Why did Trump abruptly exit his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl?

Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Okt 2020
“[Joe Biden has] never been asked a question that’s hard,” President Trump told Lesley Stahl before standing up to exit the interview. cbsn.ws/3omW78V
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60 Minutes, the most successful American television broadcast in history, began its 52nd season in September. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 is still a hit in 2020. 60 Minutes makes Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 nearly every week and was the #1 weekly television broadcast three times last season.

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60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.


  • If you can't answer "tough questions" you shouldn't be the President.


  • Trumps tweets perfectly reflect his narcissistic personality disorder

  • Because she's all lefts b**** that all she wanted to do was make him look bad that's all was about good for him

  • Was this an interview or a debate? She seemed to debate better than Joe Biden does.

  • " biden didn't get hard questions like this " hmm maybe because he's not the freaking PRESIDENT.

  • His prescription speed dexamethasone must have been wearing off ! Which answers the question , how an overweight man in his mid -70's can race around like he's on speed ! 乁(ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)ㄏ and the questions were getting too hard !

  • Trump 2020!

  • He didn’t abruptly exit, watch the real video. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for always lying. You will get yours

  • The director told him 5 minutes, 5 minutes later it was Mike's turn.

  • she just said what be careful

  • “Everyone’s hating on me but I didn’t see anyone else trying to help Kevin find the lobby.” -Trump

  • She did all that on purpose . God 🙏 blessed the President

  • TRUMP 2020

  • Damn it girl, u should have asked the toddler what his favorite TV show is

  • This man says the most disrespectful sick cruel misogynist racist things constantly and tells her she is inappropriate? She asked him what he'd do his next term & the buffoon says it was too hard a question? He is running for a 2nd term and that answer was the main purpose of the interview. Looking back this will be the moment he lost the election and the hearts of the American people because he finally admitted he doesn't care about the citizens of our nation.

  • Trump is not only a big idiot, but a constant whining clown president...A total failure just like his business deals, he's divisive, a liar, reckless and super spreader of COVID-19. He is an embodiment of all Bad things we can talk of. This just an interview, and the stupid clown want 4 more extra year. He will lose this election by a landslide🧐🤣🤣🤣🤬🤡

  • lesley you're an agenda base LIAR

  • The Country is a mess & your the one in charge of course there's going to be tuff questions.Joe Biden is not in charge. Let's just see Nov 3 lol

  • Donald J Trump is a VERY sick man. If Y'ALL Trump supporters support this man SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR brain....This man is mentally not stable to run the United States of America. This is disturbing to watch...

  • This is what GOD has to say about president trump id-tv.org/tv/video-jpfulWoyBXc.html❤️ please watch

  • Bro you cannot have a conversation with that man let alone a productive conversation

  • OMG Leslie Stahl she looks so OLD

  • Textbook definition of NPD.

  • Who needs comedy when this country is a joke

  • Can’t wait until this be a meme

  • Nice....thats how you treat the stupid manipulated croock media. And their agenda. ....go mr. Trump. Go mr trump.

  • Its the "he's never been asked a question this hard" for me

  • Because she’s annoying

  • This man gets no respect. He's our president ffs.

  • Be careful of what exactly?!?

  • He acting like a terrible twos.

  • He literally reacted the same way my 2 year old does when I ask him if he pooped his pants.

  • What a queen/diva! 😍😍

  • what the what was that "be careful' like is she gonna put a hit out on him?

  • Bunch of soft balls here lol

  • Dems are amazingly stupid, if you watched the unedited interview it was incredibly biased and they only had about five minutes left(that’s what the producer said) if she wasn’t going to ask good questions why waste more important time?

  • It is because he is a ¨CRYBABY¨ all the time

  • Biden: walks away from easy questions Liberals: Trump: breathes Liberals: ,😠😠😠😠

  • anyways.. vote for Trump !!

  • If you watch the raw video Trump released, it’s clear that the President is in the right. The mainstream media really wants Biden to win!

  • People I'm not in USA but it looks like there is something that is not "open" through the media.

  • Trump's idea of a hard question is "name the 3 branches of government"

  • That was childish. Even for him...

  • Old hag should know her time's up

  • Covfefe

  • All she is it gotcha journalism.

