Will Smith hosts Meme Review

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Mars Rover
Gonna cry?
Alladin Memes:

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  • Guys, petition for Mars rover to host meme review 👏👏

  • Me: sees elon musk hosting meme review Also me: throws smartphone through the room out of excitment This meme: dies even further

  • ID-tv is now demonizing videos based on the comments. Let's use this feature to defeat Tseries!


  • ID-tv-* sees Will Smith on thumbnail* #1 on trending Felix- PSYCH!

  • Spins wheel downward.. wheel spins upward.. . . . CONFIRMED

  • WaVe ChEcK

  • I was waiting for elon to clap and say next meme :(


  • Who invited pickle rick

  • Thanks Elon and Justin, very cool 👌

  • I can finally die peacefully now that Elon has hosted meme review... But he should've clapped his hands and said 👏👏Next Meme👏👏

  • The like button is broken the dislike button works fine😉

  • FINALLY! Elon-chan

  • f


  • 1# on trending.

  • M Me Mem Meme Meme R Meme Re Meme Rev Meme Revi Meme Revie Meme Review Meme Revie Meme Revi Meme Rev Meme Re Meme R Meme Mem Me M

  • Tô aqui pelo Windersson

  • pewdiepie please dont punish me by making me watching Elone Musk host meme review

  • Jesus fucking christ I love Elon Musk

  • Best meme review

  • *Next up, Tekashi69*

  • Do u think UFO SPACCEE SHIPPPPSSSSSS!!!!! are just giant OREOS or nah?

  • i love that rick morty man and tesla man did this episode of pew news

  • damn elon really likes animals dying in pools 😂😂

  • Elon: *assumes deer is fake* haha wait is that real? *literally bursts out laughing*

  • Get Michael Jackson to host the next 👏 MEME REVIEW

  • #40 Trending in India!

  • It's actually pronounced Alaah - Deen I think..

  • Daggum man number 1 on TRENDING

  • please. let pewdiepie reach 100 mil subs first

  • I wanted to see Elon react to Elon Musk related memes not just the random ones

  • 14:14 can the guy just go am seriously angry what the frack

  • *When I Grow Up I want to host MEME Review*

  • # 1 ON TRENDING!

  • *ID-tv* - _Sees Will Smith in the Title of a Popular ID-tvr's Latest Upload_ *ID-tv* - *"Trend that Non Elon Musk shit right now"*

  • Elon shouldve flew to pewds

  • Did I just get clickbaited

  • People are really overacting with the alladin thing. It’s just because he’s black.

  • Bro Elon’s laugh is great he’s so charismatic

  • Elon laughing at dead deer meme. Elon finds out it’s a real dead deer. Elon laughs harder at real dead deer. Elon mentally scores it 10/10

  • pewds is #1 on trending, youtube is either broken or was ambushed by 9 year olds.

  • The fact that Pewds actually rated the first meme with a number, 10/10 was a dead giveaway Elon was in meme review


  • #1 on trending

  • “Roover”

  • "Mars Opportunity ROOVER"

  • Just here for Elon? 13:20

  • #1 on trending ID-tv must be stupid :d

  • *roover*

  • 10:30 :(

  • whaaat?? not trending ?? what the fuuck :))


  • Elon musk really is the hero we need but don’t deserve. His laughter at memes of himself are what will keep the meme community alive. Salute him, gamers.


  • You trying to do a collab?❄

  • roofer

  • #1 TRENDING Yay

  • Yesssss

  • Who invited Justin Roiland? We wanted Elon musk in pews studio. Next we need to demand that Elon musk hosts pew news

  • I can now die in peace

  • sadly underwhelming

  • Cool

  • Has anyone seen this guy who pronounces Pokemon names wrong? It’s so funny.

  • Sadly like half of these were pretty bad like i can easily find better memes right under Elon's tweets.

  • noice

  • Bus

  • I have never clicked on a video faster in my life


  • RIP xxxtentacion

  • What the Hell, I just watched a Billionaire that sends Teslas to space laugh at memes. *This is the best timeline.*

  • I could listen to him say Roooooover for eternity.

  • number 1 trending

  • Who is Elon musk

  • Where's Mr.Beast? He needs to buy something expensive...

  • I love how Elon was just laughing his ass off at the deer while Justin actually seemed concerned.

  • T-series👎 PewDiePie👍

  • Holy frick

  • LTT said it would be nice if you showed up in his event

  • Every Wheel of Fortune turn it spins the opposite way Pewds, that's pretty great lol

  • This is number one on trendy youtube did an oopsie

  • we have gotten, ben shapiro, elon musk, and Justin roilands on the show, we need everyone

  • This was #30 trending for some reason My fellow Asians is probably siding with t series

  • I laughed every single time Elon laughs

  • Finally on trending


  • They couldve given them better memes smh

  • Post Malusk


  • this video is Overrated af

  • LET MEE IN (Pewdepie S next video)

  • 0:00

  • f

  • Who even is that guy with Elon He ruined it and made it cringe Explaining the obvious in all the memes Like shutup dude just let our hero Elon review them he knows what’s up I call for encore Elon and pewds together doing meme review In the same room ! Like if you agree

  • Thank you Elon Musk

  • Can u put it in your lil 9 year old's brain again to not disgrace and attack india?


  • 13:35 Thank me later

  • Sorry but the « my batteries are low and its getting dark » is a fake and Opportunity has been ‘dead’ for a few months already