Who Can MAKE The MOST MONEY in 24 Hours - Challenge

Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Apr 2019
Today we had a competition to see who can make the MOST money in a day, and it was the craziest experience ever...
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If you read this far down the description I love you



  • I donated you

  • My name is Henry like if your name is Henry

  • Bro you a role model....you got a good heart...keep up your good work

  • she will win because she is young sweet & cute & nice.

  • This nigga got 2 mill in 2 days thats crazy

  • Rug:I’m poor But he’s wearing a Gucci hat

  • Brian:I love animals Me:yay you love me Like if you understand

  • On the tumbmail the sign Says please help ‘has a gucci hat on’

  • brian

  • It was funny when he was singing❤😁😎

  • please can u do cancer research please? I have lost everyone in my family from cancer it is just me and my sis but my doctors don't think I will make it to the next Christmas I got cancer when I was 6

  • At 21:56 he says he loves animals but when the crazy footage of the cat breaking in when the cat was getting caught he said this is one of the reasons I hate cats. So he is lying and doesn't love all animals.

  • That guy who you sold the shoes too I thought donated more like 500$

  • Af

  • Dude lemonade 25 bucks What the hell

  • She's your girlfriend??

  • Your cousin didn’t earn the money

  • faze is gonna win

  • Having a gofundme isn’t earning

  • You shouldve put the vid on live so more people couldve came and more people couldve bought rugs shoes lol

  • Not fair using us we are all family u can't use family members your words not mine

  • Faze rug

  • The girl is so stupid could why was she delete the hat you get money here to more give money you shall we tardy you stupid are you stupid are you don't draw my stupid why would you delete the hair here to Morgana money just like you is why did you delete the act is hours you are not delete their have are all in my name is only a and I'm a years old and year in an OK cause now my brain is born or cause why did you delete the app she are you stupid are you dumb are you retarded now are our voter for you now go for a boy now coz US stupid annoying will give money for eliminating the why did you delete the app how you will make him say here the more game money money money but you just do too much You blew my mind up🧨

  • Lets get it (family friendly channel) FaZe Rug for the absolute win baby!!!

  • 6:50 Look at that clap haha😂😂

  • 15:13 - “I feel bad for Bryan, I don’t want to beat him that bad” 16:12 - “WERE ABOUT TO GET 500 BUCKS FOR THIS CHALLENGE. That’s it we won!” 😂

  • You knew the guy that bought the shoes

  • Hi

  • I go to boy and girls club I live I n front of it

  • Where Is Mark?

  • I love you bro✌️✌️

  • Man I wish I can see you bro😢😢

  • Faze rug will win👍

  • i hope both of u guys get a tie

  • We're all donating him money because we're watching his ads

  • I think you’re both going to win

  • Rug

  • Your face when you said smooth

  • This much you loss by car oil 1000000000000000000

  • Rug:So you made 702 dollars Oh so you did the math? Rug:I did the MATH but i LOST.

  • Omg those orange pair of Human Races those have always been my favorite too bad you posted this video three months ago 😭

  • Te voy a buscar

  • Rug will win

  • @fazerug...um.make sure to wash ur face...it broke out

  • I thought that rugrats was your family

  • That first guy was ...

  • Rug papier scizzor

  • Use offer up instead of Craigslist cuz better and safer

  • dude in the purple shirt sounds like dakotaz

  • why dont you sign the shoes

  • Rug how man cousins do you have ..?.????.?????!,!,!!!??????

  • HeNRy where you at mannn ! 21:04

  • Would you rather sell lemonade or ask for money

  • i go to boys and girls club thank u so much i really support your channel can i pls get a shoutout one one of your vids SUBSCRIBE TO FAZE RUG HES AWSOME

  • How many damn cousins dose this man have

  • I go to boys and girls club!

  • Your girl cuz is gonna win i hope

  • Brian

  • I’m friends with the owner of those shoes kid

  • Anna had airpords and she said she only has $10 No hate 😆

  • U

  • $1335

  • subscribe to me if u guys want to

  • Rug: ‘Thanks to my beautiful fans’ FBI: ‘what is ur location’

    • Ollieal they wouldn’t ask for your location, they would track you

  • wish i could make $700 that easily😭😂

  • that girls useless and boring she done no work at all

  • If i did not live far i would give you a hundred dollors

  • Rug ofcourse

  • You copy Morgz

  • 21:13 Yea let's not talk about the no phone case and half off the table

  • I like you so much i know your gonna win faze

  • Bloons monkey kcity's ft

  • The first one to show up tho 💯💯hyped n shit

  • I uste to be in the boys and girls club and got beat up ther by kids


  • every year for my birthday party instead of gifts i ask for money donations to the situate animal hospital


  • Yasss girl power

  • I DONATED !!!!!!!!!!