  • Cry baby 😭😭😭 omg

  • With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. Trump apparently missed the memo that we don't elect people for President because the job is easy...

  • Rageaholic

  • Truth is too big I

  • Poor people talking in this form don't realize this is super slanted against Trump he caught a lion and kicked in the balls and walked away laughing 60 minutes should be asking both parties the same questions not games

  • you all realize theres an unedited raw version of this interview right?

  • Joe Biden could die tomorrow and he’ll still win the election

  • He is right as a democrat they don't ask biden those questions. But the 90% of media is run by the democrats lol

  • yet biden wont talk abt his son and just calls it false lmaooo

  • News media created this monster trump and now want to play victim.

  • bias media, hello people... wake up!

  • This is where news media is these days. 'Get ready for tough questions '. Why do u care. Its people's questions you ask not tough not soft.

  • Because it wasn’t going anywhere. Completely bias

  • The media is a petulant child that convinced itself that it's a god

  • why i only see coments defending 60 minutes? Really strange

  • I can’t believe he was so patient and tolerant to ensure her vitriol and ignorance for a half hour!

  • Why the American media is complicate in such propaganda is beyond me. The inspector general as well as the Mueller report are clear on this point after $48M spent. No collusion, AND we heard it reported otherwise every day for years. Now we’re not allowed to hear about Biden corruption.

  • Best way to answer childish questions, is to ignore them and walk away

  • Such a coward pathetic dumb Trump...he is such a loser.....dumbest person in the world...

  • Bro trump needs to check himself

  • What a coward.

  • I love Trump answered Lesley credit herself

  • Are all you Trump haters ready for the red Tsunami on Nov. 3? It's coming.

  • awww wittle baby cant handle the qwestion?

  • Hopefully msm will be dead soon.

  • He didn't walk out abruptly. He gave a 40 plus minute interview to you. Liars

    • In a 60 minute interview, he had 20 minutes left

  • Wow, what a way to make yourself look very weak.

  • Hey ,we have a new supreme court justice. In case you haven't heard. Sit there by yourself and stew on the fact that you're worthless leftist parasites and everyone knows it

  • Bruh they should have given more time like 69 secs that’s so much time lmafo

  • Trump 2020

  • To be honest, it wasn't a professional interview. But what else is new these days?

  • How many people clicked on the video just to skip to the end to see him leave

  • I spent five minutes trying to write something nice about Donald Trump and all I got was this sentence.

  • Trump is absolutely right this main stream media is all fake!!! He will be reelected and the Liberals will be crying liberal tears once again!

  • So embarrassing that he is the president.

  • oh and BTW people, the Biden laptop is real, Hunters nude pics are all over the internet! 60 Minutes cuts out the whole interview because they cant be honest about whats going on

  • Here's the uncut version: id-tv.org/tv/video-RLQBH7dbpaA.html 60 Minutes is fake news, of course.

  • He left ,because you're nothing

  • A president that can't handle tough questions LOL.

  • Mainstream media is a tool for the globalists and non whites to use for propaganda

  • id-tv.org/tv/video-EM1ZC14PrbA.html

  • She asks are you ready for tough questions Trump: are you patronizing me

  • Takes ENDLESS questions from the press EVERY DAY, what else is there to know that hasn’t ALREADY been asked. Meanwhile, that USELESS SCUMBAG, JOE BIDEN, continues to hide in his basement.

  • How the media hacks can live with themselves is beyond me

  • He did the right thing

    • @rodney bosola don’t give me some liberal run fact checked bs either

    • Lol are you sure ? Or is your comment meant to be sarcastic?

  • He pulled a bird man 🤣

  • Someone call Jonathan Swan from HBO. We need him.

  • He not taking any bs from anyone

  • Its wasnt really abruptly

  • Maybe Leslie would be better suited as a reporter for The Food Channel?

  • Why? Cuz you are activists not journalists

  • It's a lie, looking for the tru video and didn't edited.

  • The only tough questions are the ones you don't have an answer for. It's not like he's getting these pop quiz bombshell questions. It's the same questions over and over, I'd at least do a little homework. If you can't answer something correctly or honestly, just stop doing interviews, right? Isn't that the best move politically?