What Will You Eat For $100? | People Vs. Food

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Sep 2019
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What Will You Eat For $100? | People Vs. Food


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  • So just me but don't know what they are winning LoL.

  • Roasted crickets aren’t bad they are good 😋

  • we eat frog legs in Brazil,

  • Give the asian guy a 100 bucks! This pisses me off!

  • I cant taste the frog meat but i feel like its just chicken but more chewy and hard

  • 1 cricket for $100 bruhhh that guy is so fumb

  • What do you mean foreign? frog legs are from the United States too

  • How can people get on the show

  • Why do I feel like I’m the only person who would voluntarily eat a bug ( unless Issa Tarantula cause I want to get one as a pet and that would just be cruel )

  • Vegemite is not a punishment

  • see btchs will do anything for money

  • As an Asian, frog legs, tarantulas, and crickets, spicy stuff are child play. We literally eat those things almost every single day. Damn, I'm craving for a whole frog right now.

  • y'all hating on my vegemite

  • honestly i would probably eat this shit with no price

  • that was way to much vegemite. it needs to be lightly spread not smothered.


  • How do you get on this show lol 🤣

  • Congrats FBE , U Lost Couple Subs because u didnt give Edward a 100$

  • I like frog legs

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="358">5:58</a> had me deaddd😂😂😂

  • Bruh I would-be asked, every cricket 100 Dollar? Yes please

  • Who else thought at first they were going to eat the video game? 😂

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> of course there’s a visco moment

  • i trust Edward

  • I like crickets i had one when i was like 5

  • I used to have frog legs a lot when I was younger I love them I haven’t had them in years tho so I don’t even remember what it tastes like I just remembered having them for like every birthday when I was little

  • I love spicy tho 😂

  • I love vegemite on toast what d'you mean :(

  • I feel sorry for all of them eating the vegemite as they put way way to much on there.

  • Edward went after it all!

  • Bruh 100$

  • It's official women would say yes if the money is a lot!!

  • Why's there so much Vegemite on the toast?

  • For some reason I got so uncomfortable watching them eat those plates.

  • The guy who ate the spider and held the puppy is 100% my spirit animal

  • I love Vegemite on toast

  • i hate, hate. the way you put that much vegemite onto the toast and thought that was normal.

  • Todo esto se siente como un experimento del gobierno o algo así

  • i man vegimint

  • As a 100% Australian citizen, I am offended. Vegemite is not bad, it’s fucking disgusting.

  • If you did not here that the plates were bio degradable you at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> would be like ahh we are being stupid today yum plates

  • That is way to much vegimite

  • Roasted crickets are actually a good snack with lime and chili pepper

  • The frog was brutally murdered

  • HOW MUCH VEGEMITE DID THEY PUT ON THAT?!?! Your meant to spread it LIGHTLY!!!

  • Plot twist: the plate was actually a brown paper plate

  • Okay but any other Australians screamed at their screen when they saw the veggiemite toast?? THATS NOT HOW YOU DO IT!!!! Not even a true blue Aussie would eat it that thick!!!!!! heaps of butter and a THIN layer of veggiemite!!!!!!!!!

  • Dried crickets are good though lol, specially salted.

  • As a fellow Aussie. I’m very pissed u. Once again put SO MUCH VEGEMITE ON. ITS LIKE ME COATING ICECREAM IN RANCH. ITS NOT NORMAL and offensive

  • Come on people, I've paid to eat crickets, and you refuse to BE PAID to eat crickets? I need to get on this show.

  • i bet that if tom was in this episode he wouldnt even gaf lmfaooo hes like a literal child

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="696">11:36</a> when I eat my vitamins.

  • If you eat frog is not good for you and pig like china food ... Just dont eat it

  • When they said ugh to the Vegemite I was like excuse me I love Vegemite >:0


  • U don’t put that much Vegemite on toast u only put a lil pit on it

  • Look at that filthy casual chugging everything into his mouth, what a champ

  • Zucchini bread and ice cream tastes good but zucchini ice cream?? Not so cure

  • Damn Asian guy are a spider and the vegemite when no one else would

  • I would just say “ oh i hate icecream “ so i got icecream at the end

  • But whatchu talkin' 'bout? Vegemite is delicious on toast. But Vegemite by itself is just horrible.

  • Ive never eaten vegemite but im pretty sure youre not supposes to but half of its contents on one toast

  • Honestly i would eat the peppers or the crickets just for the experience lmao i know its weird 😂

  • Vegemite is GOOD

  • "It tastes exotic, like a swamp"💀💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 eric is a mood💀

  • Poor Asian guy.. gut scammed.

  • Ya'll did Edward dirty :T

  • A cricket for 100$? Give me 2

  • The edible plate is michael reeves's snack

  • I thought you had to eat the genesis 😂😭

  • Am i the only one seeing a young Jonah Hill in this video? 🤣

  • In this video Kendelle is impersonating Mulan.

  • Give the poor asian guy his $100!

  • I think getting the Sega is a punishment on it's own

  • yall better have edward the 100 dollars after reading all of these comments totally UNFAIR!

  • Did you guys know that Eric came in from being toris boyfriend?

  • i actually love frog legs

  • Hey put way to much vegemite on that bread poor guys 😂

  • Nah I would've ate that for 100 dollars