i meant the show not the song. 😅

    • Somehow

  • 7:21 Which Vlive is this ????

    • @2dayz oh, thank you, I didn't realize the links were in the description

    • all the links are in the description ^^

  • It's funny how to the background song was Doraemon theme song .

  • i loveee you

  • I'm here cz i miss him:)

  • love the doraemon song in the background lol

  • There is nothing more precious in this world than Jae. Period

  • watched it again, make me CRY 😭 #MyDaysAlwaysWithYou #Day6AlwaysWithYou jae ..

  • Im a new myday and barely know anything about them but I do know one thing though, I cried at the end omg my heart is omg(jhope's voice)

  • Keep on coming to this. I miss him so much. Thank you so much for making this

  • 1:14 what's variety show?

  • I love how you added that Doraemon music. It just says he is our source of happiness just like Doraemon to Nobita.

  • why is he so precious

  • Dudeeee when he’s angry and laughing he’s only laughing so he doesn’t end up hitting the members💀 it’s like a way to stop from doing anything but laughing while you’re angry asf makes you feel crazy as hell. I do this too and omg that feeling makes you go a little insane for a while. I can tell because of the way he was punching the table and only laughing cause like👁👁 can’t hit no one so throw yourself into over drive. In conclusion do NOT make him angry to the point he’s laughing cause then he might just not care anymore-

  • The whole time i have been watching the video i have been smiling lol

  • I am just wondering who would be the lucky girl whose gonna spent her life with Jae. Imagine Jae serenading her everyday........aaaaahhh I'm hurting my self again!

  • 4:18 what show is this??

    • shoot me youth part 1 showcase

    • It’s one of their Vlives

  • I love this guy so much💚

  • From funny to cheesy wtf I'm crying 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

  • I like how you added the doraemon sountrack and nico robin(?)'s soundtrack❤❤

  • Conclusion : crackhead bandmates 😂

  • love the doraemon song in the background

  • I miss him so muuuuch ㅠㅠ

  • This video supposed to make me laugh but in the end i cried because i think i am touched by the clip of the end of the video..i think others would feel the same..

  • I almost cry at the end of the video. I love you Jae. Thank you for being Jae.

  • Strangely, Jae's laugh has been music to my ears

  • Who is this girl at 5:48? She look familar

    • she's an actress but I don't remember her name. you can watch that clip here: id-tv.org/tv/video-d_BmIBdxMLc.html

  • his laugh is so wholesome my heart is bursting -