Who owns the South China Sea? | CNBC Explains

Dipublikasikan tanggal 1 Peb 2018
The South China Sea is one of Asia's hottest commodities, with $5.3 trillion of trade cruising through its waters every year. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains which countries believe they have a stake in this valuable body of water.
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  • I do.

  • Nobody owns the sea,,,,,especially if it is a gateway or route map for economic world trade. War is emminent.


  • China is a greedy nation! Hope someday justice will be served for us who they belittle. We fishers and farmers protect our seas but China destroys marine life. Sad but true. 😡😡😡😤

  • obviously, 90% of the south china sea is part of china.that's why it is named ‘the south china sea'.

  • This is not the truth

  • China is just being greedy. You don’t have to be an expert to tell it

  • Around China, everyone is doomed. Neither Russia. no one else is able to withstand Chinese expansion. It is only a matter of time ... Only the West can put an end to Chinese invasion!

    • China and Russia are allies. If there's going to be WW3 then China and Russia will be on the same side.

  • South china sea is in the south of china it is not belng to china. It is in the west of the Philippines but indeed since it is closer to the Pilippines thereby west Philippines Sea which in the south of china belong to the Philippines the word knows.

  • It is a dispute about the face and resources, face and legitimacy of authority is the key point.

  • funny thing, the US didn`t follow the international court`s ruling, why should China?

  • The Philippines IAW international law owns an equal share between Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. No we do not need to have a shooting match, BUT we want to thank China in advance and hope they can find a good lawyer.

  • china is the modern robber!

  • let's ASEAN countries unite and kick chinese ass!!

  • How can a country stupidly claiming an entire ocean? is that freakin possible?... this is horrible!!

  • That area belong to SEA and it's own people, f off China!

  • we work together and explore together . ❤️

  • The name should be asean sea because every countries in asean have part in this

  • South Asia Sea...

  • this is WEST PHILIPPINES SEA TITLE NOT SOUT CHINA SEA. they are idiot. If China will Having earthquake. Philippines and Other country will be Happy!!

  • Correction who own the sea

  • In the future, all the Asia is China's property!

  • china love peace ,

  • China wants everything...



  • Of coarse China owns the South China Sea since the ancient time. Have you ever study the marine history. No way The U.S.A. would own this sea, only their wish, U.S.A. is just an ocean pirate & bandits.

  • SCS. IS A NAVIGATORS TERM, USE TO illustrate THE LOCATION OF THE SHIP. SCS is owned by every resident in these world. It is an International Water. It is a passageway for everyone through out the world. To claim ownership over it is improper, unprincipled and unblushing.

  • The Chinese they destroy all corals in west Philippines sea the Philippines government they can not stop them Dahil takot Sila sa Mga insik what a shame Philippines helo Philippines military......

  • If you want to know the truth,never by only one video,but a whole story

  • quiboloy na dis

  • And now they want the Hong Kong to become a Republic of China too.

  • China the greatest country in the world

  • Chinese people bang bang too much that they now have 1.4 bn people. They need more lands to live that's why they will claim the whole earth theirs.... don't be surprised !!!

  • This is what you should know about China. Read the book :" Death By China" written by Mr. Peter Navarro you can find this book at Barnes @ Nobles Book stores in the U.S. China poisons the world in toxic products made in China ! China expands military and economic powers to take over natural resources, lands, islands and seas of Vietnam, Philippines and around the world. Do not be intimidated by China ! The United States will protect you... and that is God's will.

  • God created the world and the rest was made in china.

  • Small countries ! do not worry as the GREAT USA will not allow China to steal your lands, islands and seas... Do not forget that God is with America ! God is almighty and nothing is impossible to God. He will destroy His enemy. America is your good friend forever. In God we trust AMEN

  • China : I'm very greedy North korea: hmm interesting

  • This sea is not small at all.

  • Nasa teritoryo ni Pilipinas ang West Phil Sea, inaangkin pa nila. Eh kitang-kita naman yung layo ng teritoryo nila sa mismong dagat. Nakakainis din kasi kung gano katapang ng pangulo sa mga ordinaryong mamamayan ay siya namang sunud-sunuran sa China. Nakakawala na ng pagasa