Wine table of winding canal-an exciting by-product of watching TV!这是一个看电视看出来的曲水流觞桌!丨Liziqi Channel

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Yes, that’s the wine table of winding canal flashing across the end of the last video!
Haven’t ever thought I’d make a table out of a bed!
I was binge-watching when I spotted such a table in a scene, and then made an improved version on my own.
It was hard work but ended up perfect!
As it turns out, there’s plenty to learn if you watch TV with your elderlies at home.

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  • I just love the garden. It's so abundant; the foxgloves, the roses, the hydrangea, clematis. That table is a work of art and best enjoyed with friends and family.

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  • This kind of table is called a 流觞曲水 table. 流觞曲水 is an ancient poetry game literati used to play, where people sit by a stream with flowing wine cups, and each had to compose a poem on the spot when the wine cup comes to him (or her), and the one who cannot compose a poem had to drink the wine as a punishment. At the end of the video, people were reciting Tang Dynasty poems by turn. If you are interested, search 兰亭集序 by Wang Xizhi (303-361CE), a proem to the collection of poems composed in such a game written in beautiful calligraphy.

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  • I understand a part of liziqi now that I know about her sad childhood and how she not only lost both parents but had to struggle so much at such a young age to survive. Constantly keeping herself busy must be how she can distract herself from facing the sadness and loneliness and emotional trauma that never quite escapes you when you experience these things at such a young age like she and I did. By constantly pushing herself to create more challenging works of beauty and art, she can cultivate her own peace of mind and get some reprieve from some of her darker feelings and thoughts from her past.

  • Bellísima la mesa. Gran creatividad!!!

  • 今 日本のテレビ番組で紹介していたので早速、検索して拝見しました😊曲水流テーブル、とっても素敵です💕チャンネル登録して拝見したいと思います🤗日本語字幕付きだと嬉しいのですが……😣


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    • 子柒的团队就是三个人,她自己,她的摄影师,还有她的助理。她掌控所有细节和后制。她的审美力一流。绝非一般人学的会的。

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  • 我是日本人,住在东京。你日文翻译的不太标准,我可以帮你翻译,也许这样对你比较好,因为看你视频的人可能会多些。我也可以用这个机会学习中文

  • "Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment." “In general, mankind, since the improvement of cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires.” "Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."👍🏻❤️🥰

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  • ***be sure, liziqi is lying- because she uploaded a video named as "spicy Chinese cabbage" three years ago, and the true is that it is not from CHINA. Kim-chi is originally from Korea. Chinese creators are doing wrong, they insist that Han-bok is also originated from China as well. Don't subscribe them. They are all liers, stealers, cheaters, including this rude creator Liziqi.

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