When You Run 9,542,623 Miles in 8 Minutes...

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I SPEEDRAN Run in 8 Minutes...

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  • The amount of nostalgia I got from this was too much. I could never get past 45. Now I can beat the entire game with all characters.

  • Man the dynamic you have with Blaza is just so hilarious hahaha

  • Socks never lets us down with his new videos. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ❤️

  • Thx for playing this socks! It brings back so many memories in 2nd grade, and now I get to see you and blaza play it. :)

  • Funnily, there is actually lore to this game (as far as i know it starts with Run 3) so it would definitely be fun to check out

  • I can always count on socks to cheer me up on a bad day 😎😂

  • Socks and Blaza

  • I used to play this game a lot I’m happy to see that people still play it

  • I used to play these instead of doing my work in year 6, I complete every single one (1, 2, and 3) I got all the costumes and abilities, definitely better that writing stories for creative writing lmao

  • Keep making more videos they’re amazing

  • A banger as always

  • so nostalgic. i remember sitting in the computer lab and secretly playing this on cool math games while we were supposed to be doing ST Math lmao

  • This is a certified classic childhood game

  • I can’t believe Socks is playing one of my favorite games, and maybe some of yours! You should try out Fire Boy and Water Girl if you and Blaza can do Co-Op together.

  • I always had a tough time with that dang spiral when I played this at school

  • So much nostalgia, now it’s not very played much, I’m glad you are.

  • Credit to the camera man for keeping track on the man

  • I remember playing this game in math cool games it was so fun!

  • Socks uploads twice everyday if I’m corrects and whenever he uploads I know I’m in for the case of the laff!

  • former moderator of the RUN community discord server here, despite what people say, the game actually does have a lot of lore, also player_03 has tones of streams with most relevant to RUN's plot, and he is also currently coding the three games to HTML because of flashes discontinuing, have a good one peeps.